How to download Juegos Cristianos APK at apktoVi.com

observa las imagenes y adivina la palabra de la Biblia
quizz biblico
quizz de la biblia
preguntas de la biblia

How to download Next Quote: Cryptoquote Puzzle APK at apktoVi.com

This is a game of substitution cipher, one of the oldest and most basic methods of encoding a secret message. Over 1500 awesome quotes included.

The process is simple: change each letter in the puzzle to another, so that your new phrase looked utterly illegible.

Have you ever tried to decode a message hidden in the cryptogram? It’s a great feeling when you become a part of a mystery.
Ever wanted to break a secret code? Here is your chance!

The Next Quote - Cryptoquote app gives you a great opportunity to decypher awesome quotes and sayings of writers, philosophers, US presidents, etc, turned into cryptogram puzzles. It’s one of the best time-killers that feeds your brain in two dimensions: first, it is the tool where one can break the code, second, as a reward it makes you wiser by acquiring the wisdom of a great personality.

Main Features:
★ More than 1500 hand-picked awesome quotes, phrases, aphorisms
★ Timer to check your progress
★ Compete with others online and peep to the results of your opponent
★ Use hints when stuck with the cryptogram
★ Fix the correct letter in the cryptogram
★ Training pack of cryptogram puzzles to learn how to play
★ Learn English language structure: syntax, morphology and semantics
★ Share awesome quotes on Facebook

Some of the authors and topics that you can find in the app:
★ Steve Jobs
★ Harry Potter books
★ Edgar Allan Poe
★ USA Presidents
★ The Dark Knight Trilogy
★ Mark Twain
★ Marvel and DC comics
★ A Song of Ice and Fire
★ TV series
★ Chuck Palahniuk
★ George Carlin

English mathematician and logician Alan Turing helped crack the Enigma code during World War II. Now you can too... "Next Quote - Cryptoquote" is a strategic word puzzle game in which players are tasked with cracking randomly encoded messages cryptograms. Messages may contain inspirational quotes from great minds of the last century or insights from pop culture icons.
Be like Alan Turing... Learn to break codes... You will LOVE this game!

How to install Word Connect - Search and Connect Word Cookies APK at apktoVi.com

Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word search games? Word Connect - Search and Connect Word Cookies, the latest word finding game, must be your best choice to enhance word search skills and get satisfied from this word connecting games with sweet cookies! How to be a real word master? Just download Word Connect for free now!

How to Play:
• Make word search and swipe cookies to connect letters to specific words.
• Discover hidden words from mixed letters.
• Find derived words from main words and develop your brain & vocabulary skills.

• Simple, easy and intuitive gameplay. Addictive word search game!
• Wooden cooking graphics and blocks of cute words made of cookies.
• 2,000 levels with tons of words await you.
• With no time limits, you can use your time wisely to find new words at your own pace.
• No wifi? Don’t worry, play Word Connect anytime, anywhere!
• Supported on both phone and tablet.

This grand new Word Connect is a great word game, a fun brain teaser, and at the same time an educating app. It’s time to train your brain and learn new words, all while having a great time. Share the fun with your family & friends and enjoy Word Connect together!

How to install What Word? - Young Foundations APK at apktoVi.com

How well do YOU know the Bible and the Message?

Do you have what it takes to advance your team to victory in “What Word?”

Bring your family and friends together for hours of fun with this fast-paced trivia game. All ages will enjoy speeding through categories like Old and New Testament, Message Titles, Still Waters, and many more! All you need is your phone or tablet, and two or more players willing to guess from thousands of words and phrases taken straight from the Bible and the Message of Brother William Branham.

"What Word?" was developed by Young Foundations, a ministry of Voice Of God Recordings. It was designed as another tool to help keep the lives of young believers, and their families, centered around the Word of God. We pray it will be a blessing to you.

We have made this app compatible with both Android and IOS mobile devices. We have also made this available in both English and Spanish!

Be sure to leave us your feedback on the App!

How to play:

How to install Фото кроссворды APK at apktoVi.com

Фото кроссворд - это головоломка, напоминающая сканворд, где в качестве подсказки используется фото. Отгадывать слова можно в любом порядке, просто нажав на нужное слово. Фото увеличиваются касанием, позволяя рассмотреть детали. Также в подсказкой могут служить набор букв внизу экрана. Отгадывайте слова и получайте монеты, которые можно потратить на открытие слова, буквы или удаления всех лишних букв, в случае, если загадка не по силам. Фото кроссворды прекрасно работают без доступа к интернету.

How to download Word Search - Wozzle APK at apktoVi.com

An amazing word search game full of puzzles with several categories and themes to fit your mood anytime, anywhere…no matter your age!

Food, Animals, Countries, Brands, People, Lifestyle, Kids, Christmas and much more.

Play it alone, with friends or family… Focus your eyes, swipe your fingers and train your brain while improving your lexicon and vocabulary.

Improve your record everyday and fill the quests to become the Word Master. :D Are your ready?

Do you think you’re the best among your friends? Or the best of the universe? Check out the leaderboard!

There are 9 words hidden in a grid full of random characters, and your task is to find them. Easy, huh?! Just one more clue: they might be spelled in all directions: horizontal, vertical and even diagonal.

Stuck in the middle of the puzzle? Well, don’t panic! You can use some hints to help you.

Have Fun.

How to install احزر كلمة السر APK at apktoVi.com

تحتوي لعبة احزر كلمة السر على العديد من الكلمات، تستطيع من خلالها اختبار ذكاء والمعلوماتك ، حمل التطبيق وكن أول من يحزركلمة السر وتحدى أصدقائك.

كلمات مفتاحية لعناصر اللعبة لا داعي لقراتها:

- لعبة وصلة الثقافية
- العاب وصلة لعبة ألغاز مسلية
- لعبة الاختلافات بين الصور
- لغز و كلمة ألعاب الذكاء
- الغاز وحلولها 2017
- أربع صور كلمة واحدة
- نكت مغربية حاجيتك ماجيتك
- لعبة امثال كبور
- صح او خطا
- المزرعة السعيدة اختبار الذكاء
- لعبة بازل وتركيب الصور
- كلمات وحكم مؤثرة
- احزر من في الصورة
- العاب طبخ حرب بنات
- العاب سيارات ماهر بنات ستايل
- العاب كرة دورا دراجات جديده
- دولة في أربع صور كلمات متقاطعه
- العاب بسكويت جوالك على راسك
- النقط المجنونة لعبة ألغاز مسلية
- لعبه بنات تلبيس ومكياج مجانية
- العاب مصارعه سباق فلاش برق
- لعبة ترتيب الصور إكتشف الدول
- العاب اطفال العاب ذكاء فلاش

How to download احزر صور المشاهير APK at apktoVi.com

تحتوي لعبة اكشف الصورة على العديد من صور مشاهير مع حلولها، تستطيع من خلالها اختبار ذكاء والمعلوماتك ، حمل التطبيق وكن أول من يحزر صور المشاهير وتحدى أصدقائك.

كلمات مفتاحية لعناصر اللعبة لا داعي لقراتها:

- لعبة وصلة الثقافية
- لغز و كلمة ألعاب الذكاء
- الغاز وحلولها 2016
- أربع صور كلمة واحدة
- نكت مغربية حاجيتك ماجيتك
- لعبة امثال كبور
- صح او خطا
- اسئلة و اجوبة اسلامية
- برامج ألغاز سؤال وجواب ألغاز وحلول
- لعبة من سيربح المليون
- صور السيارات
- لعبة التركيز - اكتشف الاختلاف
- لعبة بازل وتركيب الصور
- كلمات وحكم مؤثرة
- العاب طبخ حرب بنات
- العاب سيارات ماهر بنات ستايل
- العاب كرة دورا دراجات جديده
- لعبه بنات تلبيس ومكياج مجانية
- العاب مصارعه سباق فلاش برق
- العاب اكشن باربي تلبيس بنات ماريو
- العاب اطفال العاب ذكاء فلاش

How to download WordMunch APK at apktoVi.com

This is a new great word game for all of you that loves puzzles and brain games.
Just swipe your fingers over the letters to spell hidden words on the board.

Do you consider yourself to be a word search expert? In that case you will for sure love the concept of WordMunch. There are no limitations, you can swipe up and down, left and right and also diagonally to connect letters. The game will get harder and harder once you make progress in the game. Compare your progress with your friends and see who is the best!

For every level you complete your avatar will gain weight, how fat can you make him?

This is not something for everyone, we can assure you that only a few people have what i takes to complete all the levels. This game will need a true word-master!

The game is Available in 10+ languages and hundreds and hundreds of levels in each languages

IMPORTANT – If you claim there is a bug in the game thats wrong! If you cannot connect words you have been solving the words in the wrong order. In that case you have to reset the level and start again. THIS IS NOT A BUG you just have to think harder. All levels can be solved, we have done it ourselves.

Start thinking outside of the box and you will have a greater chance to make it in this smash hit game!

How to download Words in a Pic 2 APK at apktoVi.com

This game is for a true word genius! Each picture has three words associated with it. We give you all the letters needed to find the word, and then it's up to you to find the correct solution. Drag the letters with your finger.

Think carefully - it's possible to link more words to each picture, but only three are correct.

Throw yourself into the game that everyone loves! There are lots of levels, it starts very easy but gets challenging quickly. Can you solve them all?

Words in a Pic 2 is a highly addictive game that will keep you entertained for a long time.

The sequel to the hit game Words in a Pic is here, try it out!

Good luck!

How to download Words in a Pic APK at apktoVi.com

In this fun word game your goal is to find the words that match a picture.

Each picture has three words associated with it. We give you all the letters needed to find the word, and then it's up to you to find the correct solution.

Think carefully - it's possible to link more words to each picture, but only three are correct.

Throw yourself into the game that everyone loves!

No registration or complicated rules. Just get started and enjoy all the fun word puzzles!

There are lots of levels - some easy and some difficult. Can you solve them all?

Words in a Pic is a highly addictive game that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Good luck!

How to install وصلة جزائرية - لعبة كلمات APK at apktoVi.com

وصلة جزائرية هي لعبة جديدة كليا مبنية على فكرة شبكة الكلمات المتقاطعة المصرية المعروفة ولكن بصورة عصرية ومسلية أكثر...

تحتوي لعبة كلمات متقاطعة جزائرية على أسئلة كلامية في عدة مجالات :

- التاريخ

- الرياضة جزائرية

- الفن الافلام

- معلومات تقافة عامة

- أسئلة دينية

- ألغاز وأمثال شعبية جزائرية

- مرادفات

وصلة مصرية هي تطوير للعبة كلمات متقاطعة

- اسئلة حديثة ومتنوعة

- عند محاولة حل كل سؤال يتم فحص الجواب مما يمنع الاخطاء التي تفسد العبة

- طريقة اللعب مطورة تلائم جميع الاجهزة

- الاسئلة بنيت بعناية وذات جودة عالية

اسئلة متطورة تجدها فقط في وصلة جزائرية وصلة 2016 هذه اللعبة: خلف الكاميرا, شخصيات مرسومة, لوجو وشعارات معدّلة. رموز ومعالم
وصله رشفة لعبة كلمات متقاطعة ثقافية مسلية في جميع المجالات

يمكنك إدخال الإجابة الصحيحة على طريقق الحروف المتاحة في لعبه وصلة لعبة كلمات
يمكنك إستعمال وسائل المساعدة بنقاط التي كسبتها في حل الاسئلة .ويمكنك الحصول على نقاط مجانية من نشر تطبيق أو تقييم ...

لعبة وصلة جزائرية 2016 كلمات متقاطعة مطورة خصيصا للموبايل تتميز بسهولة الاستعمال في عرض الاسئلة وإدخال الاجوبة

How to install وصلة مصرية - لعبة كلمات APK at apktoVi.com

وصلة مصرية هي لعبة جديدة كليا مبنية على فكرة شبكة الكلمات المتقاطعة المصرية المعروفة ولكن بصورة عصرية ومسلية أكثر...

تحتوي لعبة كلمات متقاطعة مغربية على أسئلة كلامية في عدة مجالات :

- التاريخ

- الرياضة المغربية

- الفن الافلام

- معلومات تقافة عامة

- أسئلة دينية

- ألغاز وأمثال شعبية مصرية

- مرادفات

وصلة مصرية هي تطوير للعبة كلمات متقاطعة

- اسئلة حديثة ومتنوعة

- عند محاولة حل كل سؤال يتم فحص الجواب مما يمنع الاخطاء التي تفسد العبة

- طريقة اللعب مطورة تلائم جميع الاجهزة

- الاسئلة بنيت بعناية وذات جودة عالية

يمكنك إدخال الإجابة الصحيحة على طريقق الحروف المتاحة في لعبه وصلة لعبة كلمات
يمكنك إستعمال وسائل المساعدة بنقاط التي كسبتها في حل الاسئلة .ويمكنك الحصول على نقاط مجانية من نشر تطبيق أو تقييم ...

How to download Toverwoord APK at apktoVi.com

Toverwoord is een van de meest verslavende woordspelletjes die je kunt vinden, met prachtige graphics en een ontwerp dat geschikt is voor interactie. Het is de beste manier om je tijd te verdoen, makkelijk om te spelen en zowel je brein te trainen als nieuwe woorden te leren. Neem een pauze van je werk en verfris je hersenen met Toverwoord! Je zult het helemaal geweldig vinden!

Een nieuwe speelervaring met woordpuzzelgames
Swipe letters om woorden te vormen, makkelijk te gebruiken en leuk om te spelen. Je kunt de woorden schudden om ze van volgorde te laten veranderen. Hoe meer woorden je vindt, hoe meer munten je zult krijgen. Deze kun je later in het spel gebruiken om hints te krijgen wanneer je vastloopt.

2000+ levels om te spelen
Er zijn meer dan 2000 levels om te spelen. In het begin zijn ze makkelijk, maar uiteindelijk worden ze moeilijk. Het zal uitdagend zijn, maar interessant genoeg om je door te laten spelen. Af en toe updaten we de levels om je voortdurend verrassingen te geven.

Goed ontworpen interfaces en prachtige graphic
Onze interfaces zijn intuïtief en makkelijk te gebruiken. We bieden je veel bewerkte blokken met letters en verschillende achtergronden om uit te kiezen, zodat je je nooit zal vervelen. We updaten deze regelmatig, zodat je altijd iets hebt om naar uit te kijken.

De beste manier om te ontspannen en je brein te trainen
Toverwoord kan je helpen je brein te trainen en je geheugen te verbeteren, doordat je woorden moet vormen met een aantal gegeven letters. Soms is het antwoord erg duidelijk, maar lukt het gewoon niet om het woord te vormen. Dat is misschien wel het meest interessante van het spel.

• Prachtige graphics en goed ontworpen interfaces
• Nieuwe woordgame: je hoeft alleen maar de letters te verbinden om woorden te vormen
• 2000+ levels met toenemende moeilijkheidsgraad om te spelen
• 10+ erg mooie thema’s om uit te kiezen
• Dagelijkse challenge voor extra bonuspunten en meer speelplezier
• Vind zoveel mogelijk woorden en krijg bonuspunten voor extra woorden
• Tik op de knop "Schudden" om de volgorde van de letters te wijzigen
• Tik op de knop "Tips" om aanwijzingen te krijgen
• Je kunt het overal spelen, waar en wanneer je wilt, met of zonder internetverbinding
• Helemaal gratis voor alle spelers
• Perfect voor kinderen om hun spelling te verbeteren

Voel je alsjeblieft vrij om contact met ons op te nemen, alle feedback naar [email protected] is welkom.

Dank voor u steun en affectie voor Toverwoord.

How to install Ordtjusaren APK at apktoVi.com

Ordtjusaren är ett av de mest beroendeframkallande ordletarspelen, med superb grafik och design som medger god interaktion. Det är det bästa sättet att fördriva tid, lätt att spela och hjälper dig att träna hjärnan samt att lära dig fler nya ord. Ta en paus från arbetet vederkvicka hjärnan i Ordtjusaren! Du kommer att älska det!

Ordspel som spelas på ett nytt sätt
Dra enkelt samman bokstäver för att bilda ord, lätt att begripa och kul att spela. Du kan blanda bokstäverna för att ändra ordningen på dem. Hittar du fler ord får du fler mynt som du kan använda på senare nivåer, för att få ledtrådar när du har fastnat.

Över 2000 nivåer för dig att spela
Fler än 2000 nivåer för dig att spela, som är lätta i början och sedan successivt blir svårare. Det kommer att vara utmanande för dig men tillräckligt intressant för att du ska fortsätta spela. Vi kommer att uppdatera nivåerna då och då för att du ska få överraskningar med jämna mellanrum.

Väldesignade gränssnitt och vacker grafik
Våra gränssnitt är intuitiva och lätta att begripa. Vi erbjuder dig många block av bokstäver och bakgrunder att välja mellan, så att du aldrig får tråkigt. Vi kommer att uppdatera dem efterhand så att du alltid har något att se fram emot.

Bästa sättet att koppla av och träna hjärnan
Ordtjusaren kan hjälpa dig att träna sinnet och förbättra minnesförmågan när du måste göra ditt bästa för att hitta många ord med givna bokstäver. Ibland är svaret uppenbart, men du kan bara inte hitta ordet, och då är spelet som allra mest intressant.

Spelet erbjuder:
• Superb grafik och väldesignade gränssnitt.
• Ordspel som spelas på ett nytt sätt: koppla bara samman bokstäverna för att bilda ord.
• Över 2000 nivåer för dig att spela, med ökande svårighetsgrad.
• Över 10 vackra teman att välja mellan.
• Daglig utmaning med chans till extra bonus och mer kul.
• Hitta så många ord du kan och få mer bonus i form av extra ord.
• Tryck på "Blanda" -knappen för att ändra bokstavsordningen
• Tryck på "Tips" -knappen för att få ledtrådar
• Du kan spela det varsomhelst och när du vill, även utan att ansluta till nätverket.
• Helt gratis för alla spelare.
• Perfekt även för barn för att förbättra deras stavning.

Ta gärna kontakt med oss, all feedback till [email protected] välkomnas.

Tack för ditt stöd och din kärlek till Ordtjusaren.

How to download Ord Kryds APK at apktoVi.com

Er du træt af de gammeldags brugergrænseflader i ordlege?
Har du lyst til at opleve en ordleg på en helt ny måde?
★★★ Nu kan du downloade Ord Kryds og spille GRATIS på BRÆT! ★★★
Ord Kryds er en kreativ ordleg som udfordrer din hjerne. Spillet har alt hvad en ordleg skal have og er fuldstændigt VANEDANNENDE & UNDERHOLDENDE.
➤ Nyt & Friskt Look: Hvis du kan lide at spille brætspil og puslespil, vil du elske den rene og friske BRÆT-GRÆNSEFLADE ved første øjekast.
➤ Praktisk & Nemt at Spille: Du kan let swipe bogstaverne for at danne et specifikt skjult ord. Det er nemt at spille og sjovt at mestre for alle. 

➤ Overraskende Bonus: Log ind hver dag og få daglig bonus. Optjen mønter når du har fundet de Ekstra Ord, som ikke findes på brættet.

➤ Over 3.000 Spændende Udfordringer: Det er nemt i begyndelsen og bliver hurtigt udfordrende. Test hvor mange ord du kender. Flere baner er på vej.

➤ 100% Vanedannende Ordleg: Du vil aldrig opleve et kedeligt øjeblik! Spil dette krydsordsspil én gang og du vil ikke kunne lægge det fra dig!


- Swipe bogstaverne, sæt dem i række og fyld de blanke felter lodret og vandret på brættet
- Tryk på knappen “Bland” for at ændre rækkefølgen af bogstaver
- Tryk på knappen “Tips” for at få hjælp


• Flot & Rent BRÆT til dig (Følg med for personliggjorte designs)
• Find ekstra ord for at indsamle mønter
• 3000+ BANER som du kan spille
• GRATIS at få Daglig Bonus mønter
• Passende for både børn og voksne til at træne ordsøgningsevner
• Ingen netværksforbindelse påkrævet og du kan nyde ordsøgning når som helst
• Enkelt og nemt at spille, udfordrende gameplay
• Helt GRATIS for alle spillere

DOWNLOAD nu, træn din hjerne og bliv en ægte mester i ordleg på BRÆT!

[email protected]

How to download Słowo Krzyż APK at apktoVi.com

Znużyły już Cię staromodne interfejsy wyszukiwania słów?
Pragniesz całkiem nowych doświadczeń w grze słownej?
★★★ Teraz możesz pobrać grę Słowo Krzyż i grać na PLANSZACH BEZPŁATNIE! ★★★

Słowo Krzyż to twórcza gra krzyżówkowa, pobudzająca pasję do zabaw umysłowych. To esencja gier słownych – całkowicie WCIĄGA i zapewnia ROZRYWKĘ graczowi.

➤ Nowy, świeży wygląd: Jeśli lubisz gry planszowe i zagadki, spodoba Ci się klarowny interfejs PLANSZY.

➤ Wygoda i łatwość gry: Można łatwo przesuwać litery, aby utworzyć określone ukryte słowo. Każdy gracz szybko i przyjemnie opanuje jej zasady.

➤ Zaskakujący bonus: Loguj się co dzień i weź bonus; znajdując ukryte słowa, dostaniesz także monety.

➤ Ponad 1500 ekscytujących wyzwań: Zacznij od łatwych zadań i szybko stań w obliczu większych wyzwań. Możesz też sprawdzić, ile znasz słów. Przygotowywanych jest więcej poziomów.

➤ W 100% uzależniająca gra słowna: W tej grze nigdy nie będziesz się nudzić! Zagraj raz, a nie będziesz w stanie przerwać krzyżówkowej rozgrywki!

- Przesuwaj litery, by tworzyć słowa poziomo i pionowo na polach na planszy.
- Dotknij przycisk Tasuj, aby zmienić kolejność liter
- Dotknij przycisk Wskazówka, aby otrzymać podpowiedź

• Ładna i przejrzysta PLANSZA dla Ciebie (w przygotowaniu spersonalizowane tematy)
• Znajduj dodatkowa słowa, aby zbierać monety
• Ponad 1500 POZIOMÓW
• DARMOWE monety w ramach Dziennego bonusu
• Idealna dla dzieci i dorosłych, chcących poprawić umiejętności wyszukiwania słów
• Działa w trybie offline, więc możesz wyszukiwać słowa kiedy chcesz
• Łatwa i przyjemna, niepowtarzalna rozrywka
• ZA DARMO dla wszystkich graczy

POBIERZ teraz, ćwicz umysł i zostań mistrzem zagadek słownych na PLANSZACH!

[email protected]

How to download Ord Cross APK at apktoVi.com

Er du lei av de gammeldagse ordsøkgrensesnittene?
Har du lyst til å nyte en helt ny opplevelse av ordspill?
★★★ Nå kand u laste ned Ord Cross og spille på BRETT GRATIS ★★★

Ord Cross er et kreativt kryssordspill som kan inspirere din lidenskap for hjerneutfordringer. Det inkluderer alle essensene fra ordblandespill for at du skal bli helt HEKTET & føle deg UNDERHOLDT.

➤ Nytt & Friskt Utseende: Hvis du liker å spille brettspill og puslespill, bare må du elske det rene og friske BRETT-GRENSESNITTET ved første blikk.

➤ Praktisk & Enkelt å Spille: Du kan enkelt dra bokstavene for å lage et bestemt skjult ord. Det er enkelt å spille og gøy å mestre for alle.

➤ Overraskende Bonus: Logg inn hver dag og få daglig bonus. Du vil også få mynter etter at du har funnet de Ekstra ordene som ikke viser seg på kryssordbrettet.

➤ Over 2.000 Spennende Utfordringer: Det starter enkelt og blir raskt utfordrende. Og du kan teste grensene ved ditt ordforråd. Flere nivåer er på vei.

➤ 100 % Fengende Ordspill: Du vil aldri oppleve et kjedelig øyeblikk! Spill dette kryssordet én gang, så vil du aldri greie å legge det fra deg!


- Dra bokstavene for å sette sammen ord til å fylle tomrommene horisontalt og vertikalt på brettet
- Trykk på "Omstokk"-knappen for å endre rekkefølgen til bokstavene
- Trykk på "Hint"-knappen for å få ledetråder


• Fint & Rent BRETT til deg (Hold deg oppdatert for tilpassbare temaer)
• Finn Ekstra ord for å samle mynter
• 2000+ NIVÅER som du kan spille
• GRATIS å få Daglig Bonus-mynter
• Passer for både barn og voksne som vil forbedre sine ordsøkeferdigheter
• Nettverk er ikke påkrevd, og du kan nyte ordsøk når som helst
• Simpelt & Lett å spille, vanskelig å overvinne gameplay
• Fullstendig GRATIS for alle spillere

LAST NED nå for å begynne å trene din hjerne og bli en ekte mester av ordsøkutfordringer på BRETT!

[email protected]

How to install Ordet Kors APK at apktoVi.com

Är du trött på de gammalmodiga gränssnitten för ordsök?
Vill du ha en helt ny upplevelse av ordpusselspel?
★★★ Nu kan du ladda ner Ordet Kors och spela på BRÄDEN helt GRATIS! ★★★

Ordet Kors är ett kreativt korsordsspel som sporrar din passion för hjärnutmaningar. Det har allt som krävs av ett ordsöksspel för att göra det BEROENDEFRAMKALLANDE och UNDERHÅLLANDE.

➤ Ny och fräsch look: Om du gillar att spela brädspel och pusselspel, måste du älska det rena och fräscha användargränssnittet för BRÄDEN du först ser.

➤ Praktiskt och lätt att spela: Du kan lätt dra bokstäver för att bilda ett särskilt gömt ord. Det är enkelt att spela och roligt för alla att bemästra.

➤ Överraskningsbonus: Logga in varje dag och få dagliga bonusar, dessutom får du mynt om du klurar ut Extraorden som inte syns på korsordsbrädet.

➤ Mer än 2 000 spännande utmaningar: Det börjar lätt och blir snabbt mer utmanande. Och du kan pröva gränserna för de ord du kan. Fler nivåer är på gång.

➤ 100 % beroendeframkallande ordspel: Du får aldrig en tråkig stund med detta spelet! Spela detta korsordsspel en gång och du kommer aldrig att kunna släppa det ifrån dig!


- Dra bokstäverna och rada upp ord för att fylla de tomma rutorna vågrätt och lodrätt på brädet
- Tryck på "Blanda" -knappen för att ändra bokstavsordningen
- Tryck på "Tips" -knappen för att få ledtrådar


• Fint och tydligt BRÄDE för dig (Håll ögonen öppna för anpassningsbara teman)
• Hitta extra ord för att samla mynt
• 2000+ nivåer som du kan spela
• GRATIS att få dagliga bonusmynt
• Passar både barn och vuxna som vill träna ordsökningsförmåga
• Du behöver inte internettåtkomst så du kan ha kul med ordsökningsspelet när som helst
• Enkelt att spela och svårt att mästra
• Helt GRATIS för alla spelare

LADDA NER nu för att börja träna din hjärna och bli en riktig mästare på ordsöksspel på BRÄDEN!

[email protected]

How to download Woord Kruis APK at apktoVi.com

Ben de de ouderwetse woordzoek interfaces moe?
Wil je een compleet nieuwe woordpuzzel ervaring beleven?
★★★ Nu kun je Woord Kruis GRATIS downloaden en op BORDEN spelen! ★★★

Woord Kruis is een creatief kruiswoordraadsel spel dat je passie voor brein uitdagingen kan inspireren. Het bevat alle essentie van een woordzoek spel om je totaal VERSLAAFD & ONDERHOUDEN te laten voelen.

➤ Nieuwe en Verse Look: Als je woordspelen en puzzels op een bord leuk vindt, zal je onmiddelijk van de strakke en frisse BORD UI houden.

➤ Handig & Makkelijk om te spelen: Je kunt eenvoudig de letters swipen om een verscholen woord te vinden. Het is voor iedereen makkelijk te spelen en onder de knie te krijgen.

➤ Verassings Bonus: Log elke dag in en ontvang een dagelijkse bonus. Ook ontvang je munten nadat je de Extra Woorden hebt gevonden die niet op het kruiswoord bord staan.

➤ Meer dan 2000 Opwindende Uitdagingen: Het begint makkelijk en wordt al snel uitdagend. En je kunt de grenzen van je woordenschat testen. Meer niveaus terwijl je speelt.

➤ 100% Verslavend Woord Spel: je zult je geen moment vervelen! Speel dit kruiswoord raadsel ééns en je zult het niet meer kunnen loslaten!


-Swipe de letters om woorden te vormen en de blanco vakken horizontaal en vertikaal te vullen op het bord.
- Tik op de knop "Schudden" om de volgorde van de letters te wijzigen
- Tik op de knop "Tips" om aanwijzingen te krijgen


• Mooi & Fris BORD voor jou (binnenkort thema’s die je zelf aan kunt passen)
• Zoek Extra woorden om munten te verzamelen
• 2000+ LEVELS die je kunt spelen
• Krijg GRATIS Dagelijkse Bonusmunten
• Geschikt voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen
• Geen verbinding vereist; speel op ieder moment woordzoekers
• Eenvoudig en makkelijk te spelen, lastig om te winnen
• Volledig GRATIS voor alle spelers

DOWNLOAD nu om te beginnen met je brein te trainen en een echte meester van woord zoek spellen op BORDEN te worden!

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How to install Wort Kreuz APK at apktoVi.com

Sie haben genug von altmodischen Wortsuchoberflächen?
Sie wollen Wörterrätselspiele komplett neu erleben?
★★★ Jetzt können Sie Wort Kreuz herunterladen und GRATIS auf BRETTERN spielen! ★★★

Wort Kreuz ist ein kreatives Kreuzworträtselspiel zur Inspiration Ihrer Leidenschaft für denkerische Herausforderungen. Es enthält alle Grundlagen von Wortsalatspielen, die komplett SÜCHTIG MACHEN & UNTERHALTEN.

Neuer & frischer Look: Wenn Sie Brettspiele und Rätsel mögen, dann werden Sie die klare und frische BRETT-UI zur besten Übersicht lieben.

Praktisch & einfach zu spielen: Wischen Sie einfach die Buchstaben, um das versteckte Wort zu bilden. Das Spiel ist leicht und macht allen Spaß.

Überraschungsbonus: Täglich anmelden und Bonus holen. Sie erhalten auch Münzen, wenn Sie die Extrawörter finden, die nicht auf dem Kreuzwortbrett stehen.

Mehr als 2.000 spannende Herausforderungen: Am Anfang einfach und schnell herausfordernd. Und testen Sie, wie viel Wörter Sie kennen. Weitere Level sind unterwegs.

100% süchtig machendes Wortspiel: Es wird Sie nie langweilen! Spielen Sie dieses Kreuzworträtsel einmal und Sie werden immer dabeibleiben!

- Wischen Sie die Buchstaben, um Wörter zu bilden, die horizontal und vertikal die Lücken auf dem Brett füllen
- “Mischen”- Schaltfläche antippen, um die Reihenfolge der Buchstaben zu ändern
- “Tipps”-Schaltfläche antippen, um Hinweise zu erhalten

• Schönes & klares BRETT für Sie (Demnächst mit individuellen Themes)
• Extrawörter finden, um Münzen zu erhalten
Mehr als 2000 LEVEL zu spielen
KOSTENLOS, tägliche Bonusmünzen zu erhalten
• Sowohl für Kinder als auch für Erwachsene zum Trainieren der Wortsuche geeignet
• Kein Netzwerk benötigt; Sie können jederzeit Wörter suchen und Spaß haben
Einfach und leicht zu spielen, kaum schlagbare Spielmechanik
Absolut KOSTENLOS für alle Spieler

JETZT HERUNTERLADEN, das Gehirntraining beginnen und wahrer Wortsuchspielmeister auf BRETTERN werden!

[email protected]

How to install Wort Charme APK at apktoVi.com

Wort Charme ist ein Wortsuchspiel mit besonders hohem Suchtfaktor, erstklassiger Grafik und gutem Interaktionsdesign. Es ist die beste Art, um Zeit totzuschlagen, einfach zu spielen und hilft Ihnen zudem dabei, Ihr Gehirn fit zu halten und neue Wörter zu lernen. Machen Sie eine Pause von Ihrer Arbeit und erfrischen Sie Ihr Hirn bei Wort Charme! Sie werden es lieben!

Neues Gameplay bei Worträtselspielen
Wischen Sie einfach Buchstaben, um Wörter zu bilden – das ist leicht zu verstehen und macht Spaß. Sie können die Buchstaben mischen, um ihre Reihenfolge zu ändern. Je mehr Wörter Sie finden, umso mehr Münzen erhalten Sie, die Sie dann in höheren Leveln verwenden können, um Hinweise zu erhalten, wenn Sie nicht weiter wissen.

2000+ Level für Sie
Mehr als 2000 Level, die Sie spielen können – einfach zu Beginn und mit fortschreitendem Spiel immer schwieriger. Sie werden das Spiel herausfordernd, aber interessant genug, um immer weiter zu spielen, finden. Wir aktualisieren die Level ab und an, um Sie immer wieder zu überraschen.

Gut gestaltete Oberflächen und schöne Grafik
Unsere Benutzeroberflächen sind interaktiv und leicht zu verstehen. Sie können aus verschiedenen Looks für Blocks und Buchstaben sowie verschiedenen Hintergründen wählen, damit Ihnen nie langweilig wird. Wir aktualisieren sie immer wieder, damit Sie immer etwas haben, auf das Sie sich freuen können.

Die beste Art, zu entspannen und Ihr Gehirn fit zu halten
Wort Charme kann Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihr Gehirn zu trainieren und Ihr Gedächtnis zu verbessern, wenn Sie alles geben, um viele Wörter mit den vorgegebenen Buchstaben zu finden. Manchmal ist die Antwort so offensichtlich, aber Sie kommen einfach nicht auf das Wort, und das ist der interessanteste Teil des Spiels.

Liste der Features:

• Hervorragende Grafik und schön designte Oberflächen.
• Neues Gameplay bei Wortsuchspielen: Verbinden Sie einfach die Buchstaben, um Wörter zu bilden.
• Mehr als 2000 Level mit aufsteigender Schwierigkeit für Sie.
• Mehr als 10 hübsche Themes zur Auswahl.
• Tages-Challenges sorgen für Zusatz-Boni und noch mehr Spaß.
• Finden Sie so viele Wörter wie Sie können und erhalten Sie mehr Bonuspunkte für zusätzliche Wörter.
• “Mischen” - Schaltfläche antippen, um die Reihenfolge der Buchstaben zu ändern
• “Tipps”-Schaltfläche antippen, um Hinweise zu erhalten
• Tippe auf "Freunde fragen", wenn du nicht weiterkommst, und erhalte Belohnungen
• Sie können es jederzeit und überall wo Sie wollen spielen, mit und ohne Netzwerkverbindung.
• Komplett kostenlos für alle Spieler.
• Perfekt für Kinder und zum Üben der Rechtschreibung.


Nehmen Sie gerne Kontakt mit uns auf. Sämtliches Feedback an [email protected] ist herzlich willkommen.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung von und Liebe für Wort Charme.

How to download Sushi des Mots APK at apktoVi.com

Voulez-vous jouer à des puzzles de mots amusants et CRÉATIFS et ENTRAÎNER votre cerveau ?

Sushi des Mots, qui vous offre de BEAUX concepts et des jeux CLASSIQUES, doit être votre meilleur choix de jeux de puzzle et de recherche de mots !

Voulez-vous commencer un parcours pour devenir un vrai maître des mots ? Téléchargez-le GRATUITEMENT maintenant !


- Faites glisser les lettres pour aligner les mots
- Touchez le bouton de “Mélange” pour changer l’ordre des mots
- Touchez « Demander à des Amis » lorsque vous êtes bloqué et obtenez des récompenses
- Touchez le bouton des “Indices” pour en obtenir
- Obtenez plus d’indices avec des pièces en achetant ou en regardant des vidéos


• 2000+ NIVEAUX de jeu pour vous
• 1 200 pièces gratuites pour le premier jeu
• Des thèmes magnifiquement conçus comme SUSHI, MUSIQUE, TAILLEUR, etc.
• SUSHI : il vous rend « DÉLICIEUX » et « FRAIS » pour chaque lettre et chaque niveau du jeu ;
• MUSIQUE : les nouveaux éléments musicaux vous apportent l’ambiance immersive de l’art et de la technologie du futur ;
• TAILLEUR : tous les détails sont conçus avec une texture délicate et des couleurs vives ;
• PIÈCES GRATUITES de Bonus Quotidien
• Testez votre limite en jouant aux Défis Quotidiens
• Trouvez des mots additionnels pour collecter des pièces
• Jeu simple & facile, mais difficile à battre
• Entièrement GRATUIT pour tous les joueurs
• Adapté aux enfants et adultes pour s’entraîner à la recherche de mots
• Ne nécessite pas de réseau et vous pouvez toujours profiter de la recherche de mots

Sushi des Mots est un puzzle de mots SUPERBEMENT conçu, qui est facile à démarrer et bien plus addictif que tous les autres jeux de mots croisés et de recherche de mots. De plus, c’est le meilleur jeu de mots pour exercer son cerveau et améliorer l’orthographe.

TÉLÉCHARGEZ maintenant pour commencer à entraîner votre cerveau et devenez un véritable maître du vocabulaire !

NOUS CONTACTER [email protected]

How to download Word Sushi APK at apktoVi.com

Do you want to play a fun and CREATIVE word puzzles and TRAIN your brain?

Word Sushi, which offers you BEAUTIFUL designs and CLASSIC gameplays, must be your best choice of word puzzle or wordsearch games!

Want to start a journey of becoming a real word master? Download it for FREE now!


- Swipe the letters to line up words
- Tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order of letters
- Tap "Ask Friends" when you get stuck and get rewards
- Tap the “Hints” button to get clues
- Get more hints with coins by purchasing or watching videos


• More than 2000 Challenges

How to install Horror Movie Killers & Zombies APK at apktoVi.com


Check out this HORROR Icomania Quiz!

From Killers to Maniacs, Zombies to Vampires and Heroes to Legends! This quiz has them all spanning some of the most iconic horror movies everrrrrrr!

Can you recognise your favourites Horror movie characters and zombies BUT can you complete all the levels!!

IF you are a true Horror fan then you must be TOUGH enough to get them all.

This Quiz is so simple to play...just get the answers right and win coins, but if you need a dig out use your coins! BUT how high can you score???

Challenging Trivia Quiz for All Horror Movie fans.


Don't be scared of the Horror Killer Sounds around or Don't look behind you, BUT 1,2 WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU........!!

PLEASE REVIEW THIS APP - and visit our Facebook page to see what other exciting Apps we have to keep you entertained.


How to download Word Kitchen : Puzzle blocks APK at apktoVi.com

Ready to solve all the word puzzles? Even with unlimited tries it’s a challenge!

Super smooth word puzzles and tremendous brain challenging fun!

Connect letters in a level and finish a word. So entertaining and totally for free!


Simply swipe to connect each letters on the pan to form a word.
Fill up Glass jar with additional answers to earn extra coins!


- Easy to play and amusing, Connecting words to build a complete word.
- More than 1000+ levels and multiple words to search for.
- The degree of difficulty increasing according to player’s progress.
- No time limits.
- Letters redraw and useful hints when needed.
- Beautiful visual experience.

Play Word Kitchen: Puzzle blocks to train your brain, let your free time be more fun!

How to install Word Craft Inventions APK at apktoVi.com

Hey Word Genius! I dare you to join me in this competitive word search game!
The best and the most entertaining themed puzzle game and brain workout is now in the store!

Word Craft Inventions will take you to a ground-breaking journey of man-made inventions and discoveries throughout history!

You will get the chance to learn interesting facts about important historical events while challenging yourself with this fun and addictive free word brain quiz.

The aim of the game is to find all the hidden words in the related category. The words in each grid have a theme and an order. Think carefully before each swipe and master the ultimate word challenge while keeping your brain in shape!

The game starts easy but the size and number of words increase as you play, and the order becomes more important and difficult. Once you get stuck or need help, letter and category hints will come to your aid.

• Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards.
• Find the hidden words, slide your finger over them and see the puzzle crushed!
• Finish all the puzzles in a level to win coins.
• When stuck, use hints to guide you.

• Simple yet excitingly challenging puzzles for all ages.
• 90 amazing levels.
• 900 well-designed puzzles.
• Available in English, Turkish and Spanish; more will be available soon…
• Great improvement for the brain.
• Free coins after completing each level.
• Free coins to win in wheel of fortune.
• More friends, more free coins!
• Free coins for everyday login!

Letters are automatically placed in the grids in an order for you to find all the words correctly. If you get stuck in the puzzle and cannot connect the letters; start over using the retry button and try to solve the words in a new order.

[email protected]

• https://www.facebook.com/wordcraftofficial/

Are you ready? Start to train your brain now!
Happy Gaming ...

How to download Word Craft - Puzzle on Brain APK at apktoVi.com

Word Craft is a word search game where you puzzle one's brains to find the words in a letter grid. The game starts with 2x2 puzzles and continues until 7x7 puzzles. Play all levels and get ready for puzzle challenges. This game will expand your word brain. It starts very easy but getting devilishly harder. Word Craft will make you a true word search and puzzle master!

- 30 Levels Pack with different words
- Each levels have 30 word puzzles
- You can have a letter hint or category hint
- You will be rewarded with free hints after you pass each level
- Invite your Facebook friends and get FREE HINT
- Watch video and get FREE HINT
- Daily Reward, play every day and collect hints.
- Spin Machine, turn spin machine, try your chance to get more hints.

How to Play
- Connect the letters to select words by swiping your finger
- You need to follow the pattern to find words which are hidden in the letter grid.
- Sometimes you may not be able to find all words. Just restart the game and try different combinations of letters or start with different words.
- Finish all word puzzles in a level to get free hints

ALL LEVELS ARE SOLVABLE. Please follow yellow marked words order.

How to download Word Connect APK at apktoVi.com

Word Connect is one of the best word games on Android! Find and Search Words!

Features of Word Connect:
- Find words by swiping the letters.
- Fun high quality word puzzles
- Thousands of word games with more added all the time!
- FREE coins every time you beat a word puzzle
- No timers! Play at your own pace!
- No lives! Play unlimited word puzzles!

Word Connect is popular around the world. Play Word Connect for brain training by solving word puzzles!

How to download Word Connect : Word Search Games APK at apktoVi.com

Word Connect is an exciting puzzle game for TRUE WORD geniuses! Find hidden words in mixed letters. It starts out very easy but gets challenging quickly. It even challenges the real word expert! You will have fun sharping your mind and improving your spelling skills. Your brain will thank you for the workout!

- Correct swipe the letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards to form a specific hidden word.
-Find as many words as possible to unlock levels and earn extra bonus coins.
-Fill in every block with a word! Earn coins when you discover star words.
- Have difficulty coming up with the word cookie? You can use coins to buy a hint to help sovle the level.

- Daily bonus rewards
- 40+ packs, 800+ levels,
- Free 300 coins at the first game.
- Difficulty increases along with levels. Easy to play, but hard to beat!
- Feel achievement with increased leaves of the word tree.
-You can also get more coins purchasing or watching advertising videos
- Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere.
- All grids are double-checked to make sure they are solvable!
- Applicable to Any Ages!
• FREE Update!

This is a perfect word games for word connect fans,Download it, and make the word cookies!
Play the game now, you will find it so addictive and just can't put your phone down.
We really value your feedback, you can say what's on your mind when you rate the game. Your comments will be read carefully.

Thanks for playing! Good times in the Word Games!

How to download Wort Kreuz - Guru APK at apktoVi.com

Der Frühling liegt in der Luft! Lass dich mit diesem wunderbaren Kreuzworträtselspiel auf Ostern einstimmen.
Löse 1000+ süchtig machende Wort Puzzle! Sammle Symbole, um einen riesigen Bonus zu erhalten. Sonderangebote im Shop, holt euch das Ostergeschenk!

Verbinde Buchstaben in einer Ebene um ein Wort zu formen . Es macht so viel Spaß und ist dabei völlig kostenlos!
Du hast sicher schon viele viele Wortspiele gespielt und hast sie alle spielend leicht geschafft.
Mit Wort Kreuz wartet jetzt ein komplett neues Herausforderung auf dich! Stell deine Fähigkeiten unter Beweis!

Wort Kreuz kombiniert das klassische Kreuzworträtsel mit einem Puzzle. Durch Verbinden von Buchstaben erhältst du ein vollständiges Wort und füllst es in ein Kreuzworträtsel. Dies ist nur der erste Schritt! Wenn Du gewinnen willst, musst du auch alle versteckten Wörter finden. Fordere dich heraus und trainiere dein Gehirn!

- Einfaches Spielkonzept: verbinde Wörter um ein vollständiges Wort zu bilden.
- Mehr als 300 Level
- Kreuzworträtsel-Stil, um das Spielerlebnis noch interessanter zu machen.
- Ansteigender Schwierigkeitsgrad
- Kein Zeitlimit .
- Zeichne Buchstaben neu und erhalte nützliche Hinweise wenn du nicht weiter kommst.
- Schöne visuelle Erfahrung.

Wie spiele ich?
- Verbinde die Buchstaben auf dem Rad, um ein korrektes Wort zu erhalten.
- Finde alle Wörter und fülle die Kreuzworträtsel aus.

Spiel Wort Kreuz, und trainier dein Gehirn in deiner Freizeit!

• Wort Kreuz ist kostenlos aber du kannst In-App-Artikel wie Münzen kaufen.

How to download Word Blox - Ultimate Puzzle APK at apktoVi.com

Word Blox is a new game from the makers of SYFYB "Some Yoga For Your Brain!" and it's great for a daily mental workout. Find as many words as possible using the letters on the screen. All possible words are indicated by empty blocks below your tiles, so keep filling them up!

★ Reviews ★

APPRAINBOW: "Word Blox is one of the best word building apps, period."
RJSTECH: "Unlike other apps where you just find words, the Word Blox dictionary is good for vocabulary!"
WALLABROS: "Clean interface and the app works really fast. 4.5 stars!"
CATHY M: "It's tough to find some obscure words but great to learn their meanings!"

★ Features ★

+ Test yourself by making as many words as possible using the letter set
+ Play at your own pace!
+ The app and ALL levels are free. No nag screens / offers to buy coins etc.
+ Our new UI works wonderfully well on all Android phones and tablets
+ Improve your vocabulary by checking out word meanings in the built in dictionary
+ App is super fast, uses 76% less memory, and little almost no 3G data!


More than 200,000 players can't be wrong!

★ Now with unlimited puzzles ★

+ You'll never run out of a new set of letters to play

★ Feedback ★

Got suggestions or just want to say "Hi"? We would love to hear from you! Please send in your comments to [email protected] - and we will get back within 24 hours. Happy solving!

How to download Wordosaur Top Rated Word Game APK at apktoVi.com

A super cool and fun word building game. Ideal for crossword lovers and people who enjoy solving word puzzles.

You can play Wordosaur in solo mode, match players from around the world and of course setup a competitive game with your friends!

The word game rules are very simply. There are a fixed number of letter tiles in each game. Using these letters you need to create words on a predefined grid (board). Each time you create a word, the letters in your hand get replenished until the game is over. Generally it takes up to 10 moves per player for the game to finish.

To make the game challenging, the board has premium squares. On these coloured squares when you place your letters and create words, you get extra points!

You also get an additional bonus of 50 points for creating words that are 8 letters or longer in length.

Some additional features of the game include:

- Quickly match your friends using the Global ID or, Facebook option.
- Play in solitaire mode or challenge the Artificial Intelligence in the app in three different levels of gaming difficulty.
- You can improve your vocabulary by looking up words in the game specific English dictionary.

For suggestions or feedback write to us at [email protected]

NOTE: Wordosaur does not promote the use of word builders or external dictionaries without the knowledge of your friends. This is a word game that requires skill and we appreciate players who get better at it with experience. Play fair, and have fun!

How to download Hangman Word Puzzle Game APK at apktoVi.com

A classic word finding game that works in solitaire mode. There are over 12,000 word puzzles organised by our game editors into Themes and further divided in 4 difficulty levels. You start by finding the easy words and keep moving up the levels until you solve the toughest ones!


JOHN F: "Brings back soooo many childhood memories! I love Hangman and finding all the words!"
JOHANNA R: "Very exciting take on a classic word game, highly recommended."
STACY F: "Some levels are tough but overall this is a fantastic word game."
RIMA G: "Really cute graphics! I play this game everyday while coming home from school, great for vocabulary!"


In each word puzzle game, your goal is to find out the word pre-selected by our editors. So if the pre-selected word is DICTIONARY, you shall be presented with 10 dashes each dash representing one letter of the word.


You now have to guess the word one letter at a time. You can make a limited number of mistakes in each level. If you take too many guesses, you might lose out on that level! So guess the words wisely, because if you take too many turns in the game you end up behind bars :)


We are sure you will love this word game and it will provide you with hours of entertainment.


+ Anytime Play - on the bus, train, while waiting ... just anytime you want to kill some time and have fun.
+ Words organized into themes, kind of like a thesaurus. This gets your brain working harder.
+ Fantastic built-in dictionary.
+ Kid friendly, child safe. Use it as an educational word game for your children!


It's free and millions are already having fun playing games from RJS. You would add more fun!


You may reach us for suggestions/bug reports at [email protected] We generally respond within 24 hours. Happy gaming!

How to install Word Game LIVE - Play Now Exclusive To Android! APK at apktoVi.com

No more waiting for turns! Play your favourite word game LIVE with players from all over the world!

You get 8 letters to make words with on a 15x15 board. The board has premium squares that give you extra points, so use them wisely! Both players get 10 minutes each to make as many words as possible.

If your timer runs out, you lose the game regardless of your score being higher than your opponents. This is to prevent people from playing a very high scoring word and then just sitting.

The game can also end if there are no more tiles left with you or, your opponent. In such case, the person with the highest final score wins. Final score is calculated as follows:

- Your final score = (Your score) less (your rack tile score) add (your opponent rack tile score)
- Opponent final score = (Opponent score) less (opponent rack tile score) add (your rack tile score)

The game can also end if one of the players resigns giving the opponent an instant win.

The game is quick and INSANELY addictive! There are thousands of players signed in, so as soon as you tap on QUICK PLAY, you'll be paired with a random opponent.

And if you have your Google+ friends online, you can start playing games with them easily! Just invite, wait for them to accept, and you're good to go. Plus, you get access to your statistics, head to head results, and lots of achievements to unlock!

This game uses the latest Google Play Multiplayer Game Services.

Play Word Game LIVE now - it's free, and the fastest and most addictive word game ever!


S Nattrass:
Perfect for playing with long distance friends who don't have facebook or a smart phone.

Reggie Kruszka:
Great game. I'm hooked. I love playing it on the tablet instead of my PC

Myra Ireland:
Challenging my memory! Good stuff. Dependable, fun

Mark Ramsey:
Excellent User friendly, easily accessible; two thumbs up that I can access my Facebook games. Great job!

Michelle Berlo:
Fun Fun! Like it better than words with friends. Has a dictionary easier to het to.

How to install 1 Pic 1 Word APK at apktoVi.com

1 Pictures 1 Word game for Android!

You will see some parts of one picture and you have to guess what it represents.

★ How to play? Look 1 picture and guess the word that is related. As you advance in the game less areas of the picture will be shown, so you will have to use your imagination!
★ Original challenge mode with hidden pics. Use your coins wisely to reveal them.
★ With each word that you guess, you win coins that will help you to reach new levels.
★ Play hundreds of levels that will get more challenging as you advance.
★ 10 Achievements and Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) from Google Play Games.
★ You will never lose your current game, the game is automatically saved so you can continue right where you left off.
★ Available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch HD devices and small or low resolution devices!
★ You will never get bored with this game! More levels uploaded periodically. Prepare yourself for a new challenge every time.

Enjoy a full-color set of hundreds of pics to guess!

How to install Trivia Quiz APK at apktoVi.com

TRIVIA GAME FREE! ~ the coolest trivia quiz game ever!
Challenge yourself and guess the correct answer between the 4 possible options!

★ Pure, Addictive, Fun!
Over 300 amazing levels are waiting for you! Can you handle the challenge of solving them all?

★ Get More Clues!
Fear not! In case you get stuck, you can get some coins with our daily gift from the home screen.

★ How to play
Check the clue and guess between the 4 possible options. With each question that you find, you will win coins that will help you to defeat the monsters.

★ Available in 5 languages: English, Español (Trivia Preguntas y Respuestas), German, French and Russian
★ 10 Achievements and Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) from Google Play Games

More levels uploaded periodically. Prepare yourself for a new challenge every time.
Available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch HD devices and small or low resolution devices!
You will never lose your current game, the game is automatically saved so you can continue right where you left off.

Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/Monster-Trivia-923264044432971/timeline/

How to download Palabras Gurú APK at apktoVi.com

¿Disfrutas la emoción de los clásicos juegos de palabras? ¡DESCARGA Palabras Gurú, para ENTRENAR tu mente - GRATIS!

¡Simplemente arrastra los bloques de letras y construye las palabras para conseguir monedas! ¡DESCARGA Palabras Gurú AHORA para comenzar a entrenar tu mente y volverte un maestro del vocabulario!

¡Es hora de descubrir palabras misteriosas ocultas y construir todas las que puedas!

¿Qué hace a Palabras Gurú especial?

• ¡Simple, fácil, y adictiva jugabilidad!
• ¡Cientos de niveles con toneladas de palabras esperándote!
• ¿Cansado de jugar niveles bajo mucha de presión? ¡Sin tiempo límite, puedes usar tu tiempo acertadamente para encontrar nuevas palabras a tu propio paso!
• ¡Nuestros gráficos con bloques de madera te devolverán las memorias y nostalgia de niño!
• ¡Palabras extra ocultas están esperando a ser descubiertas!
• ¿Sin internet? ¡No te preocupes, juega Palabras Gurú donde quieras, cuando quieras!
• Válido para teléfono y tableta

Palabras Gurú es una aplicación diseñada para entrenar tu mente y aprender nuevas palabras, y todo ello mientras pasas un buen rato. Comparte la diversión con tu familia & amigos y disfruta de Palabras Gurú juntos!

How to download Parole Guru APK at apktoVi.com

Ti piace l'emozione dei giochi di parole classici? SCARICA Parole Guru, per ALLENARE il tuo cervello - GRATIS!

Scorri semplicemente le caselle e crea parole per guadagnare monete! SCARICA Parole Guru ADESSO per iniziare ad allenare il tuo cervello e diventare un maestro del vocabolario!

E' tempo di scoprire misteriose parole nascoste e creare più parole possibile!

Cosa rende Parole Guru così speciale?

• Gameplay semplice, facile, e coinvolgente!
• Ti aspettano centinaia di livelli con tantissime parole!
• Stanco di giocare livelli sotto pressione? Senza limiti di tempo, puoi usare saggiamente il tuo tempo per cercare nuove parole al tuo ritmo!
• Le nostre grafiche riporteranno a galla memorie nostalgiche di gioventù!
• Parole extra nascoste aspettano di essere scoperte!
• Niente wifi? Non preoccuparti, gioca a Parole Guru in qualsiasi momento, ovunque!
• Supportato su telefono e tablet

Parole Guru è un'app creata per allenare il tuo cervello ed imparare nuove parole, il tutto divertendoti. Condividi il divertimento con famiglia e amici e godetevi Parole Guru insieme!

How to download Resimli Kelime Bulmaca APK at apktoVi.com

Kelime oyunu sevenler! Resimli Kelime Bulmaca oyunu, 4 resim 1 kelime ile yüzlerce kelimelik eğlence! En kısa sürede kelime bul, en yüksek puanı topla! Skor tablosuna adını yazdır.

Resimli kelime bulmaca oyunu indir ücretsiz! İnternetsiz resimli kelime bulmaca oyunu olarak da oynayabilirsiniz.

Piyasadaki diğer oyunlardan farklı olarak bu kelime oyununda resimler zamanla birer birer açılır. Ne kadar az resim açık iken soruyu doğru cevaplarsanız o kadar çok puan kazanırsınız.

Resimli kelime bulmaca bir çok seviyeden oluşan bir kelime oyunu. Sözcükleri buldukça seviyeniz artar ve altın kazanırsınız. Kazandığınız altınları çeşitli ipuçları almak için kullanabilirsiniz. Altınlarınız biterse satın almanız da mümkündür.

Eğlenceli bir beyin egzersizi yapmak ve zekanızı kullanmak için her gün istediğiniz kadar seviye oynayabilir ya da boş zamanlarınızda bir kaç seviye geçerek zamanınızı değerlendirebilirsiniz.

Skor tablosunu görebilmek ve puanınızı skor tablosuna gönderebilmek için Google+ hesabınızla login olmanız gerekmektedir. Ancak Google+ hesabınız olmasa da oyunu oynayabilirsiniz.

Oyunu oynayabilmeniz için internet bağlantısına ihtiyaç yoktur. İsterseniz offline olarak da oynayabilirsiniz.

Herkese iyi eğlenceler...

How to install Kelime Bulmaca APK at apktoVi.com

Kelime avı başlıyor! Kelime oyunu sevenlerdenseniz, kelime bulmaca oyununu mutlaka deneyin! 12 kelimelik bulmacayı en hızlı siz çözün, yüksek puanlar yapın ve diğer Kelime Bulmaca oynayanlarla yarışın...

Kelime Bulmaca oyunu 10x10'luk bir sözcük tahtası üzerinde sağdan sola, soldan sağa, yukarıdan aşağı, aşağıdan yukarı, çapraz ve ters çapraz olarak yerleştirilmiş 12 sözcüğü bulma oyunudur.

Sözcükleri ne kadar hızlı bulursanız o kadar fazla puan kazanırsınız. Uzun kelimeler daha fazla puan kazandırır.

Bütün kelimeleri bulduğunuzda oyun biter ve puanınız gönderilir. Giriş ekranında bulunan Yüksek Skorlar düğmesine basarak arkadaşlarınız ve diğer oyuncular arasındaki sıranızı takip edebilirsiniz. Yüksek skorlar günlük, haftalık ve tüm zamanlar olmak üzere üç kategoride tutulur.

Oyunu hem İnternete bağlıyken hem de bağlı değilken oynayabilirsiniz. İnternete bağlı olmadığınız durumlarda kazandığınız puanlar yüksek skor olarak gönderilemez.

İyi eğlenceler...

How to download Caça Palavras APK at apktoVi.com

Caça Palavras cabeças Fãs! Temos boas notícias para você! Caça Palavras é agora em Português com o recurso placar online no Google+.

Alcançar a maior pontuação e competir com seus amigos e também outra palavra Pesquisa cabeças Fans!

Você pode selecionar sua cor tema favorito e desfrutar o quebra-cabeça da busca da palavra com cores bonitas.

Há 15 palavras escondidas na horizontal, vertical ou diagonal em um enigma 11X11. Seu objetivo é encontrar essas palavras o mais rápido possível.

Pontuação é calculada com base no comprimento das palavras encontradas e o tempo decorrido. Quando você encontrar todas as palavras do quebra-cabeça, a pontuação é enviado para o placar online no Google+. Você pode ver os melhores jogadores diariamente, semanalmente ou para todos os momentos.

Se você não prefere entrar com Google+, você ainda pode jogar o jogo no modo offline, mas sua pontuação não é submetido a placar on-line neste caso.

Divirta-se todos!

Brazil flag that appears on the app icon is created by Nordic Factory http://www.nordicfactory.com and found via iconfinder.

How to download Word Guess 2 Pics APK at apktoVi.com

Guess the word: A new generation word guess game: Word Guess 2 Pics! Guess the word or phrases these emoticons or images are describing.

All images are prepared with style! Enjoy the nice looking colorful flat icons and use your reasoning to guess what the hidden phrase can be.

There are more than hundreds levels in the game. At each level you are given 2 pics which try to tell you something. Your mission is to guess what these pictures try to tell you.

If you stuck at a certain level, you can use 3 different types of hints:

- Show me a letter: Shows a letter from the hidden phrase.
- Remove junk letters: Removes the unnecessary letters and leaves only the required ones.
- Show me the answer: You can take a short cut and go directly to the answer.

Word Guess 2 Pics has an online leaderboard on Google+, so that you can see your friends' levels and also you can compete with other Word Guess 2 Pics fans all around the world.

We hope you enjoy it!

How to download Podróż Słowa APK at apktoVi.com

Podróż Słowa to niesamowicie PRZYJEMNA rozrywka polegająca na rozwiązywaniu krzyżówek i wyszukiwanieu słów, z PIĘKNĄ scenerią! Gra dostarcza wspaniałych doznań wizualnych. Ponadto stanowi wyzwanie dla Twojego umysłu – zawiera ponad 2000 EKSCYTUJĄCYCH zadań!

• pomaga zachować ostrość umysłu,
• sprawdza zakres słownictwa,
• nigdy nie jest nudna.

• wysokiej jakości, wybrane ilustracje,
• ponad 100 niesamowitych krajobrazów,
• kwiaty, jeziora, góry, lasy, oceany, chmury itd.

• można łatwo przesuwać litery, aby znaleźć ukryte słowa,
• luki wypełnia się poziomo i pionowo,
• aby uzyskać podpowiedzi, trzeba stuknąć przycisk „Podpowiedzi”.

• zaczyna się łatwo, a potem trudność rośnie,
• można odblokować setki ilustracji ze scenerią do wszystkich poziomów,
• w przygotowaniu jest więcej poziomów.

Pobierz i ciesz się tą grą teraz ZA DARMO! Z pewnością BARDZO CI SIĘ SPODOBA!

• pobranie i granie w tę grę jest całkowicie BEZPŁATNE,
• w aplikacji można też zrobić wpłatę, aby uzyskać monety i usunąć reklamy,
• pamiętaj o tym, że możesz nam przesłać sugestie na adres e-mail [[email protected]].

How to download Woord Reis APK at apktoVi.com

Woord Reis is een bijzonder AANGENAAM kruiswoordpuzzel & woordzoeker avontuur met PRACHTIGE landschappen! Je zal een geweldige visuele ervaring krijgen tijdens het spel. En het zal de grenzen van je hersenen opzoeken met meer dan 2000 SPANNENDE puzzels!

• Helpt je geest scherp te houden
• Test je vocabulaire grenzen
• Heb nooit een saai moment

• Foto’s met hoge kwaliteit geselecteerd
• Meer dan 100 geweldige landschappen
• Bloemen, meren, bergen, bossen, oceanen, wolken enz.

• Veeg eenvoudig de letters om verborgen woorden te vinden
• Vul horizontaal en verticaal alle lege plekken op
• Druk op de “Hints” knop voor een aanwijzing

• Het begint makkelijk en wordt snel uitdagender
• Ontgrendel honderden landschapsfoto’s voor alle levels
• Er komen nog meer levels aan

Download en geniet nu GRATIS! En je zal er zeker GEK op zijn!

• Het is helemaal GRATIS om te downloaden en te spelen
•Je kan in de app aankopen doen voor munten of voor het verwijderen van advertenties
•Vergeet niet om suggesties door te sturen via de e-mail [[email protected]]

How to download Viaggio di Parole APK at apktoVi.com

Viaggio di Parole è un viaggio incredibilmente DIVERTENTE tra cruciverba e crucipuzzle con SPLENDIDI paesaggi! Avrai una fantastica esperienza visiva durante il gioco. E testerà i limiti del tuo cervello con più di 2000 EMOZIONANTI puzzle!

• Aiutano a tenere sveglia la mente
• Testano i limiti del tuo vocabolario
• Non ti annoierai mai

• Immagini selezionate di alta qualità
• Più di 100 panorami fantastici
• Fiori, laghi, montagne, foreste, oceani, nuvole, ecc.

• Scorri facilmente le lettere per trovare parole nascoste
• Riempi gli spazi vuoti orizzontalmente e verticalmente
• Tocca il tasto “Suggerimenti” per ottenere indizi

• Comincia facile e diventa impegnativo in fretta
• Sblocca centinaia di paesaggi per tutti i livelli
• Ulteriori livelli sono in arrivo

Scaricalo ora e divertiti GRATIS! E lo ADORERAI sicuramente!

• Scaricarlo e giocarci è completamente GRATUITO
• Puoi anche fare acquisti nell’app per ottenere gettoni e rimuovere la pubblicità
• Non dimenticare di inviare i tuoi suggerimenti a [[email protected]]

How to install Word Across APK at apktoVi.com

Word Across is an absolutely ENJOYABLE crossword puzzle & word search journey with BEAUTIFUL scenery spots! You will get great visual experience during the game. And it will challenge your brain limits with 2000+ EXCITING puzzles!

• Help to keep your minds sharp
• Test your vocabulary limitations
• Never have a dull moment with it

• High-quality selected pictures
• More than 100 amazing landscapes
• Flowers, lakes, mountains, forests, oceans, clouds, etc

• Easily swipe letters to find hidden words
• Fill up all the blanks horizontally and vertically
• Tap the “Hints” button to get clues

• It starts easy and becomes challenging fast
• Unlock hundreds of scenery images for all the levels
• More levels are on the go

//** Download and enjoy it for FREE now! And you will definitely LOVE it! **//

• It is totally FREE to download and play
• You can also make in-app purchase to get coins & remove ads
• Don't forget to send your suggestions by email [email protected]

How to install Wort Reise APK at apktoVi.com

Wort Reise adalah permainan teka-teki silang & tebak kata yang sangat SERU dengan latar belakang pemandangan yang INDAH ! Kamu bisa bermain sambil menikmati pengalaman visual yang mengagumkan. Permainan ini akan menantang daya pikirmu dengan 2000+ puzzle yang SERU !

• Memastikan otakmu tetap tajam
• Menguji pengetahuan kosakatamu
• Kamu tidak akan pernah bosan memainkannya

• Gambar-gambar pilihan berkualitas tinggi
• Lebih dari 100 bentang alam yang indah
• Bunga, danau, pegunungan, hutan, lautan, awan, dan lain-lain

• Usap huruf dengan mudah untuk mengungkap kata tersembunyi
• Isi semua kotak kosong secara horizontal dan vertikal
• Ketuk tombol “Petunjuk” untuk mendapatkan petunjuk

• Mulai dari yang mudah dan semakin lama semakin menantang
• Buka ratusan gambar pemandangan untuk semua level
• Lebih banyak level lagi akan segera hadir

Unduh dan mainkan dengan GRATIS sekarang! Kamu pasti SUKA !

• Benar-benar GRATIS untuk diunduh dan dimainkan
• Kamu juga bisa melakukan pembelian dalam aplikasi untuk mendapatkan koin & menghilangkan iklan
• Jangan lupa untuk mengirimkan saranmu melalui email ke [email protected]

How to download Missing Vowels Word Search APK at apktoVi.com

Missing Vowels Word Search: An endless supply of word search and word-seek puzzles with an added twist. The vowels, A, E, I, O, & U will be invisible in the puzzle. As you find words, vowels contained within them are revealed. Find and highlight or circle the words from the word list. Can you find all the words? Words may be found backwards, forwards, vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

• An unlimited number of puzzles
• 20-30 words cleverly hidden in every puzzle
• Great word game fun!

Brought to you by the makers of Pressed for Words

How to download Pressed For Words APK at apktoVi.com

Pressed for Words

Easy to play, but with endless variety, Pressed for Words is the most fun you'll ever have in an anagram game. Expand your vocabulary, improve your spelling, and train your brain with this addictive word game!

- You've got six letters and 2 ½ minutes
- Identify ALL the words possible with these six letters
- Over 4,000 puzzles will keep your brain churning for days!

- Tap 'Mix' to reorder the letters and inspire your brain
- Check the answer grid to see how many possibilities are left
- Work against the clock to beat your high score!

- No internet connection and no sign-in required
- Easy-to-play for novices and pros alike
- Similar to Word Whomp, Boggle, Scramble, and Text Twist

Check out the Pressed for Words demo video and you'll be hooked right away!

Questions or comments? Contact us at:
Email: [email protected]

How to download Swiped For Words APK at apktoVi.com

Similar to Boggle and Scramble, this game presents you with a 4x4 or 5x5 of letters. Spell words by swiping the letters. Spell as many words as you can before the time runs out.

Brought to you by the makers of Pressed for Words!

How to download Kata Master APK at apktoVi.com

Permainan Kata yang Simpel & Adiktif
Kata Master menawarkan gameplay klasik dari permainan kata dalam cara yang baru dan seru. Kamu dapat cukup mengusap hurufnya untuk membentuk sejumlah kata. Mudah dimainkan dan seru untuk dikuasai. Kamu pasti akan ketagihan dengan serunya pencarian kata di permainan kata ini.

Lebih Dari 2.000 Level
Mulailah dengan kata-kata sehari-hari yang simpel, permainan kata kami memberikan ribuan teka-teki kata dalam berbagai level untuk kamu mainkan.

Menantang Untuk Menemukan Semua Kata
Tak puas menemukan kata-kata di level mudah? Cobalah menantang diri sendiri untuk menemukan semua kata yang ekstra sulit untuk mendapatkan bonus. Jika kamu merasa buntu dalam menemukan kata-kata tertentu, kamu dapat menggunakan "Acak" atau "Petunjuk" untuk melewatinya. Kamu mungkin akan terkejut betapa mudahnya kata tersebut namun tak mampu kamu temukan.

Olahraga Otak terbaik
Permainan kata adalah yang terbaik untuk melatih otak dan meningkatkan kemampuan mengeja. Permainan kata kami adalah salah satu permainan acak kata & pencarian kata paling mendebarkan untuk menantang kemampuan mencari kata di segala usia

Tema Kustom
Gameplay Ekstra untuk Keseruan Ekstra
Tantangan Harian yang Mendebarkan
Main & Menangkan Segudang Hadiah

- Usap hurufnya untuk membentuk kata
- Temukan kata-kata esktra guna mengumpulkan koin
- 2000+ LEVEL untuk dimainkan
- Koin Bonus Harian GRATIS
- Ketuk tombol "Acak" untuk mengganti urutan huruf
- Ketuk tombol "Petunjuk" untuk mendapat petunjuk
- Cocok untuk anak-anak dan orang dewasa untuk melatih kemampuan mencari kata
- Tanpa perlu jaringan dan kamu dapat menikmati pencarian kata kapan saja
- Gameplay Simpel & Mudah dimainkan, sulit dikuasai
- Sepenuhnya GRATIS untuk semua pemain

Jika kamu menggemari permainan teka-teki silang atau pencarian kata, kamu wajib mencoba permainan kata ini. Lebih mudah dimainkan daripada teka-teki silang, dan jauh lebih adiktif.

[email protected]

How to download Slovo Mistr APK at apktoVi.com

Jednoduchá a návyková slovní hra
Slovo Mistr nabízí klasický styl slovních her v novém a zábavném kabátě. Jednoduše přetáhněte písmena a vytvářejte různá slova. Hrát je snadné a zábavné. Stanete se závislými na zábavě při vyhledávání slov v této slovní hře.

Více než 2 000 úrovní
Tato naše hra začíná jednoduchými a každodenními slovy a poskytuje tisíce slovních hádanek v různých úrovních, které si můžete vyzkoušet. V budoucnu bude přidána spousta dalších úrovní.

Výzva k nalezení všech slov
Nestačí vám nacházení slov na jednoduchých úrovních? Určete si výzvu a najděte všechna extra těžší slova pro získání bonusu. Pokud uvíznete na určitých slovech, můžete použít funkce „Zamíchat“ nebo „Poradit“, abyste mohli pokračovat. Může pro vás být velkým překvapením, jak snadné slovo může být a jak těžké jej bude nalézt.

Nejlepší mozkové cvičení
Slovní hry jsou nejlepší pro vylepšení mozku a pravopisu. Naše slovní hra je jedna z nejzajímavějších slovních her s vyhledáváním slov, která je výzvou pro vaše vyhledávací schopnosti, ať už máte jakýkoliv věk.

- Přetahujte prstem písmena pro tvorbu slov
- Nacházejte slova navíc pro sbírání mincí
- Více než 2 000 úrovní pro přehrání
- ZDARMA získáte denní bonus ve formě mincí
- Klepnutím na tlačítko „Zamíchat“ změníte pořadí písmen
- Klepnutím na tlačítko „Poradit“ získáte vodítka
- Vhodné pro děti i dospělé pro trénování vyhledávání slov
- Nepotřebujete internet a slova můžete vyhledávat kdykoliv
- Jednoduché a snadné hraní, náročné na dokončení
- Zcela ZDARMA pro všechny hráče

Pokud jste fanoušky křížovek nebo her s hledáním slov, určitě byste měli zkusit tuto slovní hru. Je snadnější na pochopení než křížovky a mnohem více návyková.

[email protected]

How to install Ordmester APK at apktoVi.com

Enkelt & Fengende Ordspill
Ordmester tilbyr det klassiske gameplayet til et ordspill på en ny og morsom måte. Du kan enkelt dra bokstaver for å sette sammen forskjellige ord. Det er enkelt å spille og gøy å mestre. Du vil helt sikkert bli hektet på ordsøk-moroa i dette ordspillet.

Mer Enn 2.000 Nivåer
Start med enkle og dagligdagse ord. Vårt ordspill leverer tusenvis av ordutfordringer på forskjellige nivåer som du kan spille. Mange flere nye nivåer vil bli lagt til i fremtiden.

Utfordrende Å Finne Alle Ordene
Holder det ikke å finne ord på de enkle nivåene? Prøv å utfordre deg selv til å finne alle de ekstra vanskelige ordene for en bonus. Setter du deg fast på visse ord, kan du bruke "Omstokk" eller "Hint" for å komme videre. Det kan overraske deg stort hvor enkelt et ord du ikke finner kan vise seg å være.

Beste Hjerneøvelser
Ordspill er best for trening av hjernen og staveferdigheter. Vårt ordspill er et av de mest spennende ordblandings- & ordsøkespill for å utfordre ordsøk-ferdigheter for alle aldre.

- Dra bokstavene for å sette sammen ord
- Finn Ekstra ord for å samle mynter
- 2000+ NIVÅER som du kan spille
- GRATIS å få Daglig Bonus-mynter
- Trykk på "Omstokk"-knappen for å endre rekkefølgen til bokstavene
- Trykk på "Hint"-knappen for å få ledetråder
- Passer for både barn og voksne som vil forbedre sine ordsøkeferdigheter
- Nettverk er ikke påkrevd, og du kan nyte ordsøk når som helst
- Simpelt & Lett å spille, vanskelig å overvinne gameplay
- Fullstendig GRATIS for alle spillere

Hvis du liker kryssord eller ordsøkespill, bør du definitivt prøve dette ordspillet. Det er enklere å komme i gang med enn kryssord, og mye mer fengende.

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How to download Ordmästare APK at apktoVi.com

Enkelt & beroendeframkallande ordspel
Ordmästare är en ny och rolig version av de klassiska ordspelen. Du drar helt enkelt bokstäver för att skapa olika ord. Det är lätt att spela och roligt att mästra. Med detta ordspel kommer du upptäcka hur fantastiskt roligt och beroendeframkallande det är att söka ord.

Mer än 2 000 nivåer
Vårt ordspel börjar med enkla och vardagliga ord, och innehåller tusentals olika nivåer som du kan spela på. Många nya nivåer kommer att uppdateras i framtiden.

Utmanande att hitta alla ord
Är det inte tillräckligt för dig att hitta ord på enkla nivåer? Utmana dig själv att hitta alla extra svåra ord, för att få bonusar. Om du fastnar på vissa ord kan du använda ”Blanda” eller "Tips" för att komma vidare. Du kommer bli överraskad över hur svårt det kan vara att hitta även lätta ord.

Bästa hjärngympan
Ordspel är bäst för hjärnansgympa och stavningsförbättringar. Vårt ordspel är ett av de mest spännande anagram- & ordsökningsspel som utmanar ordsökningsfärdigheter i alla åldrar.

- Dra bokstäverna för att skapa ord
- Hitta extra ord för att samla mynt
- 2000+ nivåer som du kan spela
- GRATIS att få dagliga bonusmynt
- Tryck på "Blanda" -knappen för att ändra bokstavsordningen
- Tryck på "Tips" -knappen för att få ledtrådar
- Passar både barn och vuxna som vill träna ordsökningsförmåga
- Du behöver inte internettåtkomst så du kan ha kul med ordsökningsspelet när som helst
- Enkelt att spela och svårt att mästra
- Helt GRATIS för alla spelare

Om du gillar korsord eller ordsökningsspel borde du definitivt prova det här ordspelet. Det är lättare att lära sig än korsord, och mycket mer beroendeframkallande.

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How to install Woord Meester APK at apktoVi.com

Eenvoudig en verslavend woordspel
Woord Meester biedt de klassieke gameplay van woordspellen op een nieuwe en leuke manier. Je kunt eenvoudig letters vegen om verschillende woorden te vormen. Het is makkelijk om te leren. Je zult merken dat je verslaafd raakt aan het plezier van woordzoekers in dit woordspel.

Meer dan 2000 levels
Begin met eenvoudige en dagelijkse woorden. Ons woordspel biedt duizenden woordpuzzels om te spelen in verschillende levels. Meer nieuwe levels zullen in de toekomst worden toegevoegd.

Uitdagend om alle woorden te vinden
Niet lastig om de woorden te vinden in de makkelijke levels? Probeer jezelf uit te dagen door alle extra moeilijke woorden te vinden. Als je vast loopt, kun je "Schudden" of "Tips" gebruiken om verder te gaan. Het zal je verrassen hoe simpel een woord kan zijn als je er overheen blijft kijken.

Beste hersenoefeningen
Woordspellen zijn de beste manier om je hersenen te trainen en je spelling te verbeteren. Ons woordspel is een van de meest stimulerende woord-scramble & woordzoekspellen waarmee je op elke leeftijd je woordzoekvaardigheden kan testen.

- Veeg de letters met je vingers om woorden te vormen
- Zoek Extra woorden om munten te verzamelen
- 2000+ LEVELS die je kunt spelen
- Krijg GRATIS Dagelijkse Bonusmunten
- Tik op de knop "Schudden" om de volgorde van de letters te wijzigen
- Tik op de knop "Tips" om aanwijzingen te krijgen
- Geschikt voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen
- Geen verbinding vereist; speel op ieder moment woordzoekers
- Eenvoudig en makkelijk te spelen, lastig om te winnen
- Volledig GRATIS voor alle spelers

Als je een fan bent van kruiswoordpuzzels of woordzoekspellen, moet je dit woordspel zeker eens proberen. Het is makkelijker om op te pikken dan kruiswoordpuzzels, en heel verslavend.


How to download Mistrz Słów APK at apktoVi.com

Prosta i uzależniająca gra słowna
Mistrz Słów to klasyczna gra słowna w nowoczesnej, wciągającej wersji. Wystarczy przeciągać litery, aby tworzyć różne słowa. Gra jest prosta do opanowania i zapewnia świetną rozrywkę. Z pewnością uzależnisz się od dobrej zabawy, którą gwarantuje wyszukiwanie słów.

Ponad 2000 poziomów
W naszej grze słownej zaczynasz od prostych, codziennych słów, jednak przed Tobą jest wiele poziomów z tysiącami słów do odgadnięcia. W przyszłości powstanie jeszcze więcej poziomów.

Znajdź wszystkie słowa
Znalezienie wszystkich słów na łatwych poziomach Ci nie wystarcza? Postaw sobie wyzwanie i za dodatkowy bonus znajdź wszystkie trudniejsze słowa. Jeśli zdarzy Ci się utknąć, możesz użyć opcji tasowania lub otrzymać wskazówkę. Zdziwisz się jak prostych słów nie będziesz w stanie czasem odgadnąć!

Najlepszy trening dla mózgu
Gry słowne to najlepsze ćwiczenia dla mózgu i świetny sposób na poprawę ortografii. Nasza gra jest jedną z najbardziej ekscytujących gier polegających na przestawianiu liter i wyszukiwaniu słów i z pewnością będzie nie lada wyzwaniem dla miłośników gier słownych w każdym wieku.

- Przeciągaj litery, aby tworzyć słowa
- Znajduj dodatkowa słowa, aby zbierać monety
- Ponad 2000 POZIOMÓW
- DARMOWE monety w ramach Dziennego bonusu
- Dotknij przycisk Tasuj, aby zmienić kolejność liter
- Dotknij przycisk Wskazówka, aby otrzymać podpowiedź
- Idealna dla dzieci i dorosłych, chcących poprawić umiejętności wyszukiwania słów
- Działa w trybie offline, więc możesz wyszukiwać słowa kiedy chcesz
- Łatwa i przyjemna, niepowtarzalna rozrywka
- ZA DARMO dla wszystkich graczy

Jeśli lubisz krzyżówki lub wykreślanki, zdecydowanie musisz wypróbować tę grę słowną. Jest łatwiejsza w zrozumieniu niż krzyżówka i dużo bardziej uzależniająca.

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How to download Manía de Palabras APK at apktoVi.com

Juego de palabras simple y adictivo
Manía de Palabras presenta los juegos clásicos de palabras de un modo nuevo y divertido. Tan solo tienes que mover letras para formar diferentes palabras. Es fácil de jugar y es divertido dominarlo. Sin duda, acabarás siendo adicto a la diversión de la búsqueda de palabras de este juego.

Más de 1000 niveles
Nuestro juego de palabras comienza con palabras simples y habituales y proporciona miles de rompecabezas de diferentes niveles. En el futuro se añadirán muchos más niveles nuevos.

El desafío de encontrar todas las palabras
¿No es suficiente encontrar palabras en los niveles fáciles? Intenta desafiarte a ti mismo a encontrar todas las palabras adicionales más difíciles para conseguir una bonificación. Si te quedas atascado en ciertas palabras, puedes usar “Barajar” o “Pistas” para seguir adelante. Puede sorprenderte lo fácil que puede ser una palabra que, sin embargo, no llegas a encontrar.

Los mejores ejercicios para el cerebro
Los juegos de palabras son los mejores para hacer ejercicio cerebral y para mejorar la ortografía. Nuestro juego de palabras es uno de los juegos más emocionantes de sopa de letras y búsqueda de palabras para desafiar las habilidades de buscar palabras a cualquier edad.

Desafíos diarios para conseguir premios

✔️️ Mueve las letras para formar palabras
✔️️ Encuentra palabras adicionales para recoger monedas
✔️️ Más de 1000 NIVELES para jugar
✔️️ Es GRATIS conseguir monedas como bonificación diaria
✔️️ Pulsa el botón “Barajar” para cambiar el orden de las letras
✔️️ Pulsa el botón “Pistas” para obtener sugerencias
✔️️ Adecuado para que niños y adultos entrenen sus habilidades de búsqueda de palabras
✔️️ No es necesaria una red y puedes disfrutar de la búsqueda de palabras en cualquier momento
✔️️ Simple y fácil de jugar aunque difícil de ganar
✔️️ Totalmente GRATIS para todos los jugadores

Si te gustan los crucigramas o juegos de búsqueda de palabras, sin duda deberías probar este juego. Es más fácil de aprender que los crucigramas y mucho más adictivo.

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How to download Wort Manie APK at apktoVi.com

Schlichtes und süchtig machendes Buchstabenspiel
Wort Manie bietet eine neue und lustige Variante des klassischen Buchstabenspiels. Durch einfaches Wischen können Sie verschiedene Wörter zusammenstellen. Das Spiel ist leicht und es macht Spaß, es zu beherrschen. Sicher sind Sie bald süchtig nach dem Spaß an der Wortsuche in diesem Buchstabenspiel.

Über 1000 Level
Unser Buchstabenspiel beginnt mit einfachen Wörtern aus dem Alltag und bietet Ihnen tausende Buchstabenpuzzle in verschiedenen Leveln. In Zukunft werden noch viel mehr Level hinzugefügt.

Eine Herausforderung, alle Wörter zu finden
Reicht es Ihnen nicht, Wörter in den einfachen Leveln zu finden? Fordern Sie sich heraus, indem Sie all die besonders schweren Wörter finden, und erhalten Sie einen Bonus. Wenn Sie bei einem bestimmten Wort nicht weiterwissen, können Sie “Mischen” oder “Tipps” verwenden, um weiterzumachen. Es kann eine große Überraschung sein, wie einfach Wörter sein können und wie Sie sie trotzdem einfach nicht finden können.

Die besten Übungen fürs Gehirn
Buchstabenspiele sind am besten als Übung fürs Gehirn und um die Rechtschreibung zu verbessern. Unser Spiel ist eins der aufregendsten Word-Scramble- und Wortsuchspiele, die Wortsuchtalente jeden Alters herausfordern..

Tägliche Wettbewerbe mit Belohnungen

✔️️ Buchstaben durch Wischen zu Wörtern zusammenfügen
✔️️ Extrawörter finden, um Münzen zu erhalten
✔️️ Mehr als 1000 LEVEL zu spielen
✔️️ KOSTENLOS, tägliche Bonusmünzen zu erhalten
✔️️ “Mischen”- Schaltfläche antippen, um die Reihenfolge der Buchstaben zu ändern
✔️️ “Tipps”-Schaltfläche antippen, um Hinweise zu erhalten
✔️️ Sowohl für Kinder als auch für Erwachsene zum Trainieren der Wortsuche geeignet
✔️️ Kein Netzwerk benötigt; Sie können jederzeit Wörter suchen und Spaß haben
✔️️ Einfach und leicht zu spielen, kaum schlagbare Spielmechanik
✔️️ Absolut KOSTENLOS für alle Spieler

Wenn Sie ein Fan von Kreuzworträtseln oder Wortsuchspielen sind, sollten Sie dieses Buchstabenspiel auf jeden Fall ausprobieren. Es ist leichter zu lernen als Kreuzworträtsel und hat ein viel höheres Suchtpotential.

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How to download Parola Mania APK at apktoVi.com

Semplice e coinvolgente gioco di parole
Parola Mania propone le classiche forme di giochi di parole, ma lo fa in modo nuovo e divertente. Trascina il dito sulle lettere per comporre le varie parole. Giocare è facilissimo e molto divertente. Andare alla ricerca di parole diventerà la tua ossessione.

Più di 1000 livelli
Inizia con parole facili e quotidiane: il nostro gioco di parole propone miliardi di partite in vari livelli. In futuro, aggiorneremo molti altri nuovi livelli.

La sfida è trovare tutte le parole
Trovare le parole nei livelli più semplici è troppo facile? Mettiti alla prova e cerca tutte le parole extra più difficili come bonus. Se ti blocchi su alcune parole, puoi usare l’opzione “Mescola” o “Suggerimenti” per proseguire. Talvolta ti stupirai nel vedere quant’era semplice da trovare una parola, eppure a te sembrava impossibile!

Esercizi per allenare il cervello
I giochi di parole sono l’ideale per tenere in esercizio il cervello e migliorare l’ortografia. Questo gioco propone i più entusiasmanti anagrammi e giochi di ricerca di parole per allenare le tue abilità a qualsiasi età.

✔️️ Trascina il dito sulle lettere per comporre le parole
✔️️ Trova le parole extra per accumulare monete
✔️️ Più di 1.000 LIVELLI da conquistare
✔️️ I bonus quotidiani ti fanno vincere monete GRATIS
✔️️ Tocca il pulsante “Mescola” per cambiare l’ordine delle lettere
✔️️ Tocca il pulsante “Suggerimenti” per chiedere indizi
✔️️ Adatto a bambini e adulti per allenare le abilità nella ricerca di parole
✔️️ Non è necessario essere collegati alla rete, si possono cercare le parole in qualsiasi momento
✔️️ Semplice da usare, difficile da completare
✔️️ Completamente GRATIS per tutti i giocatori

Se sei un amante delle parole crociate o intrecciate, non farti sfuggire questo gioco di parole! È più semplice delle parole crociate e ti creerà una vera e propria dipendenza.

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How to download ⛳ Układanka Słowna ⛳-- Konkurs IQ, #1 po polsku! APK at apktoVi.com

⛵⛵⛵ 2800+ poziomów!

⛵ Zaprojektowany dla inteligentnych ludzi! Jedna z najlepszych darmowych gier słownych! Zabawa i podniecenie klasycznych gier słownych! Nowa gra i ciekawe tryby gry! Spróbuj gry tej gry słownej, jeśli jesteś inteligentnym człowiekiem!

⛵ Ile słów wiesz? Jak zabawna gra logiczna może być? Mając słowo zmiażdżyć? Następnie po prostu zagraj te nowo zaprojektowane wyszukiwanie słów!

⛵ Wystarczy przesunąć i połączyć litery, aby zbudować słowa. Nie masz słowa! To łatwe i pełne zabawy. Powiększenie słownictwa, trenowanie mózgu i utrzymanie umysłu młodego!

⛳ Proste, łatwe i intuicyjne rozgrywki. Wciągająca gra słów!
⛳ 1300 + poziomy do grania! Tony nowych słów!
⛳ Zbieraj ukryte słowa, aby zarobić dodatkowe monety!
⛳ Bezpłatne. Nie potrzebujesz WIFI. Bez ograniczeń czasowych.
⛳ Wiele osiągnięć. Rozwiąż jak najwięcej słów, aby je osiągnąć!
⛳ Drewniane grafiki gotowania i bloki słodkich słów z plików cookie.
⛳ Super zabawa i na wszystkie wieki! Wystarczy wyszukać słowa z przyjaciółmi i rodzinami.
⛳ Motyw pieczywa Word: różne pieczywo, gofry, pączek, krakers, ciasteczka, muffin, ciasto, tarta, toast słowa do wyzwania!

⛵ To wspaniałe nowe słowo wyszukiwania to świetna gra słów, zabawny teaser mózgu, a zarazem aplikacja edukacyjna.

⛵ Nadszedł czas, aby się zbłądzić, wyścigać się i grać z przyjaciółmi i rodzinami! Pobierz wyszukiwanie wyrazu: znajdź i połącz słowa w obrębie jumble. Bądź doskonałym słownikiem!

How to download Kelime Bulmaca -- Zeka Yarışması, #1 Türkçe! APK at apktoVi.com

1300+ Seviyeler! Akıllı insanlar için tasarlandı! En iyi ücretsiz söz oyunlarından biri! Klasik sözcük oyunlarının eğlenceli ve heyecan! Yeni oyun ve ilginç oyun modları! Akıllı bir insansanız bu kelime oyunu oynamayı deneyin!

Kaç kelimeyi biliyorsun? Bir kelime bulmaca oyunu ne kadar eğlenceli olabilir? Bir kelime kırıştırmak mı? Sonra yeni tasarlanmış bu kelime araması oyna!

Kelimeleri oluşturmak için sadece hızlıca kaydırın ve harfler bağlayın. Bir kelime yazmanız gerekmiyor! Kolay ve eğlenceli doludur. Kelimeleri büyüt, beyin yetiştir, zihnini genç tut!


1. Basit, kolay ve sezgisel oyun. Bağımlılık yapan kelime oyunu!
2. oynamak için 1300+ seviyeleri! Ton yeni kelime!
3. Ekstra para kazanmak için gizli kelimeleri toplamak!
4. Serbest. WIFI gerekmiyordu. Zaman sınırı yok.
5. Birçok başarı. Onlara ulaşmak için birçok kelime çözün!
6. Ahşap pişirme grafikleri ve kurabiyelerden yapılan şirin kelimelerin blokları.
7. Süper eğlencelidir ve her yaş için! Arkadaşlarınızla ve ailelerle kelime araması yapın.
8. Kelime fırını tema: Çeşitli Ekmek, Gofret, Donut, Kraker, Çerezler, Muffin, Pasta, Tart, meydan okumak için Toast sözcük!

Bu büyük yeni Word Search harika bir kelime oyunu, eğlenceli bir beyin teaser ve aynı zamanda eğitici bir uygulamadır.

Arkadaşlarınızla ve ailelerle kelimeleri karıştırmak, karıştırmak ve oynamak için zamanı geldi! Kelime Aramasını İndirin: Jumble'da Kelimeleri Bulup Bağlayın. Mükemmel bir kelime bulma aracı olun!

How to install Teka-teki kata -- Peraduan IQ, #1 Melayu! APK at apktoVi.com

Tahap 1300+! Salah satu permainan kata terbaik percuma! Fun dan keseronokan permainan kata klasik! Permainan baru dan mod permainan yang menarik!

Berapa banyak kata yang anda tahu? Betapa menyeronokkan permainan teka-teki perkataan? Mempunyai perkataan menghancurkan? Kemudian hanya mainkan carian perkataan baru yang direka!

Hanya sapu dan sambungkan huruf untuk membina kata-kata. Anda tidak mempunyai perkataan jenis! Ia mudah dan penuh keseronokan. Memperbesar perbendaharaan kata, melatih otak, dan pastikan minda anda muda!


1. Permainan yang mudah, mudah dan intuitif. Permainan kata ketagihan!
2. Tahap 1300+ untuk anda bermain! Ton perkataan baru!
3. Kumpulkan perkataan tersembunyi untuk mendapatkan duit syiling tambahan!
4. Percuma. Tiada WIFI diperlukan. Tiada had masa.
5. Banyak pencapaian. Selesaikan banyak perkataan untuk mencapainya!
6. Gula-gula memasak grafik dan blok kata-kata comel yang diperbuat daripada cookies.
7. Super menyeronokkan dan untuk semua umur! Hanya mainkan carian perkataan dengan rakan dan keluarga.
8. Tema roti bakeri: Roti Pelbagai, Wafel, Donut, Cracker, Cookie, Muffin, Pie, Tart, word Toast untuk anda mencabar!

Carian Word baru yang hebat ini adalah permainan kata yang hebat, penggoda otak yang menyeronokkan, dan pada masa yang sama aplikasi pendidik.

Sudah tiba masanya untuk mereda, berebut dan bermain kata-kata dengan rakan-rakan dan keluarga! Muat turun Perkataan Carian: Cari & Sambung Perkataan di Jumble. Menjadi pencari kata yang sangat baik!

How to install Puzzle Kata -- Kontes IQ, # 1 di Indonesia! APK at apktoVi.com

1300+ Tingkat! Salah satu permainan kata bebas terbaik! Kesenangan dan kegembiraan dari permainan kata klasik! Gameplay baru dan mode permainan yang menarik!

Berapa banyak kata yang kamu tahu? Seberapa menyenangkan permainan puzzle kata? Punya naksir? Lalu mainkan pencarian kata yang baru saja dirancang ini!

Cukup gesek dan hubungkan huruf untuk membuat kata. Anda tidak mengetik kata! Mudah dan penuh kesenangan. Memperbesar kosa kata, melatih otak, dan menjaga pikiran Anda tetap muda!


1. Gameplay yang sederhana, mudah dan intuitif. Permainan kata adiktif
2. 1300+ level untuk Anda mainkan! Ton kata-kata baru!
3. Kumpulkan kata-kata tersembunyi untuk mendapatkan koin tambahan!
4. Gratis. Tidak diperlukan WIFI. Tidak ada batas waktu
5. Banyak prestasi. Selesaikan banyak kata untuk mencapainya!
6. Grafik memasak kayu dan blok kata-kata lucu yang terbuat dari kue.
7. Super menyenangkan dan untuk semua umur! Hanya bermain kata pencarian dengan teman dan keluarga.
8. Roti Word tema: Berbagai Roti, Waffle, Donut, Cracker, Cookies, Muffin, Pie, Tart, Toast word untuk Anda tantang!

Pencarian Kata baru yang hebat ini adalah permainan kata yang hebat, penggoda otak yang menyenangkan, dan pada saat bersamaan sebuah aplikasi yang mendidik.

Ini saatnya bercampur aduk, berebut dan bermain kata dengan teman dan keluarga! Download Pencarian Kata: Temukan & Hubungkan Kata-kata dalam Jumble. Jadilah pencari kata yang hebat!

How to install Jeux de Mots - Concours de QI, #1 en français! APK at apktoVi.com

1300 + Niveaux! Un des meilleurs jeux de mots gratuits! Amusement et excitation des jeux de mots classiques! Nouveau gameplay et modes de jeu intéressants!

Combien de mots connaissez-vous? Comment un jeu de mots peut-il être amusant? Avoir un mot d'amour? Ensuite, jouez à cette recherche de mots nouvellement créée!

Il suffit de glisser et de connecter des lettres pour créer des mots. Vous n'avez pas un mot! C'est facile et plein de plaisir. Agrandir le vocabulaire, former le cerveau et garder votre esprit jeune!


1. Un jeu simple, simple et intuitif. Jeu de mots addictif!
2. 1300 niveaux pour que vous puissiez jouer! Des mots nouveaux!
3. Recueillez des mots cachés pour gagner des pièces supplémentaires!
4. Gratuit. Aucun WIFI n'est nécessaire. Pas de limite de temps.
5. Beaucoup de réalisations. Résolvez autant de mots pour les atteindre!
6. Graphismes de cuisine en bois et des blocs de mots mignons composés de cookies.
7. Super amusant et pour tout âge! Il suffit de jouer à la recherche de mots avec des amis et des familles.
8. Thème de la boulangerie de mot: Divers Pain, Waffle, Donut, Cracker, Cookies, Muffin, Pie, Tarte, Toast Word pour vous défier!

Cette grande nouvelle recherche de mots est un jeu de mots génial, un teaser de cerveau amusant et, en même temps, une application éducative.

Il est temps de confondre, de brouiller et de jouer des mots avec des amis et des familles! Télécharger Word Search: Find & Connect Words in Jumble. Soyez un excellent moteur de recherche de mots!

How to download Wortpuzzle - IQ Wettbewerb, #1 auf Deutsch! APK at apktoVi.com

1300+ Levels! Eines der besten freien Wortspiele! Spaß und Aufregung der klassischen Wortspiele! Neues Gameplay und interessante Spielmodi!

Wie viele Worte wissen Sie? Wie lustig ein Wort Puzzle Spiel könnte? Mit einem Wort zerquetschen? Dann spiele einfach diese neu gestaltete Wortsuche!

Wischen Sie einfach und verbinden Sie Buchstaben, um Wörter zu bauen. Du hast kein Wort! Es ist einfach und voller Spaß. Vergrößere Vokabeln, Geh Gehirn, und halten Sie Ihren Geist jung!


1. Einfache, einfache und intuitive Gameplay. Süchtig machendes Wortspiel!
2. 1300+ Levels für dich zu spielen! Tonnen von neuen Worten!
3. Sammeln Sie versteckte Wörter, um zusätzliche Münzen zu verdienen!
4. frei. Kein WIFI benötigt. Keine zeitbegrenzungen
5. Viele Erfolge. Löse so viele Worte, um sie zu erreichen!
6. Hölzerne Kochen Grafiken und Blöcke von süßen Worte aus Cookies gemacht.
7. Super Spaß und für das ganze Alter! Einfach mit der Suche nach Freunden und Familien spielen.
8. Wort Bäckerei Thema: Verschiedene Brot, Waffel, Donut, Cracker, Cookies, Muffin, Pie, Tart, Toast Wort für Sie zu fordern!

Diese großartige neue Word-Suche ist ein tolles Wortspiel, ein lustiges Gehirn-Teaser und gleichzeitig eine erziehende App.

Es ist Zeit zu jumble, klettern und spielen Worte mit Freunden und Familien! Download Wort Suchen: Suchen & Verbinden Wörter in Jumble. Sei ein ausgezeichneter Wortfinder!

How to download Ligue a Palavra - Concurso de QI, #1 em português! APK at apktoVi.com

1300 + Níveis! Um dos melhores jogos de palavras grátis! Diversão e emoção dos clássicos jogos de palavras! Novas jogadas e modos de jogo interessantes!

Quantas palavras você conhece? Como um jogo de palavras pode ser divertido? Tendo uma palavra amor? Então, apenas toque esta nova pesquisa de palavras!

Basta deslizar e conectar letras para construir palavras. Você não tem um tipo de palavra! É fácil e cheio de diversão. Amplie o vocabulário, leve o cérebro e mantenha sua mente nova!


1. Jogo simples, fácil e intuitivo. Jogo de palavras viciantes!
2. 1300 níveis para você jogar! Toneladas de novas palavras!
3. Recolher palavras escondidas para ganhar moedas extras!
4. Grátis. Não é necessário WIFI. Sem limites de tempo.
5. Muitas conquistas. Resolva tantas palavras para alcançá-las!
6. Gráficos de cozinha em madeira e blocos de palavras bonitas feitas de cookies.
7. Super diversão e para toda a idade! Basta jogar a pesquisa de palavras com amigos e famílias.
8. Word padaria tema: Vário pão, Waffle, Donut, Cracker, Cookies, Muffin, Pie, Tart, Toast palavra para você desafiar!

Esta grande nova Pesquisa de Palavra é um excelente jogo de palavras, um divertido provocador de cérebro e, ao mesmo tempo, um aplicativo educativo.

É hora de mexer, mexer e brincar de palavras com amigos e famílias! Baixe a Pesquisa de Palavras: Encontre e Conecte Palavras no Jumble. Seja um excelente buscador de palavras!

How to download Another Word Game APK at apktoVi.com

Another word game which is the most innovative ever!

A new experience of finding the hidden words!

If you have been boring with the typical word games,it might be our pleasure that we now provide you another NEW word game. You won’t need to try all possibility of the limited letters to solve one puzzle anymore, now each level involves only one word,you need to follow the preceding tries to speculate the word we want you to submit.

- Find the hidden word using given letters and to the given subject!
- Swipe your finger across the letters to spell the hidden words!

Can you solve the puzzle in just 1 submit?

★ Simple and instant fun.
★ Expand your English vocabulary.
★ Enhance your Logical reasoning ability!

[✔] ALL LEVELS are FREE for all users!
[✔] 1,000+ word puzzles and ramp up fast.
[✔] Even more DIFFICULT challenges for word game master!
[✔] Game playing with no time pressure.
[✔] Use hint to help along the way.
[✔] Colorful graphics and exciting gameplay.
[✔] Offline word puzzle game.
[✔] Suitable for both kids and adults to train logic skills.

DOWNLOAD now to begin another word game and training your brain!

We are working on improving the game, so if you have any question, let us know your thought and tips in the comments.

How to install Words with Prince APK at apktoVi.com

Help the snake by linking the letters to make words!

♥ Simple, easy rules, swipe and connect to win a game!
♥ Explore BONUS words to get additional rewards!
♥ No time limit, adjust your pace at any level
♥ Classic graphics, light music for you!
♥ Play offline! No wifi required
♥ Go back to previous levels anytime, so you can share difficult levels with friends
FREE hints, get tips without fees
♥ 2000+ levels without repeat, be a word master in our training!
♥ Kill time-no pressure no push!

If you are a big fan for word games, don’t hesitate to try our game! Very funny and relaxing! We promise to make the most unforgettable game experience for you!

How to download Word Pyramids - Word Puzzles APK at apktoVi.com

Word Pyramids is an fun and exciting Word Puzzle game where your objective is to rearrange the jumbled words in the pyramids to form meaningful words.

With four different pyramid structures and game levels, there are 100's of word combinations possible for a given pyramid.


- Challenging Levels : Word Pyramids appeals to both word pros as well as novice language learners who love to learn new words. With word pyramids of just 2 rows to word pyramids of 5 rows, you will never feel short of fun.

- Increase your Vocabulary: Word Pyramids is not just fun to play, but a great way to learn new words by playing a game. If and when you run out of time, the game reveals not just the answer but displays the meanings of those words as well. Learning new words can't be more fun!

- Helpful Lifelines: Stuck on a level? No worries, we have 4 different lifelines to get that tough one figured out.

- Leaderboard: Ever wanted to pit your wit against word geniuses across the globe? Here's your ticket to the championship. You get scored not just on your overall game but also across difficulty levels.

In essence, with Word Pyramid you don't just get to play a ultra fun game which keeps you entertained for hours but also get to learn new words and improve your vocabulary!

How to install Wuzzles Rebus - Missing Letters Puzzle & Quiz APK at apktoVi.com

Do you like Word Games, Catch Phrases & Rebus Puzzles and think you've got what it takes to decipher them?
Then get ready to be Wuzzled in the Wuzzles Rebus Wordsearch app.

With over 2000 unique Rebus Puzzles to solve it can't get any better nor fun than this.
Each Wuzzle or rebus puzzle is a picture riddle that has a hidden meaning within the pics like 4 pics 1 word puzzle.
The pic is a cryptogram that could mean a catch phrase, a common saying or a compound word.
Your mission is to think out of the box and guess what the wuzzle could mean. In other words, you need to search and find a word that describes the picture.
This charades style trivia game is based on the logic of the way the words are arranged. You need to find the missing letters and complete the word to pass the level.
Wuzzles could be better compared to scrabble and charades.
Challenge yourself to these mind-bending, brain teasing, brain training pop icon quiz rebus puzzles, test your Brain IQ level and unleash the word genius in you! It's fun and will take some hard thinking on tough wordsearch levels.

Wuzzles Rebus Search special features include:
★ 20 amazing levels of word pun fun that will keep you hooked for hours and guess what? It’s absolutely FREE!
★ Can’t figure out a tough Wuzzle? Take your pick from three helpful lifelines:
1. Remove a letter: Removes extra letters that are not in the catch phrases, rebus puzzles or saying.
2. Reveal a letter: Reveals a letter from the answer in the catch phrases, rebus puzzles or saying
3. Reveal Answer: Use this when you can’t figure out whats the saying – we hope you don’t have to but it’s there – just in case!
★ Still stuck? Don’t worry, you can ask your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for help on whats the saying or get more random ideas for whats the word by simply shuffling around the letters with the “Shuffle” feature.
★ Earn coins and stars and unlock a variety of funky achievements by figuring out whats the word puzzle.
★ Solve more Wuzzles and earn new badges to show your friends how many catch phrases you have solved.
★ Score points by guessing whats the saying and move up the Google Play Leaderboard to compete with your friends.
★ Conquer the Wuzzle world and become a “Wuzzle Legend” by unlocking all the special achievements.

There’s mystery waiting for you behind every Wuzzle rebus. So what are you waiting for, download and let’s get started on the wordsearch playing Wuzzles which is similar to 4 pics 1 word.
More than 2048 Hours of wordplay fun awaits you!!!!
If you are having technical issues about the Wuzzles Rebus Game, or have any questions you can email us on [email protected]
We also appreciate honest feedback!!!

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WuzzlesGame
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WuzzlesGame

How to download 8 Crosswords in a photo APK at apktoVi.com

Stare at the image and guess the 8 words hidden within the grid.
Hundreds of illustrated crosswords grids where clues are given through various and colourfull pictures.

The rules are simple : 1 pic, 1 grid, 8 crossed words.
No need for old shool definitions, the clues are within the pictures.
Look at it, find the 8 words !
And unlock the next pic once you get the 8 words.

Hundreds of images are waiting ! Animals, cooking, landscape, sport, people, nature, monument and more…

How to download Cuba Teka APK at apktoVi.com

Cuba Teka adalah permainan berasaskan "images guessing game". Permainan ini adalah di dalam Bahasa Melayu dan mempunyai pelbagai jenis kategori. Antaranya :

-Kuih Tradisional
-Rempah Ratus & Herba
-Makanan Laut

How to install 安之若命-不惜一切揭開真相 APK at apktoVi.com






How to install Tahmin Et Youtuber YENİ APK at apktoVi.com

Youtuber Tahmin Et

Youtuberları tahmin et oyunu hiç bu kadar zevkli olmamıştı. En tanınmış youtube fenomenleri bu oyunda sizlerle buluşuyor. Youtuber oyunu

Bakalım yerli ve yabancı birçok youtuberı, oyundaki resimlerden tanıyabilecek misiniz ?

enes batur, Orkun ışıtmak uras benlioğlu, burak oyunda, Ahmet Aga, Smosh, blood rapper, Ağır Mimar ve ismini saymadığımız onlarca youtuber Tahmin Et Youtuber oyunumuzda sizi bekliyor.

Hadi tahmin et hangi youtuber ?

How to download Bilgi Yarışması : Doğru Yanlış APK at apktoVi.com

Kelime Oyunu : Doğru Yanlış Oyunu İle Kelime Dağarcığınızı Test Edin. Klasik Kelime Oyunu na yeni bir soluk getirdik.

Yapmanız gereken sadece üstte verilen kelime ile alttaki anlamın birbirine ait olup olmadığını bilmek.

Zorluk seviyesini artırmak için deyimler arasındaki boşlukları kaldırdık. Birden fazla kelimeden oluşan sorularda kelimeler arasında boşluk yoktur.

Kelime Oyunu ve Doğru Yanlış Oyunu bir arada. Doğru Mu Yanlış Mı? Bil Bakalım

En yeni Bilgi Yarışması.
Değişik bir Kelime Oyunu.
Doğru Yanlış Oyunlarının en yenisi

How to download Emojlerle Anlat - Şarkı APK at apktoVi.com

Emoji Şarkı Tahmini Oyunu Karşınızda.

Emoji İle Anlatılan Şarkıları Bilin.

Emojilerle Anlat.

How to install 一億小目標 APK at apktoVi.com



How to install Word Kitchen - Tasty Words APK at apktoVi.com

Do you like word games? Word Kitchen - Tasty Words is a freshly baked word puzzle game, which will get your BRAIN moving with thousands of hand-crafted, TASTY levels, that will expand your vocabulary.
Build words, by swiping the letters, and become the Master Chef of Word Kitchen.
Fun and unique nutritional facts are waiting for you at the end of each level!

What will you get, when downloading Word Kitchen - Tasty with Words for FREE:

• Simple to play, but hard to master word levels!
• Addictive and fun gameplay!
• 500+ levels hand-crafted, just for you!
• Localisation in different languages!
• Daily bonus, for extra coins after logging each day!
• Competitive leaderboard, with special rewards each month!
• Nutritional and cooking facts, after each level!
• Ask your friends for help, and receive extra coins for hints!
• HD Graphics make Word Kitchen look great on any phone or tablet.

Word Kitchen will increase your brain power while learning new and interesting facts.
Share with your friends & family and have fun!

How to download Умные слова (Сборник словесных игр) APK at apktoVi.com

Игра Умные слова объединила в себе несколько игровых механик жанра "Словесные игры". Поэтому можно смело назвать её сборником словесных игр. Установив игру Умные слова, вы сможете попробовать такие игры как Найди слова, Анаграммы, 4 Картинки 1 слово, Что за клетками, Загадки, Два в одном, 1 Фото 4 Слова, 4 Подсказки 1 слово... И всё это в одной игре!

Если у вас возникнут трудности с прохождением, вы всегда можете воспользоваться подсказками.

На данный момент внутри игры 8 разных игр. С обновлениями их станет больше.

How to download Словолом (Слова из слова) APK at apktoVi.com

Игра Словолом создана с механикой слова из слова. Всего в игре несколько режимов, часть из которых уже реализована:
1. Классика - вам предстоит собирать слова из букв первоначального слова.
2. Ассоциации - Вам будет нужно написать все слова, которые ассоциируются с исходным словом.
3. Онлайн - В этом режиме вы сможете померяться словарным запасом и скоростью мышления с другими игроками. (Режим появится в будущих обновлениях)

В нашей словесной игре "Словолом" вы не соскучитесь и сможете провести в ней немало времени, собирая слова. Все слова в игре идут с нарастанием уровня сложности, так что лучше не тратьте монеты понапрасну - они вам ещё пригодятся.

How to download 4 Картинки 1 Слово: Увлечение APK at apktoVi.com

Игра 4 Картинки 1 Слово: Увлечение не даст вам заскучать, поскольку это словесная игра, сделанная в классических традициях жанра. Сложность уровней в игре будет постепенно повышаться и будет заставлять ваш мозг работать на полную!

Что нужно делать?
В игре вам на каждом уровне будут даны 4 фотки в которых вы должны обнаружить то, что их объединяет и соответственно будет правильным ответом.
На сложных уровнях чтобы угадать слово по фоткам можно брать подсказки, а также можно попросить помощи у друга или родственника.

Игру должны оценить как мальчики, так и девочки, потому что делать разминку своему мозгу любят делать люди любого пола и возраста.

Почему вам стоит попробовать игру?
- 200 уровней будут долго развлекать;
- Развивает мышление, внимательность, смекалку;
- Можно убивать время в транспорте с пользой.

How to download 4 Подсказки 1 Слово Ассоциации APK at apktoVi.com

"4 Подсказки 1 Слово: Ассоциации" - игра словесного жанра для девочек и мальчиков любого возраста. Игра объединит тех, кто любит напрягать извилины мозга и проверять свои знания.

В игре вам предстоит ориентируясь на 4 текстовые подсказки отгадывать слова. Чтобы правильно угадать слово по подсказке, вам необходимо верно ассоциировать имеющиеся слова и тогда вы поймёте какой правильный ответ на уровне.
Если тот или иной уровень вам показался трудным - возьмите подсказку, возможно с ней дело пойдёт веселее.

Почему вам стоит это попробовать?
- В игру просто начать играть;
- Игра заставит ваш мозг напрячься;
- Всего начитывается более 5000 уровней

How to download Угадай что за клетками! APK at apktoVi.com

В игре "Угадай что за клетками" вам предстоит открывать клетки за которыми скрывается картинка с каким-либо предметом, название которого вам необходимо отгадать. В этом и заключается суть игры. Просто? Как бы не так! Попробуйте поиграть сами в эту словесную игру с картинками.

Игра доставит удовольствие не только любителям словесных игр, но и обычным игрокам и пользователям.

Угадывать слова на уровнях игры "Что за клетками" должен попробовать каждый и вот почему:
- 600 интересных уровней
- Простой геймплей
- Отличная тренировка для мозга
- Периодические обновления

Попробуйте и вам понравится!

How to download Собери слова APK at apktoVi.com

Эта словесная игра понравится всем ценителям жанра, поскольку с её помощью вы сможете хорошо напрячь память и загрузить ваш мозг по полной. В игре масса уровней, которые распределены по 28 тематическим категориям!

Как играть?
В игру "Собери слова" довольно просто играть, так как сам процесс незатейлив и может быть понятен каждому.
Всё что вам нужно делать - это собирать слова из предложенных на уровне букв. На одной строке может быть собрано только одно слово. Например, в квадрате букв 3x3 загадано 3 слова по 3 буквы, а в квадрате 6x6 загадано шесть слов по шесть букв определённой тематики. Вам остаётся лишь понять что это за слова, ориентируясь по буквам.

Игра отлично убивает время, если вы, например, ждёте автобус или сидите в очереди. Играть очень удобно в любом месте и в любое время!

Почему это вам стоит попробовать?
- Много интересных уровней на различные темы;
- Нарастающая сложность;
- Отличная разминка для мозга;

How to download Крокодил APK at apktoVi.com

Что это за игра "Крокодил"?
Эта игра только для 4 или более человек (для компании). Игроки делятся на 2 команды и начинают играть. Суть игры в том, чтобы одна команда придумала слово, сказала его определённому игроку - "жертве" из другой команды. Ему в свою очередь за ограниченное время необходимо показать слово остальным игрокам своей команды, не говоря его, а используя только тело, мимику и т.д.
Получается очень весело. Жертвы сменяются по очереди у каждой команды.

В чём особенности игры "Крокодил"?
- Позволит отлично провести время за столом в кругу друзей. Все останутся довольны, поскольку эта игра идеально подходит для застолья.
- Словарь из более чем 8000 слов для загадывания "жертве".
- Простой интерфейс и управление, с которым разберётся даже ребёнок.

How to install Что за слово? Составь слово! APK at apktoVi.com

В игре Что за слово? Составь слово вам предстоит собирать слова из букв. На каждом отдельно взятом уровне вам нужно из всех букв собрать 1 слово, которое соответствует тематике уровня.
При возникновении трудностей - можно брать подсказки (открыть буквы или взять описание слова).

Что за Слово? - словесная игра как для девочек так и для мальчиков любого возраста. За этой игрой можно незаметно скоротать время. Попробуйте!

Почему в это стоит поиграть?
- Много уровней на различные темы;
- Слова от лёгких до сложных;
- Тренирует мозг;

How to download Угадай личность APK at apktoVi.com

В этой игре вам предстоит угадывать имена и фамилии великих политических деятелей, популярных писателей, современных знаменитостей и не только. В игре очень много лиц, живущих в разные эпохи, от чего игра становится только интереснее.
Из имеющихся букв составьте имя или фамилию той знаменитости, которая на данный момент изображена на картинке уровня. Если угадывать человека на каком-то уровне вам сложно, в таком случае вы можете воспользоваться подсказкой. Чтобы открыть меню подсказок, нажмите на лампочку.

How to download Угадай цветок! Что за цветок? APK at apktoVi.com

Игра Угадай цветок - игра для настоящих эрудитов.
В этой игре вам будет нужно написать название изображённого на картинке цветка. С каждым уровнем сложность игры будет возрастать, но вы при наличии монет всегда можете взять подсказку -либо убрать все лишние буквы, либо открыть одну случайную букву названия цветка. Для того чтобы открыть меню подсказок, нажмите на лампочку в верхней панели.
Когда у вас закончатся монеты, вы их можете пополнить, нажав на иконку монеток.
Если вы не знаете цветы, то вам будет довольно трудно проходить игру. Попробуйте угадать цветок, получится ли у вас это сделать?

How to install Загадки APK at apktoVi.com

Загадки любят все - и мужчины и женщины, и дети и взрослые. Добро пожаловать в нашу увлекательную игру, с которой вы сможете весело провести время!
Игра Загадки, позволит вам проверить собственную смекалку и нелинейное мышление. В игре собрано большое количество самых разных загадок, которые заставят ваш мозг работать на полную.
Среди уровней вы можете встретить как исконно русские загадки, так и загадки в более современном виде.

Почему вам стоит попробовать это?
- Более 4000 загадок - не соскучитесь
- Удобный интерфейс
- Возможность взять подсказку

Отгадывайте загадку и пишите ответ буквами, которые есть в уровне. Если буквы не подходят - значит слово не то и ответ неверный. При успешном ответе вы будете переведены на следующий уровень игры.
Если у вас возникают проблемы с каким-то уровнем, вы можете взять подсказку.

Начни играть уже сейчас!

How to download Ответы к словесным играм APK at apktoVi.com

С помощью этого приложения вы сможете получить ответ на очень большое количество игр:
Слово в слове
Составь слова из букв
4 Фотки 1 слово
1 Фото 1 Слово
Слова и Подсказки
Угадай страну
Угадай город
И многие-многие другие игры...
В следующем обновлении мы выложим подборку готовых ответов ко многим играм.
А сейчас, для того чтобы получить ответ на нужный уровень, вам остаётся только ввести все буквы которые вам даны, а также указать количество букв в слове и всё. Это очень просто - попробуйте!

How to install 4 картинки 1 слово - Найти слово по мозаике APK at apktoVi.com

Словесная игра - 4 Фотки 1 Слово: Скорость! Русская версия.

В каждом уровне Вы видите 4 фото (картинки). Вам надо угадать одно слово, которое объединяет их вместе. За быстрый ответ получаете больше монеток. Это очень увлекательно!

Играй и развлекайся!
Много слов!
Отвечай быстро - получай бонус за скорость!
Играйте всей семьей или с друзьями!
Улучшайте результаты после прохождения игры.

* Игра изначально сделана только на русском языке.
* Работает на разных экранах (на планшетах и на самых маленьких смартфонах)
* 100+ увлекательных уровней
* Вопросы разной сложности
* Для разных возрастов
* Красивая графика
* Добротно подобранные картинки
* 100% Бесплатно!

Попробуй отгадать все слова и пройти всю игру!

How to install 4 картинки 1 слово (4 Фото 1 слово) APK at apktoVi.com

Словесная игра - 4 картинки 1 Слово.
Каждый месяц проводятся обновления, 50+ новых уровней каждый месяц!

В каждом уровне Вы видите 4 фото (картинки). Вам надо угадать одно слово, которое объединяет их вместе. За ответ получаете больше монеток. Это очень увлекательно!

Играй и развлекайся!
Много слов!
Играйте всей семьей или с друзьями!
Улучшайте результаты после прохождения игры.

* Игра изначально сделана только на русском языке.
* Работает на разных экранах (на планшетах и на самых маленьких смартфонах)
* 300+ увлекательных уровней
* Вопросы разной сложности
* Для разных возрастов
* Удобная и простая графика
* Добротно подобранные картинки
* 100% Бесплатно!

Игра относится к поисковым запросам:
4 картинки 1 Слово
4 Фото 1 Слово
Угадай слово
4 Pics 1 Word

Словесные игры

Попробуй отгадать все слова и пройти всю игру!
Вперед и Удачи!

How to install Найди слова APK at apktoVi.com

Представляем вашему вниманию нашу новую словесную игру "Найди слова", которая построена по концепции венгерского кроссворда.
В этой игре вам необходимо искать слова в большом квадрате и выделять их. Как вы сами понимаете всё очень просто, но с каждым уровнем сложность будет всё выше - игра не даст вам заскучать.

Тебе следует это попробовать! И вот почему:

★ В игре насчитывается более 120 уровней! И это только начало!
★ С каждым пройденным уровнем слова становятся все сложнее и длиннее!
★ Приятный интерфейс!
★ Возможность использовать подсказки!

How to install Word Zen : Connect & Build Words APK at apktoVi.com

How big is your vocabulary?
How many words can you find in this game?

⛵ With 2800+ levels and in 11 languages, this is the most inclusive and challenging word connect game in the market. Come and challenge it, especially if you are a bilingual or trilingual.


1. 2800+ levels, 11 languages

2. Cooperate mode: Connect to the same Wifi, and play with families or friends nearby.

3. Contest mode: Compete with people all over the world to win coins!

4. Japanese style graphics and soothing bgm.

How to Play:
1. Tap and connect letters to form words
2. Use hints or shuffles if you get stuck
3. Connect to the same Wifi to play with families and friends

⛵ If you travel to Japan, you will marvel at the beautiful and exotic asian / eastern scenes and decorations. You got it! This word game is designed to bring you a Zen exprience as if you are traveling in Japan.

⛵ This is a word puzzle game different from any other word search or word connect game. It is an amazing exprience, like you are on an exotic journey, like you a wandering in the sky. You will find the Japanese elements such as samurai, kabuki, sumo,ninja, katana so amazing and attracting. Imaging you are traveling in Japan, and play word game in a luxurious spring hotel near Mount Fuji.

Come and feel WORD ZEN: word connect & word games!

How to download Hindi Shabd Paheli APK at apktoVi.com

हिंदी लोगोंकेलिए एक जबरदस्त खेल

Hindi Crossword is a highly polished, one of a kind game dedicated to Hindi People.

It's not a crossword exactly, it's a word puzzle, a new take on Hindi Crossword.

The game consists of 500 Hindi crosswords. On solving each crossword, you get certain coins which you can trade to unlock hints. You can share your activation code to earn more coins.
The game helps build your Hindi Word vocabulary as well.

For each word, there are different hints/synonyms given, you have to find the correct word.
The game is social, you can find out which of your friend is playing which level.

- 500 Hindi Crosswords
- Pleasant User Interface
- Social features - find our which level your friends are playing
- Hint system

The game is super engaging & addictive.
Shabd Paheli is another name of Hindi Crossword.

हिंदी शब्द पहेली खेलिए आजही!

Download Hindi Word Puzzle today and have endless fun.

How to download Marathi Shabd Shodh WordSearch APK at apktoVi.com

Marathi Word Search is the first Word Search game for Marathi Language for smartphone.

After the immense success of Marathi Crossword (Marathi Shabd Kode), Zabuza Labs brings you a new word game with different gameplay.

८ बाय ११ च्या ग्रीड मध्ये मराठी अक्षर / मूळाक्षर ठेवले आहेत. खाली शब्दांची एक लिस्ट आहे. ह्या लिस्ट मधले शब्द त्या ग्रीड मध्ये शोधायचे. असा हा एकदम झकास गेम खास मराठी बांधवांसाठी.

Now Marathi Shabd Shodh supports local multiplayer as well. You can play against your friend on the same device.

This is one of its kind game for Marathi people. मराठी शब्द शोध.
For Marathi Word game lovers, the game is a sheer treat.

In each level you will find Marathi letters (mulakshar or barakhadi) spread across 8 by 11 grid. A list of few specific word is given at the bottom of the page. All you have to do is find those words in the grid. You have to drag from the first letter till the last letter of that word. Once you find all Marathi Words, you unlock the next level. Simple, right?

The game helps add knowledge to your Shabd Kosh ( shabdkosh ).
As of now, you get to add almost 2500 words to your shabd kosh which is a lot!

- 300 Classic Marathi Levels
- 50 Theme Based Marathi Levels (More coming soon)
- Daily Level, yes get one new level daily.
- 2 Player mode - Marathi Word Search is has a local multiplayer feature as well. You can play against a real player and the one who searches most number of words wins!

This is a Marathi Game for Marathi People.

Marathi Word Search is the first ever dedicated word search game for Marathi language.

The game is a full on timepass. Marathi people from all age groups can play the game.

Marathi Shabd Shodh also helps you increase your marathi words vocabulary in a fun way.
The gameplay is so simple that it's almost addictive.

There are lot of English Word Search games out there, but there is none for Marathi people, so we thought to make Marathi Word Search.

Do download Marathi Word Search game & share the joy with your loved ones!

How to install हिंदी शब्द खोज : Hindi Word Search APK at apktoVi.com

Now you can enjoy Hindi Word Search in 2 player mode as well.

Hindi Shabd Khoj supports local multiplayer mode where 2 players can play on the same phone. In given time, the person who searches more words wins.

The first ever Hindi Word Search game is here. There are tons of word search games for English, but there is none for Hindi Language for Hindi People.

हिंदी शब्द खोज : खेलिए अभी के अभी

In this game, different hindi alphabets are spread across 8 by 11 grid.
The answer words are given at the bottom of screen.
All you have to do is find those Hindi words in that matrix.

The sooner you find all words, more the score. You can try to beat your time by playing Hindi Word Search again & again.

The game has 30 levels for now.

- 2 player mode
- Time based levels
- 30 Levels. More soon.
- Minimalist User Interface
- About 200 Hindi Words to find.

Hindi Word Search or Hindi Shabd Khoj as we call it is one its kind app for all Hindi speaking people.
Word Search is a famous gameplay which is liked by huge number of people. Surprisingly there is not any on Hindi language, so we thought to make a game on this theme.

Download Hindi Word search and learn some hindi words. It's a good game for spending time during mini breaks.

In the coming updates, we plan to update Hindi Word Search with over 100 levels! Stay tuned!!

How to install English Word Puzzle APK at apktoVi.com

English Crossword is a new kind of word puzzle game for English language!

Words are broken into different small meaningless sub parts. You have to drag them and form meaningful words out of them. Each level has one unique theme, so that you know what kind of word that would be.

The gameplay is superb combination of trivia & word puzzle.

English Word Puzzle is also useful & apt for those preparing for GRE TOEFL IELTS or SAT exams.
If you want to improve your vocabulary, playing this game is a fun & easy way to do so.

There is more, the game is SOCIAL.
You can see which of your friend is playing which level of this english word puzzle game. This helps build a healthy competition among friends which in turn makes you learn & clear levels faster. In other words, you learn new words faster.

- 100s of levels
- Social - find out which of your friend is playing which level
- Easy & addictive gameplay
- Learning made fun

English word puzzle isa full on addictive game, complete first level and see for yourself if you can put your phone down.

If you solve english crosswords in newspapers, you'll love this game.

How to download Marathi Crossword शब्द कोडे : WordMama APK at apktoVi.com

मराठी भाषेचा मोबाईलसाठी पहिला शब्दकोडे खेळ!

## नविन फिचर - रोज एक नवी लेव्हल, बरोबर सकाळी ९ वाजता ##
फीचर्स -
१. 500 लेव्हल्स
२. तुमचे कोणते मित्र कोणती लेव्हल खेळत आहे हे पाहू शकतात
३. हिंट सिस्टीम

तुम्हाला हा गेम आवडेल हा दावाच नाही तर वादा!

Now with a brand new feature - DAILY NEW LEVEL EXACTLY AT 9 AM.

This is the world's first ever Marathi Crossword game for android devices.

*** Over 85,000 Marathi users ***


You are given different letters/parts of Marathi words scattered around. Drag them & join them in such a manner that they form the intended word.
Hints are provided so that you know what word it is.

There is more. The game is social. You can find out which of your facebook friend is playing which level. All you have to do is connect the game to facebook.

After completing each level, you get certain coins. Trade them to unlock hints. If you don't know any marathi word, you can use hint. You can also share the marathi crossword to your friends on whatsapp or email and ask them for help.

Each person gets one referral code. Share your code with others, ask them to use your code in their games and both the users will receive 100 coins.


- 300 challenging Marathi Shabda Kodi
- Hints given for all words on one click
- Zoom in/ zoom out effects
- Various attractive backgrounds for levels
- Cool animation effects
- Daily new level exactly at 9am.

If you like to solve Marathi Shabd Kode, you'll like this game.

If you can create any levels and wish them to be added in the game, you can mail us at [email protected]

How to install Süper Kelime Yarışı APK at apktoVi.com

Süper Kelime Yarışı'nı yükleyin ve dilediğiniz kadar oynayın, puanınızı artırın, rakiperinizi geçin, eğlenceye ara vermeden devam edin.

Kelimeler 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ve 10 harften oluşmaktadır.
Verilen açıklamaya göre doğru kelimeyi 1 dakikada bulmalısınız.
HARF AL butonunu kullanarak kelimenin rastgele bir yerinden bir harfin 100 puan karşılığında açılmasını sağlayabilirsiniz.
Her an CEVAPLA butonunu kullanarak cevabı girebilirsiniz.
Her soruda doğru bildiğiniz harf sayısının 100 katı puan kazanırsınız.
Her yarış 14 soru içermektedir.
Toplam kazanabileceğiniz en yüksek puan 9800 dür.

Eğer sorulan kelimeyi bilemeyeceğinizi düşünüyorsanız bunun için ince eleyip sık dokumalısınız, çünkü kimse puan kaybetmek istemez.

How to install 単語パズル-文字をつなげて遊ぶ脳トレゲーム APK at apktoVi.com






How to download Word Jigsaw APK at apktoVi.com

A new highly addictive word puzzle game is calling all the brilliant word puzzle solvers! You won’t want to miss Word Jigsaw if you are a word puzzle game master! Identify the word slice, search for words matching the clues and swipe the slices together to build words.

Easy to start yet very challenging. Tons of fun crossword levels are waiting for you. Download NOW and start finding words for FREE!

Word Jigsaw Features:
- Swipe the slices to connect words, easy to start
- Different hints available, use them wisely to match the pieces and clear the puzzles smoothly
- Thousands of challenging puzzles with fun clues and complex slices
- 400 levels for you to beat with more coming soon
- Train your brain and enrich your vocabulary
- Relax and set your mind at ease with the soft music and vivid background landscapes
- With no time limits, you can cross the words at your own pace

Don’t hesitate, DOWNLOAD NOW for FREE! No word puzzle game fan will be disappointed with Word Jigsaw! Share the crossword and word challenges with family and friends! Enjoy the fun of Word Jigsaw!

How to download Mots Voyageurs APK at apktoVi.com

JOUEZ à ce nouveau jeu de mots cachés qui mélange puzzle et des fonds d'écran superbes GRATUITEMENT !

Démarrez votre aventure MAINTENANT ! Complétez les niveaux pour gagner plus de pièces ! C'est l'heure de tester votre vocabulaire et de commencer à réfléchir. Mots Voyageurs dépassera toutes vos attentes ! N'attendez pas et commencez dès maintenant !

Fonctionnalités :
- Gameplay simple et addictif ! Faites glisser les lettres pour former des mots et finissez les niveaux !
- Plus de 500 niveaux remplis de mots vous attendent !
- Avancez dans votre voyage et découvrez des paysages magnifiques !
- Comparez votre progression sur la carte avec vos amis !
- Connectez-vous chaque jour pour récolter des récompenses !
- Mots Bonus ! Trouvez les mots cachés pour recevoir un bonus !
- Récoltez les trèfles ! Au plus vous trouvez de mots d'affilé, au plus vous recevrez de trèfles !
- Aucune limite de temps, vous pouvez prendre autant de temps que vous voulez pour réfléchir !
- Jouez même sans réseau ! Relevez le défi et complétez les niveaux de Mots Voyageurs n'importe où, n'importe quand !
- Vous pouvez y jouer depuis un téléphone ou une tablette !

N'attendez pas ! INSTALLEZ et ESSAYEZ Mots Voyageurs immédiatement !

Suivez notre page Facebook et découvrez plus d'informations sur https://www.facebook.com/mots.voyageurs/

How to download Word Connect 2 APK at apktoVi.com

Another awesome word puzzle game created by the makers of Word Connect!

PLAY this highly-addictive brand new puzzle game, fusing word searches, brain teasers and word puzzles with beautiful background pictures together FOR FREE! Discover the fun of word puzzle games and awesome scenery in Word Connect 2!

Begin your word adventure NOW! Complete more levels and EARN more coins! It is time to test your vocabulary and start brainstorming with family and friends! We guarantee Word Connect 2 will exceed all your expectations of a word or puzzle games! Start your word journey RIGHT AWAY!

Key Features:
- Simple and addictive gameplay! Swipe letters to collect words and finish the puzzles making the game even more entertaining!
- 500 levels with tons of words awaiting you!
- Different scenic background pictures and well-designed graphics!
- Check out the level map to compete with your friends while having fun!
- Login to get awesome daily rewards!
- Bonus Words! Find out hidden words to get an extra bonus!
- Get clovers! The more words you build in combos, the more clovers you can get!
- Got stuck? Connect with your Facebook account and ask your friends for help!
- With no time limits, you can discover words at your own pace!
- Play without wifi! Challenge and complete levels in Word Connect 2 anytime, anywhere!
- Supported on both phone and tablet!

What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD and TRY the brand new puzzle game WORD CONNECT 2 right away!

Like us on our Fanpage and find out more info on https://www.facebook.com/wordconnect2/

How to download Wort Blick APK at apktoVi.com

Komm und schaue dir dieses süchtig machende und brandneue Kreuzworträtsel-Spiel an! Von Wortsuche, Denksportaufgaben bis hin zu Kreuzworträtseln mit entspannenden Hintergrundbildern ist alles dabei, was das Herz begehrt! Entdecke den Spaß an Kreuzworträtseln und genieße die wunderschönen Hintergrundbilder in Wort Blick - natürlich alles KOSTENFREI!

Beginne JETZT dein Wort-Abenteuer! Schließe die Kreuzwort-Levels ab und VERDIENE mehr Münzen! Es wird Zeit, dein Vokabular aufzufrischen und deine grauen Zellen gemeinsam mit Familie und Freunden anzustrengen! Wort Blick wird alle deine Erwartungen an Wortspielen übertreffen - versprochen!

- Einfaches und süchtig machendes Gameplay! Streiche über Buchstaben, um Wörter zu sammeln und das Spiel unterhaltsamer zu gestalten!
- Fordere 500 Levels mit unzähligen Wörtern heraus!
- Atemberaubende Hintergrundbilder und schöne Grafiken!
- Sammle Sterne für versteckte Bonusse, die darauf warten von dir entdeckt zu werden!
- Du kommst nicht weiter? Verbinde dich mit deinem Facebook-Account und bitte deine Freunde um Hilfe!
- Öffne die Level-Liste und spiele die vorherigen Levels erneut!
- Es gibt keine Zeitbegrenzung, lass dir daher ruhig Zeit beim Wörtersuchen!
- Spiele Wort Blick ohne WLAN! Beende Levels zu jeder Zeit an jedem Ort!
- Unterstützt Smartphones und Tablets!

Worauf wartest du noch? LADE Wort Blick HERUNTER und PROBIERE dieses brandneue Puzzle-Spiel sofort aus!

How to install Word Blocks APK at apktoVi.com

Enjoy this addictive new game, fused by word searching, crossword puzzles, and brain teasers altogether! PLAY the world’s most exciting and entertaining game, Word Blocks, available NOW for FREE!

Discover new words to complete the levels! Test your vocabulary and brainstorming skills with family and friends! Enjoy the fun of this visually appealing crossword puzzle game, NOW! DOWNLOAD and TRY this brand new game TODAY!

• Simple and addictive gameplay awaits, swipe your letters to build words!
• 1000’s of levels containing hundreds of thousands of words!
• Our crossword style makes the game even more entertaining! You’ll never get stuck on a level for an extended period of time!
• Up to 5 delicate themes for you to choose from!
• More challenges await as you progress! The game difficulty increases gradually!
• Want to play previously completed levels? Check out the Level List!
• With no time limits, you can discover words at your own pace!
• Remember to use shuffles and hints when you need help!

Your goal is always to COMPLETE more crossword levels and EARN more coins!

Moreover, we have other awesome features that allow you to have even better experience!

• Delicate game graphics deliver a refreshing game experience!
• Play without wifi! Challenge and complete levels in Word Blocks anytime, anywhere!
• Supported on both phone and tablet

What are you waiting for? We guarantee Word Blocks will exceed all your expectations of word game or crossword puzzle! Try it now and begin your word adventure!

How to download Words vs Zombies - fun word puzzle game APK at apktoVi.com

Search for words, complete the crossword and stop the zombies having their cake and eating it!

Escape from boredom, keep your brain sharp, boost your memory and have some fun all at the same time, how can you lose!

This engrossing and addictive word game takes the best features of wordsearch, word scramble and crossword games to a new level as you fight off zombies to maximize your score.

Please note this game is free to download but contains adverts.

How to play:
Swipe the letters to form the keyword and make alternate words. Complete the crossword grid to complete the level. If you create words not in the crossword you score a bonus. Use the bonus stars to shuffle the letters or provide hints. As you proceed through the levels the puzzles become more challenging so use your bonus stars wisely.

Features include:
* Hundreds of levels
* Engrossing and addictive game play.
* Numerous unique mini games
* Zombies to defeat

How to download Word Up!, word search puzzle game APK at apktoVi.com

Welcome to the 2018 edition of Word Up! Featuring a faster and smoother user interface along with more refined gameplay, the 2018 edition celebrates 15 years of ZingMagic bringing you the best in board, card and puzzle games.

Word Up! is a simple yet highly addictive English language word game. Your objective is to find words comprising of letters from the master word and in the process score the highest number of points to enter the High Score Hall of Fame.

At the start of a new game a word is chosen at random from the massive 230,000+ word English language dictionary. A list of three, four, five, six and seven letter blanks is displayed for you to complete. Your challenge is to complete the list of blanks using only letters from the master word. If you have difficulty spotting new words you can mix the letters in the master word.

Points are scored when you create a word. A higher number of points is scored if you use less frequent letters.

Please note this game is ad-funded. We generate income to pay for the support and development of the game from advertising. The advertising and social media services use anonymous device identifiers and cookies. By downloading and continuing to use this game you consent to this information being collected and shared with our advertising and social media partners.

Game features:
* Massive 230,000+ word dictionary (highly compressed)
* Easy, medium and hard levels of play.
* Timed and un-timed games available.
* Mix the master word letters to help spot different words
* Solution word lists.
* High score table.
* Word Up! is just one of our large collection of best of breed classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.

How to download Word Cookies Swipe - Brain Puzzle Games APK at apktoVi.com

Solve word puzzles to keep your brain and mind sharp!

Simply swipe letters to build words, and enjoy word puzzle fun! Confront 800+ challenging levels, you can boost your mind power by finding words. Remember, the game will start easy and get progressively challenging!

Download now and see how many levels you can pass.
Play it with your friends or family to have more fun!

- Swipe to build words, so easy!
- 800+ exciting levels, sharpen mind!
- Offline game, play anywhere!

Time to exercise your brain and mind!

How to download Draw Something for Messenger APK at apktoVi.com

Draw Something, the most popular social drawing and guessing game in the Play Store with over 7 billion drawings created, arrives on Facebook Messenger! Experience for yourself the laugh-out-loud game with your Facebook friends over Messenger.
- 3500+ Words to Draw
- Trending Words from Around the World

-Play with Your Facebook Friends
Challenge friends on Facebook over Facebook Messenger.
-No Drawing Skills Required!
Stick figures and a sense of humor are welcome! Just wiggle you finger to create a doodle masterpiece!
-Color Craze - Over 50 Vibrant Colors to Unlock!
Turn simple doodles into rich masterpieces with color packs.
- Leaderboard
Compete with your friends & check whose guessing skills are faster.
Stumped by a difficult word? Use bombs to make it easier to guess.

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How to download شوف العرب - لعبة تسلية وتحدي APK at apktoVi.com

فكرة اللعبة تعتمد على عمليات البحث التي قام بها العرب بمواقع البحث خلال 2016,
حيث يعرض في كل مرحلة اسمين وعليك ان تخمن عن اي منهما بحث العرب اكثر خلال السنة.
الاسئلة من جميع المجالات ونواحي الحياة.
المعطيات تعتمد على مواقع البحث المشهورة في الدول العربية خلال السنة الاخيرة

How to download 10 000 блиц-кроссвордов APK at apktoVi.com

На самом деле, учитывая регулярные обновления, ваши кроссворды никогда не закончатся.

Все кроссворды отличаются простым и понятным языком определений к словам с определенной, по возможности, долей юмора, и рассчитанны на самый широкий круг любителей шевельнуть "мозговой извилиной".

В настройках на стартовой странице вы сможете:
а) изменить размер шрифта вопросов
б) сменить фон страниц с кроссвордами
в) отключить звуки
г) поменять ориентацию экрана с вертикальной на горизонтальную

Кнопкой "Дальше" (зеленая стрелка) перемещает выделение слов по горизонталям и вертикалям.

При каждом очередном обновлении:
а) все разгаданные кроссворды заменяются новыми
а) незаконченные до этого кроссворды сохраняются
б) накопленные подсказки сохраняются
в) счетчик разгаданных кроссвордов продолжает свой отсчет

How to download So‘zlarni toping PRO APK at apktoVi.com

So‘zlarni toping (PRO) - o‘yini uch hil qiyinchilik darajasiga ega bo‘lgan filvord turkumidagi yangi o‘yin.

★ So‘zlarni toping (PRO) to‘g‘ri chiziq bo‘ylab yotgan harflar orasidan so‘zlarni yig‘ing.
★ O‘yin o‘zbek tilida hamda ikki hil imloda, kiril va lotin imlosida mavjud.
★ O‘yinning maqsadi – o‘yin maydonidagi yashiringan so‘zlarni topish.
★ So‘zlar o‘ngdan chapga, yuqoridan pastga va aksincha holatlarda yashiringan.
★ Inson diqqatini, ko‘rish qobiliyatini va xotirani rivojlantiruvchi ajoyib yordamchi
★ So‘z ichida yana so‘zlar yashiringan ular o‘yinni yanada qiziqarlirok va murakkabroq qiladi.
O‘yinimizning boshqa o‘yinlardan afzalligi
★ O‘yin bir necha turkumlardan iborat, o‘zingiz uchun qulay turkumni tanlab o‘ynashingiz mumkin.
★ O‘yin vaqt bilan chegaralanmagan, hohlagancha o‘ynashingiz va o‘ylashingiz mumkin.
★ O‘yinni faqat bir kishi emas, oila davrasida o‘ynasa ham bo‘ladi. Birgalikda tezroq va ko‘proq so‘zlarni topish mumkin.

How to install وصلة كرة القدم APK at apktoVi.com

وصلة - لعبة كلمات متقاطعة
وصلة كروية عالمية - رشفة 2016
وصلة كرة القدم هي لعبة جديدة كليا مبنية على فكرة كلمات متقاطعة رياضية لإختبار معلوماتك الرياضية التي تخص تاريخ كأس العالم والبطولات وكذلك اسماء اللاعبين وشعارات الفرق الاوروبية والاسيوية والافريقية بطريقة ممتعة ومسلية أكثر.
تحتوي لعبة وصلة كرة القدم على أسئلة رياضية متنوعة ومختلفة:
- معلومات عامة
- مشاهير واعلام كرة القدم
- احزر اللاعب
- الغاز كرة القدم
وصلة كرة الفدم
وصلة كرة الفدم
وصلة كرة الفدم
وصلة كرة الفدم
رشفة كلمات متقاطعة وصلة مطورة

وصلة كرة القدم هي لعبة مجانية جديدة كلياً مبنية على فكرة الكلمات المتقاطعة المعروفة ولكن بصورة عصرية ومسلية أكثر.. جربها !!
في كل مرحلة مجموعة من اسئلة المشوقة والممتعة, هذه اللعبة بجودة اسئلتها تعتبر دورة ثقافية شاملة ستثري معلوماتك بشتى المجالات, وهناك الكثبر من الاسئلة الخفيفة التي تعتمد على فطنتك وذكاءك ،ولا يخلو اي سؤال من متعة التفكير والتشويق.

تحتوي لعبة وصلة كلمات متقاطعة على أسئلة في عدة مجالات:
- معلومات عامة في كرة القدم
- مشاهير واعلام كرة القدم
- جنسية اللاعبين
- كأس العالم و دوري ابطال اوروبا
- الدوريات الاوروبية الكبرى (الانجليزي ،الاسباني ،الايطالي ،الالماني ،الفرنسي ،البرتغالي ،الهولندي)
- الكرة الدهبية
- هدافي العالم والمنتخبات العالمية
- القاب الفرق الاوروبية
- منتخبات اوروبية و عربية
- ارقام قياسية في عالم المستديرة
- افضل اللاعبين العرب

مميزات لعبة وصلة:
- اسئلة متنوعة ومناسبة لجميع الاعمار
- تخطي السؤال إذا لم تتمكن من الإجابة
- إستعمال وسائل المساعدة بنقاط التي كسبتها في حل الكلمات
- اللعب بدون انترنت
-wsla alghaz
✓ اسئلة متنوعة ومناسبة لجميع الاعمار
✓ إسأل اصحابك عن الأسئلة الصعبة وتحداهم
✓ تخطي السؤال إذا لم تتمكن من الإجابة
✓ اللعب بدون انترنت

نحن نرحب بإستفساراتكم وإقتراحاتكم لتحسين هذه اللعبة، ونتمنى أن لا تنسوا التقييم لتشجيعنا. وشكراًأقدم لكم اليوم تطبيق جديد ذو طابع ترفيهي رياضي وهو عبارة عن لعبة وصلة كرة القدم ’هي تطوير للعبة الكلمات المتقاطعة الشهيرة تضم مجموعة ضخمة من الأسئلة المتنوعة،وصور في مجال كرة القجم العالمية. معلومات عامة،أسئلة رياضية، اسئلة تفكير وتركيز خفيفة،تشمل اسئلة مصورة: لشخصيات مشهورة لاعبين و مدربين للفرق و المنتخبات، اكمل ما يلي, مصمم بطريقة حديثة ذات جودة عالية وبشكل جديد وبسيط ليتلاءم واستعمالات كل الشرائح العمرية: اطفال صغار، شباب وحتى الكبار لتعم الفائدة الجميع وليستفيد الكل من تمرين العقل وتحسين الذاكرة واختبار الذكاء والتركيز.
خصائص اللعبة
وصلة كرة الفدم هي تطوير للعبة كلمات متقاطعة
- اسئلة حديثة ومتنوعة
- اسئلة مصوّرة
- عند محاولة حل كل سؤال يتم فحص الجواب مما يمنع الاخطاء التي تفسد اللغز
- طريقة اللعب مطورة تلائم الاجهزة الذكية
- الالغاز بنيت بعناية وذات جودة عالية

كل مرحلة في الرشفة تحتوي على مجموعة من الأسئلة والالغاز المشوقة في المجال الكروي
حروف كل الاجوبة تتقاطع بأحرف مشتركة مما يتيح للمتباري كشف الحروف عن طريق حل اسئلة متقاطعة
لعبة ترفيهية بامتياز ستنمي قدراتك المعرفية
يوجد الكثير من الاسئلة المخفية التي تعتمد على الفطنة وسرعة البديهة لديك
يمكنك تخطي السؤال
يمكنك إخفاء بعض الحروف حسب المستوى
يمكن مشاركة الأصدقاء في حل الأسئلة الصعبة

يشتغل برنامج لعبة رشفة كروية - وصلة 2016 بدون انترنت على جميع اجهزة الاندرويد من هاتف جوال ولوحات التابلت وغيرها بالإضافة لتوفره على مميزات اخرى
سوف تكتشفونها بعد التنصيب

شاركونا بتقييم برنامج wasla kora

How to download تركيب الكلمات APK at apktoVi.com

اللعبة تحتوي على عدة مواضيع في كل موضوع عشرة مراحل عليك في كل مرحلة ايجاد الكلمات من الحروف اذا لم تسطع حل المرحلة هناك مساعدة يمكنك استخدامها لكشف الحروف.

كيفية اللعب: عليك تكوين الكلمات حسب الموضوع و عدد الحروف و يجب ان تكون الحروف متصلة حتى تتكون الكلمة الحروف المتباعدة لا تكون كلمات.

How to download Letters and Words APK at apktoVi.com

The first hidden word detection game of its kind in the Arab content market.

The purpose of the game is to find all the words in the game board and find additional words to get more hints.
With Letters and words; you will increase your Arabic words vocabulary and you will learn its meaning through the enclosed dictionary where you can find out the meaning of each word you discover.
You will have 5399 levels to solve, with 43,000 words, and there are duplicated words on all levels to learn them again
You will learn with these levels 19 thousand Arabic words.
The game is divided into 3 degrees of challenge
1 - Beginner; where the number of playing letters is only 3, for you to train and understand of the game
2 - Midium, where the number of playing letters is 4 or 5
3- Professional; where the number of playing letters is 6 or 7
Each degree of challenge is separate from the other in the game . Each degree consists of packs and each pack consists of 20 levels for easy recall and return to when you wish, where you can replay any previous level.
You also have 4898 random levels, each of which can be played randomly after you choose the number of characters , where there are 26 thousand words to discover .
Every day you will get the challenge of a daily, each challenge consists of 5 levels each of whcih will have 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 characters.
You can share any finished level with your friends

How to Play :
1. Connect between any letters in the circle to form a word equal to the number of squares
2 - If the word is valis and corresponds to the hidden word, the characters move to the squares and from Arabic word and you will get a reward .
3. Continue until all the boxes are filled.
4. If the word is correct but does not correspond to hidden word, it will be added to the additional words, and you will receive additional rewards.
5. Sometimes the word is true but not recognized by the application.
6 - If you want to know the meaning of the word, click the information button, and will open a screen in which the meaning is detailed,
7. If you have difficulty, you can rearrange the letters using the shufftle
8. You can use the hint button to reveal a letter in any word.
9- You will get hints points when each word is revealed, whether hidden or additional, as well as when you finish the level or package, or end the daily challenge or random level

Enjoy letters and words, play and learn

How to install 成语接龙闯关 APK at apktoVi.com



1. 精心挑选的海量成语词汇,题目不断增加中,目前已有500关。
2. 精选500则有趣的成语故事,过关就可以品读哦。
3. 有趣的升级系统,你可以从童生一直升级到翰林文圣。难度会越来越大哦。
4. 速度奖励,考验你的思维敏捷和操作速度。
5. 绚丽动画,美妙音乐,让您置身传统文化的氛围。
6. 参照成语词典的详尽成语解释,成语出处说明。

How to download English Typing Practice APK at apktoVi.com

"English typing practice - Acid rain" is a typing practice game.

The concept is like this.
A word moving from top to bottom is a drop of acid rain.
You have to type the word so that a drop of acid rain cannot reach to the tower.
If acid rain hits the tower or the bottom, which is sea, the tower will be rusted.
How much the tower rusted is represented by the heart gauge at the left top corner.

As the level goes up, the acid rain dropping speed will be increased.
Therefore, you need to type faster and faster.

There are several "Virus" words : Clear Virus, Freezing Virus, Mine Virus, Slow Virus, Fast VIrus, Cluster Virus, Recover Virus, and Hide Virus.
Some viruses are good and rest are bad.

For example, Clear Virus is very useful when there are lots of acid rain words you couldn't eliminated. It removes all acid rain words while increasing score.

On the other hands, Cluster Virus is terrible one which brings many other acid rain drop "friends".

Actually, this typing game is motivated by the very popular typing game named "Hanmetaja", which is most famous typing game in Korea when 286, 386, 486 PCs are prevalent. So you can feel that the design and sound are somewhat old-fashioned. : -)

You can select the starting level when you launch the app.
You can also put your name on the ranking list if you hit the high score.

It's good to bet the beverages with friends or colleagues. : )