How to install Sports Car City Racing APK at

Sport Car City Racing is a free roam city racing simulation game where you can take your sports car for a ride in the big city. Drive on the streets, through alleys and on the beach and make sure to avoid deadly crashes! Drive as fast as you can around the city! How long does it take you to complete a lap?
This game offers real simulation gameplay!

- Steering with tilt control
- Realistic driving experience
- Real damage
- Beautiful high quality graphics
- Big city environment

How to download Speed Traffic Racer APK at

Speed Traffic Racer is a new and free 3d car racing game. Download the driving game and control your car with full throttle on the highway and avoid collisions with the traffic. Make risky overtaking maneuvers without causing an accident and destroying your car.
Drive at high speed and get a high score as fast as you can. Racing on the opposite lane will get you higher scores. Are you a capable traffic racecar driver?

- realistic car physics
- automatic transmission
- realistic driving experience
- addicting gameplay

How to download Super Motocross APK at

This motorbike motocross simulator game offers a real driving experience. Drive with your dirt bike on the driving area and drive over jumps making dangerous stunts with your motorbike. Drive recklessly and cause deadly crashes with your dirt bikes. This motocross motorbike game offers cool simulation gameplay where you can drive really fast and you can go even faster with the nitro boost. Enjoy this free motocross simulation game!

How to install Sports Car Open World Racing APK at

Sports Car Open World Racing is a cool, new and free roam city racing simulation game where you can take your sports car for a ride in the big city. Drive on the streets, through alleys and find the secret spots in the city and make sure to avoid deadly crashes! Drive as fast as you can around the city! How long does it take you to complete a lap?
This game offers real simulation gameplay!

- Steering with tilt control
- Realistic driving experience
- Real damage
- Beautiful high quality graphics
- Big city environment

How to download Traffic Moto Crazy Bike Racer: Endless Fun APK at

Welcome to play Traffic Multi Level Racing 2k18

Take off and race as quickly as you can to end up the best traffic multi level racing 2k18 on the planet! Race the movement and finish the difficulties to get genuine among the opposition. Hop on your dashing speedy bike and ride in the unending occupied streets and roadways! Make close activity misses finding 4 one of a kind areas: Rural areas, Desert, Snow and Night City in 5 distinct modes! Ride your super bike on a parkway, interstate, or the superhighway. Always remember that riding a super fast bike can be fun, yet it can likewise be risky! Streets and expressways are brimming with speeding autos – they can trouble you!
It is the most energetic motorway super motorbike driving furious game that controls your cruiser with extreme bike control of physical, weight brakes. Driving at the pinnacle long stretches of the expressway activity!

In this most prominent bike dashing fastest game, you need to go past the movement autos, trucks, transports, substantial trailers, and so on., to get gold coins to purchase the most lovely and intense bikes. However much as could reasonably be expected to evade the vehicle, win additional gold coins.

Crazy super biker: highway furious racing is setting the new standard inside activity hustling class. Appreciate to a great degree amazing designs and experience high-octane dashing Moto rider! Find very much planned and full energized dash and speedometer! It will be fun and convincing, we ensure!

This racing bike highway moto fever trick and assault amusement is foreseen to be most needed Moto racer dashing session of present day period. Overwhelming motorcycle games utilized as a part of super bike road racing 2018 are furnished with turbo motors, water driven brakes so you ought to have strong controls of the traffic rider and ensure you got enough gas in each phase of the diversion to control and hit fast rider. In this riders racing war and motorbike modern bike steady racing game 2018. you should surge your crazy bike sufficiently quick on street, interstates, tram and passages to be a street champion of the city by whipping your rival riding bikers while getting away substantial movement like autos, trucks, jeeps and so on.

Traffic moto crazy bike racer: endless fun free games 2018 is given the ideal controls and excellent models to upgrade your experience. Outrageous traffic rider tricks and the wonderful soundtracks are the in addition to purpose of this group ride super-fast free game. Play as much as you need yet just at one condition and that is maintaining a strategic distance from the crash bike and hitting in the going by activity.

Abstain from hitting your traffic rider in any of the deterrent or leap and build up your evading aptitudes through this astonishing bike game. These cruiser recreations are a decent wellspring of building up your aptitudes at the genuine free race bicycle rough terrain dashing. As a Moto racer it must be your first need to guard yourself while doing the furious racing bicycle directing. Substantiate yourself as an unfathomable fast rider and you will feel like adrenaline going through your blood.
Traffic multi level racing 2k18 features:

An outrageous bicycle hustling, bicycle assault and bicycle stunts.
Remarkable and most recent dashing super bike games.
Moto traffic rider with marvelous turbo highlights.
Grasp bicycles beat on max speed.
Outfit the hoodlums of city with your bicycle driving capability.
Most astounding moderate movement include.
Fantastic mood melodies.

Just install crazy super biker: highway furious racing and enjoy it…

How to install MotoCross FPS APK at

MotoCross FPS is a great 3D moto bike simulator !!!

It is a game for you that loves racing, it is a game that you must run with your bike and reach the finish line before your opponent !!!

It is a real simulator with incredible 3D graphics !!!

How to install URBAN Quad Racing APK at

URBAN Quad Racing is na 3D Quad Racing Simulator in the Night City !!!

How to install POLICE STUNTS Simulator APK at

POLICE STUNTS Simulator is an Awesome Police Stunts Simulator Game !!!

How to download Fugitive HD APK at

Fugitive HD is a game where you must escape from the police !!!

Fugitive HD is a game for you that loves to get away from cops accumulating points and running at high speed !!!

Fugitive HD is a 3D game that you can run in differents levels !!!

Fugitive HD is a escape game simulator with amazing 3D graphics and different cars to select !!!

Drive your car at full speed with your car ready to escape the cops !!!

Download Fugitive HD for free and have fun !!!

How to download Traffic Bike Racing - 3D Racing Game APK at

Traffic Bike Racing - 3D Racing Game is the best moto traffic ride simulator game !!!

It's a 3D game that simulates how it is to ride a Real dirt motocycle , In this race game you can freely ride your bike all around the desert roads !!!

It's a Real simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Download Traffic Bike Racing - 3D Racing Game for free and have fun !!!

How to install MOTO LOKO EVOLUTION HD - 3D Racing Game APK at

MOTO LOKO EVOLUTION HD is the Best free 3D bike game !!! Run in the Traffic !!!

Motorcycles! Cars! High Speed! Get your Super Sport Moto and ride on this Challenging Racing game!!! Can you survive this Great Race Around the City at Top Speed?

Many Bikes to Choose!
Many Cities to Discover!
Traffic full of Cars!

Download this game for Free and Have Fun!!!

How to download TUNADOS Brazil - 3D Racing APK at

TUNADOS Brazil - 3D Racing is a racing simulation game with Brazilian cars !!!

It's a game for you that loves tuning cars, it's a game that you can buy different cars and drive at high speed !!!

It is a game that you can run on different levels with your tuned car !!!

It's a game with the incredible and iconic Brazilian cars !!!

It is a true racing simulator and tuning, 3D graphics and different parts to tuning and customize your car !!!

TUNADOS Brazil - 3D Racing for free and enjoy !!!

How to download LOKO Police 2 - shooting game APK at

Loko Police 2 is a game about police chase !!!

Loko Police 2 is a game for you that love to chase criminals , it's a game that you can choose your car , chase criminals and drive at high speed !!!

Loko Police 2 is a 3D game that you can run on the highways !!!

Loko Police 2 is a Real police car simulator with amazing 3D graphics and different cars to select !!!

Feel how it is to be a Cop in this Amazing 3D Game !!!

Drive your car at full speed with your car ready to stop any criminal you see !!!

Download Loko Police 2 for free and have fun !!!

How to download MOTO CROSS HERO - 3D Free Game APK at

MOTO CROSS HERO is an incredible motorcycle racing game !!!

It is a game for you that loves racing, it is a game that you must run with your bike and reach the finish line before your opponents !!!

MOTO CROSS HERO is a game that you run against different opponents in different levels and buy different bikes

It is a real simulator with incredible 3D graphics !!!

MOTO CROSS HERO - free racing game

How to download Master Hill Racing APK at

Master Hill Racing is an amazing offroad climb racing simulator game !!!

It's a game for you that love offroad racing , It is a game that you can choose different cars and different levels !!!

it's a game that you can your car before fuel is over !!!

it's a game that you can collect coins completing challenges to buy new cars!!!

It's a Real physics simulator with amazing levels !!!

Download Master Hill Racing - 2D Game for free and have fun !!!

How to download Master Bike Racing APK at

Master Bike Racing is an amazing offroad bike climb simulator game !!!

It's a game for you that love offroad racing , It is a game that you can choose different motorcycles and different levels !!!

it's a game that you can your bike before fuel is over !!!

it's a game that you can collect coins completing challenges to buy new vehicles !!!

It's a Real physics simulator with amazing levels !!!

Download Master Bike Racing - 2D Game for free and have fun !!!

How to download Street Racing 3D APK at

Street Racing 3D is an amazing racing game !!!

In this game you can choose your cars and drive at high speed in the cities !!!

It's a Real racing simulator with amazing 3D graphics and different cars !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets with your car !!!

Download Street Racing 3D for free and have fun !!!

How to download DRIVING Muscle Cars 3D APK at

DRIVING Muscle Cars 3D is an Amazing Muscle cars racing simulator game !!!

In this game you can drive Amazing Muscle cars , Choose your Muscle car and drive at high speed !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets with your Muscle car !!!

It's a Real racing simulator with amazing 3D graphics and different's cars !!!

DRIVING Muscle Cars 3D Game for free and have fun !!!

How to install Bike Simulator 3 - Shooting Race APK at

Bike Simulator 3 - Shooting Race is an Amazing moto simulator game !!!

It's a game for you that love Super Motos , it's a game that you can custom your bike and choose different game modes and levels !!!

it's a game that you can chase and shoot at rivals, race with challengers and run against the time !!!

It's a Real simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Bike Simulator 3 - Shooting Race Game for free and have fun !!!

How to download ATV Quad Racing 2 APK at

ATV Quad Racing 2 is an Amazing Quad racing game !!!

In this game you can drive a ATV Quad , Choose your Quad and drive at high speed !!!

It's a 3D game that you can choose different ATV Quands and run in the artcs or deserts maps !!!

Feel how it is to be a ATV Quad rider in this Amazing 3D Game !!!

Download ATV Quad Racing 2 for free and have fun !!!

How to download POLICE Offroad Simulator HD APK at

POLICE Off Road Simulator HD is a police chase game in the off road tracks !!!

POLICE Off Road Simulator HD is a game for you that love to chase criminals , but this time you will chase them in off road tracks !!!

POLICE Off Road Simulator HD is a 3D game that you can run on the off road streets !!!

POLICE Off Road Simulator HD is a Real police car simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Don't let the traffic stop you , drive your car at full speed with your Miniguns ready to stop any criminal you see !!!

Download POLICE Off Road Simulator HD for free and have fun !!!

How to install RIO Moto Racing 3D APK at

RIO Moto Racing 3D is the best moto racing simulator game !!!

It's a game that you can drive at high speed in traffic with your motorcycle !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the Rio street's with your SuperMoto !!!

Get your Bike and ride all around Rio !!!

Download RIO Moto Racing 3D for free and have fun !!!

How to download 3D Skate DownHill APK at

3D Skate DownHill is a best 3D Skateboard Game !!!

Accelerate , jump over the obstacles and get the best score !!!

It's a game that you can surf at high speed in traffic with your Skateboard running against the time !!!

It's a Real Skateboard simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Download 3D Skate DownHill for free and have fun !!!

How to install Brasil Tuning 2 - 3D Racing APK at

Brasil Tuning 2 - 3D Racing is best tuning and racing simulator game !!!
It's a game for you that love to tune cars , it's a game that you can custom your car and drive at high speed !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets with your tuned car !!!

It's a Real tuning and racing simulator with amazing 3D graphics and different parts for tuning your car !!!

Download Brasil Tuning 2 - 3D Racing for free and have fun !!!

How to install Bike Simulator 3D - MotoCross APK at

Bike Simulator 3D - MotoCross is the best moto traffic ride simulator game !!!

It's a 3D game that simulates how it is to ride a Real dirt motocycle , In this race game you can freely ride your bike all around the desert roads !!!

It's a Real simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Download Bike Simulator 3D - MotoCross for free and have fun !!!

How to download Bad Gangs Racing 3D APK at

Bad Gangs Racing 3D is all about chasing rivals gangs with your car !!!

It's a game for you that love to chase criminals , it's a game that you can shoot at rival gangs and drive at high speed !!!

It's a Real chasing gangs simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Feel how it is to be a gangster in this Amazing 3D Game !!!

Don't let the traffic stop you , drive your car at full speed with your weapon ready to stop any rival you see !!!

Take Down the Rivals around the city !!!

Download Bad Gangs Racing 3D for free and have fun !!!

How to download Bike Simulator 3D - Chopper APK at

Bike Simulator 3D - Chopper is the best moto traffic ride simulator game !!!

It's a game for you that love Chopper Motos , it's a game that you can drive at high speed in traffic with your Custom Motocycle !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets of desert with your Chopper Motocycle !!!

It's a Real simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Download Bike Simulator 3D - Chopper for free and have fun !!!

How to download Bike Simulator 3D - SuperMoto APK at

Bike Simulator 3D - SuperMoto is the best moto traffic ride simulator game !!!

It's a game for you that love SuperMotos , it's a game that you can drive at high speed in traffic with your motorcycle !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets with your SuperMoto !!!

It's a Real simulator with amazing 3D graphics !!!

Download Bike Simulator 3D - SuperMoto for free and have fun !!!

How to download BRASIL Tuning 3D - Edition 1 APK at

BRASIL Tuning 3D is best tuning and racing simulator game !!!

It's a game for you that love to tune cars , it's a game that you can custom your car and drive at high speed !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets with your tuned car !!!

It's a Real tuning and racing simulator with amazing 3D graphics and different parts for tuning your car !!!

Download BRASIL Tuning 3D for free and have fun !!!

How to download TRAFFIC Destruction - 3D Game APK at

TRAFFIC Destruction - 3D Game is all about destruction cars simulator !!!

It's a game for you that love to destruct cars , it's a game that you can
destroy everything you see ahead and drive at high speed !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets of a paradise city !!!

It's a Real car destruction simulator with amazing 3D graphics and different cars to select !!!

Traffic will never stop you , drive your car at full speed with your monster of destruction!!!

This is the Best car destruction simulator game you can download for free !!!

Take Down the traffic around the city !!!

Download this Amazing 3D Game For Free !!!

How to download Racing MotoCross HD APK at

Racing MotoCross HD is a 3D Bike Game Simulator !!!

- Realistic 3d Graphics
- Free Game
- The best MotoCross game for android
- Stunning motorcycle riding experience
- Realistic motorbike riding physics
- Supports all screen resolutions and devices (including tablets)

- Download Racing MotoCross HD for free and have fun !!!

How to download POLICE vs ZOMBIES 3D APK at

POLICE vs ZOMBIES 3D is all about killing zombies simulator with you police car !!!

It's a game for you that love to kill zombies, it's a game that you can shoot at zombies and drive at high speed !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run on the streets of an Open World game and Destroy all enemies around !!!
It's a Real police car vs zombies simulator with amazing 3D graphics and diferente !!!

Feel how it is to be a Cop Surrounded by Zombies in this Amazing 3D Game !!!

Don't let the roadblocks in traffic stop you , drive your car at full speed ready to kill any zombie you see !!!

This is the Best Police Traffic vs Zombies game you can download for free !!!

Take Down the Zombies and Racing around the city !!!

Download this Amazing 3D Police Simulator Game For Free !!!

- Download POLICE vs ZOMBIES 3D for free and have fun !!!

How to install MONSTER Truck Racing 3D APK at

- MONSTER Truck Racing 3D is a free Monster Truck Simulator Game !!!

- You can custom your car and make it look the way you like !!!

- Many Levels to Unlock !!!

- Download MONSTER Truck Racing 3D Simulator Game for Free and Have Fun !!!

How to download DRIFT Club 3D - The Top Racing APK at

- DRIFT Club 3D is the Best Drift Simulator !!!

- DRIFT Club 3D lets you drive amazing top cars and make drift betweeen the Traffic !!!

- If you like Drift and Racing you will love to play this amazing 3D Game !!!

- There are Many Different Cars to Chose !!!

- Many Levels to Play !!!

- You Can Customize your car and tune them for better performance !!!

- Download DRIFT Club 3D for Free and Have Fun !!!

How to download MOTO Bike X Racer APK at

MOTO Bike X Racer is all about motocross bike simulator with powerful moto !!!

It's a bike game for you that love to accelerate and jump high with your bike , it's a game that you can ride a moto and drive at high speed !!!

It's a 3D game that you can run in the dirt roads !!!

It's a Real MotoCross simulator with amazing 3D graphics, diverse traffic and challengers !!!

Feel how it is to be a motocross rider in this Amazing 3D Game !!!

This is the Best Moto Cross game you can download for free !!!

Download this Amazing 3D Motorcycle Game For Free !!!

How to download MOTO Brasil 600 R APK at

MOTO Brasil 600 R is a free 3d bike racing game !!!
You can drive your super moto with 600 cc of power !!!

Run Away from Police in a Traffic full of Cars !!!

Download this game for Free and Have Fun !!!

How to download Bike Racing Game 3D APK at

Bike Racing Game 3D is a top motorcycle game on Android , you will be racing on the streets with your super moto !!!
it's a free bike racing game , Download it and have fun !!!

How to download PEPI Race BRAZIL APK at

Drive many Different Cars and ride all around Brazil with your powerful super tuned vehicle with police pursuit at high speed !!!
PEPI Race BRAZIL gives you the feeling of illegal racing in Brazil Streets !!!


- Many Cars to Ride !
- Many Cities to Discover !
- Diverse Traffic with dinamic difficulty !
- You Can Custom and Tune all your Cars !
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Realistic Car driving
- Online Scoretable
- Realistic traffic systems
- Controls Adjustments
- Night Driving
- Real Car Sounds

Download this game for Free and Have Fun !!!

How to download MOTO LOKO 3 APK at

Hello racing fans: Get yourself ready to enter the fast paced world of motorcycle racing.
Foose Games presents “Moto Loko 3”, an ultimate moto racing game with fast game-play and 3D Graphics. Start your bike and hit the road to show your skills on two wheels.

Game Modes:
Moto Loko 3 comes in different game modes. Choose one form One Way, Two Way, Wrong Way, Police Chase or Racing at your own convenience. I suggest you to start with One Way Mode.
How to Play:
Choose your bike and hit the road, yes it’s that simple. Use the accelerator, brake tab on the screen and tilt your device to move right or left on the road while racing.

Key Features:
► Amazing graphics and backgrounds
► Simple and user friendly bike controls
► Movie quality and real racing sounds
► Optimized for all Android devices including tabs
► Earn performance style points to unlock bikes

“Moto Loko 3” is a perfect game to have on your Android device if you like racing or police chase games. The game will really give you a feel as you’re riding a real motor bike on a crazy road. Be sure to have some good practice and control over your bike before challenging your friends and family. Have fun!
Please leave us rating and review to let us know what you think about Moto Loko 3. We at “Foose Games” always want to continue to deliver some of the best and most fun racing games for your Android devices and your feedback plays an important role to be able to achieve this goal. Thanks!

How to install Top MOTO Racing 3D APK at

Top MOTO Racing 3D is an endless MOTO racing game. Accelerate your motorcycle at high speed on highways in heavy traffic, get cash, buy new bikes and be the king of the streets !!!

Download this amazing 3D MOTO racing game for free and have fun!!!

How to install TOP Racing 3D APK at

TOP Racing 3D is an endless arcade racing game. Drive your car on heavy traffic in highways, get cash, tune your car and buy many others, Run Fast and be the best on the streets!!!

Download this amazing 3D racing game for free and have fun!!!

How to download TUNING RACING EVO Free Game APK at

Amazing Cars! Tuning! Wheels! Spoilers and Whatever you want to Custom!

Get your Super Sport Car and Drive All Around the City in a Drag Racing on this Challenging Racing game!!!
Surpass all your Challengers at Top Speed and Escape the Police!!!

Many Cars to Choose!
Many Parts to Custom!
Traffic full of Cars!

Download this game for Free and Have Fun!!!

How to download MOTO Furious HD APK at

Race with your Super Sport Moto on the Highways!!!
Start some Drag Racings on the Road with your Super Powerful Motorcycle and runaway from Police if necessary, it's a very challenging moto game with a lot of levels and bikes to unlock!!!
Can you go at high top speed without crashing?

Many Bikes to Choose!
Many Levels to Discover!
Traffic full of Cars and Police!

Download this game for Free and Have Fun!!!

How to install POLICE Clash 3D APK at

Drive your Super Police Car and Ride all around different Cities doing your best to arrest all the Criminals!
The Traffic is full of cars and you need to run Fast, Don't crash and try to get the Top Speed!
Try dodging cars while you speed up to the limit and use your PowerFul Weapons to Stop all bad guys!!!

- Many Police Cars to Unlock!
- Many Cities
- High Speed Chases

Are you ready to Stop all Bad Guys in the City?

Download POLICE Clash 3D for Free and Have Fun!!!

How to install MOTO LOKO 2 APK at

Get your Super Moto and Ride all around different Cities, with different GameModes and many Motos to choose!!!
The Traffic is full of cars and you need to run Fast, Don't crash and try to get the Top Speed!
Try dodging cars while you speed up to the limit. Race against other Bikes in the Racing Mode!

- Many Bikes, Cross Bike, Custom Bike and Sport Bike!
- Many Cities
- One Way Mode
- Two Way Mode
- Time Attack Mode
- Racing Mode

Are you ready to accelerate these Super PowerFul Motos?

Download MOTO LOKO 2 for Free and Have Fun!!!

How to download TUNING Racing 3D APK at

Drive Many Cars on the Streets in Different Amazing Levels!
Get your desired PowerFul Tuned Street Car in this 3D Racing game!
Drag on the streets trying to get the Best points!

Download TUNING Racing 3D for Free and Have Fun!!!

How to download Crazy Moto Racing Free APK at

Crazy Moto Racing is a fast Moto racing game, You will be riding powerful Motos around the 3D World!

-Control the Motos as fast as you can during the traffic rush time!

-Enjoy the Nice Cities you will find during the gameplay, the City, Desert, Forest, Snowy City and more!!!

-The way to play is very easy:
-Tilt the phone to turn Left and Right
-Tap the Screen to Speed Up!

Tips to get a higher score:
-Everytime you Speed Up your points will be multiplying on the Right side of screen!
-Beaware of the vehicles, they may run on both ways!
-Watch out the Fuel indicator and get all Fuel points around the street!
-Enjoying feeling the speed and hearing the sounds of these powerful machines!
-Please tell us your feedback, rate or comment if you like Crazy Moto Racing game!

How to install MEGA MOTO RACING 3D APK at

-MEGA MOTO RACING 3D is a free motorcycle game with simple control, nice graphics and gameplay!!!

-You will be riding your Custom Moto around on a Dangerous Highway!!!

-You can choose different Motorcycles!!!

- Tilt to Turn and Tap to accelerate!!!

- Download it for Free and Have Fun!!!

How to download Racing Car VR APK at

Racing Car VR is a new endless racing game with realistic driving simulations and high graphics quality. Drive impressive racing cars and overtake the traffic from first person perspective! A whole city for you.
Earn coins and unlock new race cars !

Racing Car VR will be updated constantly.


- 3D realistic cockpit VR view
- 3D realistic environment
- High quality graphics with dynamic reflections
- Ultra realistic car physics
- Endless game mode
- 3 Different vehicles to choose
- Awesome Race car driving experience in Virtual Reality
- Rich types of randomly generated NPC traffic including trucks and buses
- Realistic sounds

How to download Super Fast Car Drag Race : Car Racing Games 2018 ( APK at

Super Fast Car Drag Race is a Top Speed car racing game with exciting sports car. Super Fast Car Drag Race is the classic nitro fueled racing game for Android users! This amazingly realistic car drag race simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels. Tune your car and accelerate your way to victory, Add nitrous oxide for more fun, but don't hit the button too early in this car drag racing games 3d! Go deeper and adjust gear ratios to shave off precious milliseconds through 10 levels of cars and race categories. Drive top class luxury cars and show everybody who's the boss? Jump right behind the wheel and get ready to have your breath taken away the moment you push that nitro button in this drag race games.
Racing in a straight line is not easy. Try to find the right balance between power and grip while staying in your class. Discover our latest racing simulation game. In this realistic car race game, you will have the choice to choose between amazing racing cars. The most amazing sports cars that have excellent driving specifications and that will help you to survive in this crazy drag race! Become the driver of some of the fastest cars on the City streets. Start your career, win enough races and unlock new cars to compete in more demanding races. Universe of illegal Furious Racing and Super fast car Drag Races awaits for you. Race in different modes on dangerous Xtreme tracks in City. Show your rivals that you are the best in real competition with amazing speed. Pass beautiful modern buildings in real Tokyo street, take unbelievable turns, achieve highest possible velocity among neon in this car drag race games 2018.

Features of Super Fast Car Drag Race : Car Racing Games 2018
Different new cars to choose from: sport cars, roadsters, muscle cars!
Nitrous boosts to pick up the speed!
Smooth and realistic car handling
Stunning 3D graphics Of car racing game
Addicting gameplay!
Drive at high speed in Car Drag race games 2018

How to install Boss 2 APK at

Promotional game for Boss 2 where Jeet is following the bad guy in a car chase. Hence, Your are behind the wheel of a fast car and you have is to catch the criminals.
1. Full 3D Racing
2. Full 3D environment
3. Related sequence of Boss 2 Movie as a promo purpose.

How to install VR Car Race APK at

Pure virtual reality VR game based on car racing. Move yourself and Burn up the street with this latest sequel of a car racing game in the most exciting physics based Virtual Reality environment with the fastest and thrilling adventurous track.You need joystick and virtual reality headset (cardboard or other VR glasses) for running this game. Deep into Virtual Reality world and get adrenaline. Take a look and immerse in virtual reality world.


Tilt your head to turn the car
Use the VR remote for speedup, break and control the car steering.
Stunning 3D HD quality graphics
Smooth and realistic car handling
Breathtaking visuals
VR based 3D Environment
Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation
Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD and Google Cardboard VR
Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals Different exciting racing tracks

How to install Toto adventure APK at

run and have fun with the excellent 3D environment
Take part in quality adventure based games usually popular amongst kids because the games feature cartoon characters cartoon cars and dramatic set ups.

How to download Racing 3D Sports APK at

Become the most notorious street racer in Norway background. Feel the thrill of the chase in a dynamic open world as you go head-to-head with drivers who customize their cars to go against missiles, exotics, muscle cars, road blocks.

Real 3D experience
Camera follow
Bomb disposal
Cool 3D engines
Car upgradations

How to download 3D car racing xgear APK at

3D racing game. Start your race from one sea and move towards the hills.
Complete 360 degree rotation of the car.Play with Lamborghini.

Real Race with real Dodge car. Excellent game play in galaxy tab 2
Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is available for day and night both as well as fast cars.
Quality 3D Racing Games, 3D Car Games.3D Car Games are not only fun, they are also filled with lots of exciting challenges. Plus, you get to drive a lot of cool cars in a three-dimensional environment.
Car Race Drag Race, Fastest cars

How to download Urban Hummer Limo taxi simulator APK at

" Urban Hummer Limo Taxi Simulator" is the most amazing urban limo taxi simulator. It is a realistic 4x4 city transporter and simulator game in which you will simulate like as professional driver being a pick and drop transportation service provide. Drive your urban hummer limo taxi for passenger pick and drop service to transport them from one cab station to their destination. Feel and fun like real cab driving experience and become expert limo driver. Be careful with traffic jam and avoid bumping your limo car to crash!!

With three game modes.
CLASSIC MODE: The objective is to collect the maximum number of pedestrians in the shortest possible time.
CHECKPOINT MODE: it is a circuit time trial in which you have to go through the checkpoints that are in each route. Drive as fast as you can to reach each checkpoint in the established time, otherwise you will lose.
FREE MODE: pick up each person in a certain time.

- With different urban limo taxi models to choose from. It has furious racing limo taxi to drive and to become a pro driver.
- With realistic physics based limos stunning latest hydraulic pressure based controls.
- drive fast in different highway tracks and city environment. Realistic city scenario with traffic system and obstacles that will make driving difficult.
- Realistic Urban Hummer Limo taxi Driving Experience

How to install POPi Karts Racing APK at

If you are bored of always playing the same classic car racing games, we present " Karts Racing " an incredible game where you will have to drive amazing and powerful models of karts.

Do you think you are capable of mastering driving and simulation skills? Do you consider yourself a professional specialist driver? Show it in this crazy adventure. A game for lovers of extreme sports.

Karts Racing is a game of dangerous kart racing, where you will have to reach the finish line without losing stars or trophies. Stay in the circuit without leaving or crashing with your rivals, be careful with dangerous curves, ramps and bridges. Drive at maximum speed to take the first to the goal.

- Enjoy the challenging circuits.
- There are several circuits available with different difficulty.
- Several karts models to unlock.
- Enjoy of the mountainous landscape
- Very precise driving simulation.
- High quality sounds and realistic 3D graphics and animations.
- With exciting and astounding karts racing physics control.

How to download Modern Taxi Simulator 2018 APK at

If you think you are the best driver, this is your chance to prove it.
" Modern Taxi Simulator 2018 " is a crazy and extreme game to get to experience how it feels being a real taxi duty driver! Drive the most famous taxis through traffic packed street of a city in this taxi driving simulator. Pick up the passengers and drop them off at the location of their choosing. Don’t be tardy, race around the city and complete missions!!

With two games modes:
- The first is to collect the largest number of people before the time runs.
- The second is to travel a circuit in the shortest possible time with the taxi passing through the checkpoints to increase the time picking up people.

- With different models of taxi: New York taxi, Black Cabs of England and many more.
- Two modes of game.
- Increase your time by taking clocks
- Smooth and simple controls
- Realistic City visuals
- Extremely precise driving simulator

How to download Super cycle BMX Racer APK at

"Super Cycle BMX Racer" is an exciting game in which you have to avoid obstacles by pedaling and jumping with the bike to reach the finish line. Jump over obstacles, perform stunts and collect points. There are many challenging obstacles to overcome to win!!

- Beautiful graphics
- Lots of challenging levels, complete level to unlock next challenge.
- An Amazing BMX experience
- Variety of obstacles to avoid.
- Realistic bicycle controls.
- Challenging cycling missions

Download now this crazy game with lot of stunt action!

How to download American Classic Muscle Car Driving APK at

Are you a lover of American muscle cars? Now it is your opportunity to drive one of them! Become the best extreme American muscle car driver!!

This extreme car driving simulator game is based on true physics engine with cool controls and challenging game play options. The game requires extreme fast drifting skills on sporty muscle car feel the curves and enjoy performing illegal stunts on muscle car.
If you have an accident the Car damage is extremely realistic and feels like natural, so be careful!!

Download now for free this exciting game that ensures you hours of fun. "American classic muscle car driving” is the best drifting and racing simulations game for perfect driving

How to install car racing speedy APK at

This game will have you on the edge of your seat and probably pushing way too hard on your smartphone or tablet screen as you speed past the finish line.
open world racing game with nonlinear game play. the best driver around and unlock tons of new cars.It's a racing game designed for touchscreen devices.

Realistic drifting. Vivid graphics.
More realistic and thorough game experience.
Come on and download this game.
Car speed race is a very popular racing game for android users. Its graphics and game control are very wonderful.

mini drifting game built-in
seed racing
choose different cars

How to install Car racing 3D APK at

Real Race with real BMW car. Excellent game play in galaxy tab 2
Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is available for day and night both as well as fast cars.
Quality 3D Racing Games, 3D Car Games.3D Car Games are not only fun, they are also filled with lots of exciting challenges. Plus, you get to drive a lot of cool cars in a three-dimensional environment.
Car Race Drag Race, Fastest cars

How to install 3D Drift Car Racing APK at

Most wanted 3D Drift racing experience.
Drag , Track , race
The cars will have damage while you play which is till date not there in app store. Ultimate 3D experience.
Use steering to drive the car.
Drift your car on the tracks and run through the 3D Environment.Modified Controls
realistic drifting while doing nascar racing
Run car through the tracks.

How to download car drift desert APK at

Ultimate drifting game for girls who loves adventure and who loves to drive costly cars. Go the extreme desert in Arabia and drift your car.. as much as you drift the more points you collect.

Most wanted 3D Drift racing experience.Play and watch the nature is changing it's day and time beauty.
Drag Race, drift racing
The cars will have damage while you play which is till date not there in app store. Ultimate 3D experience.
Tilt the phone or tablet to move and drift

3D drift in desert
Excellent sun set and sun rise while playing
Different cars to choose

How to download 3D quad bike racing APK at

Racing game with quad in the middle of extreme desert.
Play 3D Quad Bike Racing Games
Super quad bikes on a dusty trail blazing through the desert.
Hop right on your bike and come down for some all terrain mania racing action. Bust the dust in the desert sands and rally past your opponents!

How to download Racing Cars APK at

Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is available for day and night both as well as fast cars.
Drag Race, Track Race. Real 3D gaming experience.
The cars will have damage while you play which is till date not there in app store. Ultimate 3D experience. Use the steering of your phone to drive the car and drift it in racing platform.
Real 3D racing game
Drift your car on the tracks and run through the 3D Environment.Modified Controls tablates.
Drift car through the tracks.
Drift gaming racing

How to download Gangs of New York APK at

Gangs of New York - This is a great multiplayer shooter with the open world. At your disposal is a large city in which you can do whatever you want. You can play alone or with friends, steal cars, steal from the police, rob banks, participate in races, work, buy licenses and get paid for more paid work, buy houses and cars, or go through missions.

Plot of missions:
You are a policeman, and one day, after chasing another intruder, you get into a shootout where your partner is wounded. As a result, criminals manage to leave, and your partner gets to the hospital. Your task is to get on the trail of criminals and put them in jail, but this is not easy, because behind them is a serious criminal organization.

- 10 languages ​​(English, Russian, Portugues, Español, العربية, Türk, Deutsch, Français, 日本語, 中國)
- A large city (Police station, prison, hospital, bank, port, fire station, weapons shop, gas stations, car shop, supermarket, racing track, building site)
- Multiplayer
- More than 30 characters
- More than 40 vehicles
- More than 120 houses
- More than 35 types of weapons
- 14 types of work (Police patrol, fire, medical, handyman, freight forwarder, taxi driver, etc.)
- Story line
And much more.

How to download New Bike Stunt Racing Games : Bike Racing 3D APK at

Get ready for crazy bike stunts in extreme Tricky Motorbike Crazy Bike Stunts Master is a free bike games for pro bike riders in fearless racing simulator games. The real speed challenge for crazy bike will make you bikes stunts master in this tricky motorbike racing games 2019. Perform real moto bike stunt in extreme moto bike racing games. Play this crazy bike stunt game choosing your favorite tricky bikes and crazy riders.

Become an extra ordinary crazy bike stunt driver, show your all tricky stunt driving skills! This game is filled with free style action and insane stunts on tricky tracks. Utilize your free time to entertain yourself to show your stunt driving skills to complete all levels.

This crazy bike stunts racing game Tricky Motorbike Crazy Bike Stunts Master is all about bike balance, skill and control as you take your rider across the ramps, jumps, barrels and obstacles performing daring stunts. The mid-air ramps while performing bike stunt racing fever has a realistic stunt and real bike physics on endless difficult tricky path.

Drive your moto bike crossing multiple levels from easy trials to technical approach. Are you crazy moto bike racing game lover and motorcycle racer? Use your tricky stunt master techniques in this fearless crazy bike racing game and motorcycle driving tricks and reach the finish point showing extreme tricky stunts in the free moto bike racing game. Get ready for this addictive bike stunt game 2019 and perform your stunt riding skills to prove that you are the real trail bike racer in Tricky Motorbike Crazy Bike Stunts Master racing games.

Impossible stunts on extreme speedy tracks like multiple obstacles placing and different levels design a different kind of story. Dangerous tracks, mid-air ramps especially design for quality users who take all tricky bike stunts levels as a challenge.

• Realistic bike riding stunt, obstacles and ramps
• Realistic Bikes 3D Physics
• Multiple Bike Collection
• Realistic Game Play Sounds
• Smooth and Realistic Game Control
• Unique, rough and dangerous stunts
• Challenging stunts game-play for pro bike riders
• Beautiful 3D graphics and amazing environment

How to install Superhero Car Stunt Race APK at

Welcome to crazy car stunts race where superheroes will take part in car racing adventure. The superhero car are all set for car racing challenge in the world of superheroes. The superhero jumper car will make impossible jumps on impossible tracks. It’s time to fulfill your dream of playing as a new superhero car racer in best rush game 2018. The speedy Superhero Car Stunt Race requires you to show extreme car stunt racing skills on tricky tracks to make your real superhero the winner of best superhero game.

Prepare yourself for superheroes game of 2018 for crazy car stunts racing challenge. Drive superhero car fast enough to reach the finish line in short time. If you love racing superhero car then you will surely love this new superhero crazy car stunt race in fun land. Let’s beat super hero opponents in Superhero Car Stunt Race with fast rush driving sky high drifting race. Drive on a jet go speed avoiding deadly car or falling from impossible tracks. Choose your favorite super hero and race in freestyle on tricky tracks. Get the real thrill of this extreme car racing adventure and win this sports car challenge.

Ride as fast as you can in sports car, start drifting engine and exhibit your super driving skills with expert ready jet go skills. Utilize your car driving abilities in tricky car stunts game to complete the amazing driving challenge. It’s time to enjoy free wifi color cars racing game on dangerous tracks and show your incredible driving skills until your superhero car reaches the finish line and become a real champion.

Choose your favorite super hero car, start drifting engine, fasten your seatbelt, control the steering and race in freestyle. Use clutch, and accelerator to beat superhero opponents in crazy car stunts race. Keep your superheroes car on tracks as long as you can and rush car on tricky tracks. Drive speedy car on tracks, use nitro to reach finish line and enjoy this free and trendy new superhero car stunt race 2018.

• Choose your favorite superhero car!
• Beat the opponents and reach finish line!
• Enjoy Realistic controls and physics of sports car!
• Amazing Challenging levels for racing car lovers!
• Awesome visual and effective sound!
• Enjoy fee wifi racing game on your devices!

How to install Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car APK at

In an amazing auto racing demolition show in hill city, a thrilling whirlpool demolition car war has just started. The derby fighting path is rough just like an offroad terrain where extreme battle with derby opponents will take place that will end up in demolition. You as a super whirlpool car hero is participating in the battle and are all set to smash whirlpool opponents with your super car stunt driving. This is going to be a crazy whirlpool fighting adventure simulator game of 2017 where you will get the chance to smash and crash to your heart’s desire in hill city arena. So get ready to participate in furious car whirlpool stunt driving demolition league and destroy your whirlpool opponent’s derby cars in deadly monster demolition battle.

Let’s challenge your whirlpool stunt driving & racing skills in dangerous whirlpool Demolition Derby Car Simulator game of 2017. Drive carefully to avoid falling into a whirlpool else it will end up in level failure. The best thing about this demolition derby racing is you will have thrilling whirlpool fighting adventure in three different modes that has rough path just like an offroad. So get into your favorite derby to begin real war with your opponents in demolition mode, Challenging whirlpool mode and car wars mode. Enjoy an extreme whirlpool derby deadly car war racing and win whirlpool hill city grand arena. Fasten your seat belt, hold your steering tightly and hit your whirlpool opponents’ derby car as hard as you can to crash them into pieces. Reach the final Car Demolition Fight League championship and emerge as the last superhero survivor of thrilling monster derby stunt show!

This whirlpool vehicle demolition simulator game of 2017 is an ultimate survival test against all whirlpool car war opponents. Win this whirlpool derby challenge with your demolition extreme car driving and destruction simulator skills. Bring out your best extreme stunt driving and racing skills and derby destruction power in demolition, whirlpool and car wars mode. Win this grand derby car stunts challenge thrilling show to be the favorite superhero of arena audience. In this toughest derby car arena wilderness be a fearless stunt drift hero and perform extreme breathtaking action stunts in various challenging levels. Crash derby rival from all sides in a reckless extreme crash game and avoid hits from your monster derby opponents. It’s an ultimate survival test against all car opponents in Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car Simulator game of 2017.

Features of Whirlpool Demolition Derby Car:
• Extreme High Speed Derby Stunt Racing Simulator
• Amazing 3d Environment & Sound Effects
• Realistic Car Demolition, Crash and Smash
• Real Car Physics and Smooth Driving Controls
• Variety of Opponents to Fight With
• Three Super Amazing Modes Demolition, Whirlpool and Car War
• Challenging Action Racing Simulator

How to download Modern Police Tow Truck APK at

Start your duty as the ultimate police tow truck driver to lift , park and save busted cars. Traffic is blocked on modern city roads due to accidents and damaged cars stuck in between rush. Be ready for the emergency 911 call for help. Relive the experience of handling a heavy crane and forklift. Drive your tow truck on the city roads and rescue the people in trouble. Some missions will be completed with the help of crane and some with forklifting. Simulator games have provided addiction to users in 2015. Help those who are having trouble with their wrecked cars. Tow cars and lift them safely to the garage. Enjoy manual driving and car lift. Be the car transporter to transport cars to the garage. Tow truck simulation and parking will give you the thrill of driving inside the city.

Those who love driving heavy vehicles will love to drive modern police tow truck , crane and forklift. Provide the citizens the best trucker recovery services to transport the busted vehicles. Show extreme and reckless driving to drop the vehicles to the garage. All challenging levels awaits for you to show your driving and parking skills. Provide emergency services to the people in the modern city.


• Real Experience of Driving Police Tow Truck , crane and forklift
• Explore the Big City
• Addictive & Thrilling Gameplay Missions
• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes & Lifting
• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment

Your Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.

How to download Block Town Parking APK at

Now you have the opportunity here on VitalityGames to make this dream come true playing Block Town Parking.

Along your journey you will find colorful block buildings, awesome heavy machinery and ingeniously built cars. The entire city is build of cubes, even the cars and their wheels.


- many intense levels
- friendly blocks graphics
- challenging gameplay

Who needs to invent the round wheel? Well, certainly nobody in this town.

Can you handle this cube world? Join the cube world and learn to park your car! Reach and finish all levels avoiding buildings, trees and even other block square cars. Can you finish all levels in this awesome square city? If you love this retro style and think you have what it takes to play, then go for it. You will be in for hours of driving fun. So prove your driving skills online and win this game.

Good luck and have fun!

How to download Railway Dash Parking APK at

VitalityGames proudly presents an awesome 2D car parking game called “Railway Dash Parking”.

You own a super car and live in a crowded city. Sounds nice but this can be pretty difficult for every driver when he wants to find a parking spot and also manage to park the car. Test your driving skills and accept this challenge.

You will have to follow the arrows marked on the street so that you find your parking spot and try to park your car. You have to pay extra attention not to crash into other cars and learn to juggle among them. Also, the biggest challenge is the railway because you will have to drive over it several times and there are trains passing.

Show us the best driving and parking skills and manage to get over each obstacle. Of course, you will be able to unlock other cars with more powerful engines at level 4, 9 and 14.

Game Features:
- 53 parking spots
- many levels
- Thrilling and exhilarating gameplay
- Realistic cars physics
- Beautiful graphics and animations
- Unlock 3 supercars

How to install V8 Pro Parking APK at

Looking for a new challenge? How about a pro skill supercar parking game? Think you can handle to drive powerful cars like Porsche, Mustang or Bugatti? How about driving them through some crowded places? Do you think you can drive them at high speed and park them without crashing? Then give it a try in this new exclusive parking game released by VitalityGames.

The game has challenges for the pro and the beginners alike.The more you play it the better your driving and parking skills will become.

You start with a Porsche with 350 HP and after a few levels if you manage to park it correctly you will unlock faster and stronger cars.

Use the arrow keys to steer and drive the cars, some of the parking spots are so hard to park that you will need to use the handbrake by pressing Space and let the car slide in the correct parking spot.

So what are you waiting for ? start the game, rev the engines and try your luck with the 1000 HP cars. You will surely need it !

How to install Crazy Car Parking APK at

Crazy Car Parking is a classic 2D parking game that will provide you more entertainment than a 3D parking simulator. Crazy Car Parking has a realistic driving and parking engine that features over 50 different parking spots that span over 20 beautiful levels. Test your driving skills on city streets, rural areas, speedways as well as parking lots. This game offers the most comprehensive parking simulation on mobile devices regardless if you are just a curious novice or an accomplished driver. Stunning 2D graphics and easy addicting gameplay will make you improve and love top view car parking games. Shift the gear to go forwards or backwards depending on the situation.

Flexible wheels,stunning roads,only your driving skills are required, a game with relax traffic but latest controls no trucks and road rushes just logical hurdles all crafted for your maximum enjoyment. Have you got the spatial dexterity required to pass without wrecking your expensive vehicles?

Start the game now and prove it in the our latest addition "Crazy Car Parking".

How to Play:
- Tap & Spin your finger on the wheel to drive around.
- Tap and Hold on pedals to accelerate or brake.
- Use your finger to change in reverse mode.
- Park in the shortest time possible.

Game Features:
- 20 levels
- 53 challenging parking missions
- Super addictive gameplay and revolutionary controls
- Realistic car dynamics based on advanced physics model
- Challenging levels
- Stunning graphics
- Excellent background music

Important notice to parents
- Promotional material for VitalityGames products and trusted business partners.
- Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13
- Direct links to the internet which may open the default web browser on your device.

How to install Truck Farm Frenzy APK at

We present you our newest game called Truck Farm Frenzy.

If you love farm and trucks games, this one will be fun for you!

Try it and see if you got what it takes to drive an get over obstacles at the farm.

Speed is not the game’s answer, nitro is…so, don’t forget to make a pit stop at the garage to refill it after each level.

- Many intense and challenging levels
- Cartoonish graphics
- Realistic truck physics
- Obstacles like big holes, fences and mushrooms
- Collect money
- Upgrade truck

You are visiting your grandma’s farm and you want to help her around. Your goal is to get to the finish line in one piece. Jump over all holes and collect money for upgrades. Also, you have to pass over wooden fences, over huge mushrooms and to jump over ramps. Don’t forget, after each level you should make a pit stop at the garage to refill your Nitro. Using Nitro will help your truck to jump over big holes. Collect money so you can upgrade your truck, and chose between awesome tires and powerful engines. Enjoy the thrill of this online game at the farm and have fun with Truck Farm Frenzy!

How to install Tractor Farm Mania APK at

VitalityGames presents the newest and exclusive game called: Tractor Farm Mania.

If you love farm and trucks games, this one will be fun for you!

Try it and see if you got what it takes to drive and deliver chicken at the farm.

Speed is not this game’s answer. You have a loaded cargo and a bumpy road, so the key is in your driving skills.

- many intense and challenging levels
- Thrilling gameplay
- Bumpy road and obstacles
- Realistic truck physics

Get ready for a new heavy cargo experience with this cool red tractor and its heavy loaded trailer. Try and finish all intense and challenging levels. Pay attention to the tractor’s speed, and try to adjust it in order to be able to drive safely in this hill racing challenge. Try to deliver as many chicken as possible to the final destination. There is a number of chicken required for each level so you can pass to the next one. In order not to damage your tractor too much, try to keep some distance between the trailer and tractor. Each crash will lead in loosing life and you will have to restart the level. Enjoy tractors and loaded trailers games here on VitalityGames and become one of the most skilled driver. Good luck and have fun!

How to install 3D Parking: City Rumble APK at

"3D Parking: City Rumble" is the most fun and realistic parking game ever created. Download it on your mobile now. Start with small cars and work your way up to the most exotic supercars. The core game mechanics in " 3D Parking: City Rumble " will require you to show top skills in steering, acceleration, and obstacle avoiding in order to get your car parked in the right spot.

As the parking lot driver, you will drive the awesome cars around corners, obstacles, and parking lot borders with speed and accuracy. In order to park efficiently you will need to exercise patience, check your mirror angles, check the clearance, keep one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brakes.

Adjust the action camera when you need to park in tight parking spots and try to finish each level in the fastest time possible, doing so will earn you stars which you can use to unlock better cars.

"3D Parking: City Rumble" is an amazingly well designed game created for those who love action packed driving unity 3d games with superb graphics, and challenging gaming.

"3D Parking: City Rumble" offers one base car, one tuner car and one supercar.

Each car has a different engine power and handling type It is up to you to master each one to earn the most stars and park in the fastest time.

The game offers 20 levels, with some of the most difficult parking spots you have ever seen. Play "3D Parking: City Rumble and become the best driver online today.You should try the mobile version as well for an even harder parking experience.Have a blast and lots of fun with this new and unique 3d car parking game.

★ ★ ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ ★ ★
- Tap & Spin your finger on the steering wheel to drive.
- Tap and Hold the pedals to accelerate or brake.
- Use your finger to change the 360 camera position
- Set the quality of the game to high or low depending on the performance of your device.
- To receive 3 stars, park in the shortest time possible.

★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★
- Park in 20 different levels, including front parking, side parking and rear parking.
- Great sound effects
- Beautiful 3D city landscapes with nice graphics and cars animations.
- Collect stars
- Unlock exotic supercars.

- The ability to purchase optional content using real money. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings menu of your device.
- Promotional material for VitalityGames products and trusted business partners.
- Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13
- Direct links to the internet which may open the default web browser on your device.

How to download Bike Racing HD APK at

VitalityGames proudly presents “Bike Racing HD”

If you love motorcycle games this is the perfect place for you.

This time the environment is a bit different, more dreamy. We are with heads in the cloud…dreaming, spinning, jumping.

We surround your sight with amazing graphics, smooth motion and beautiful landscapes, travel through 4 different worlds.
- experience 3 different motorcycles
- 24 intense levels
- each world has 6 levels
- thrilling and exhilarating gameplay
- realistic motorcycle physics
- adrenaline packed jumps

You will start riding a scooter on a tropical island until you will reach the peaceful desert. After hot and dry weather you deserve some airy environment so you will ride in the lagoon and last but not least you’ll get back to the mountains where the peaks look crystal clear.

Get rid of the scooter after level 6, collect as many stars as you can and unlock that cool classic motorcycle and an awesome street fighter. Give free rein to your imagination and perform stunts that you never believed you will.

Don’t forget, it’s about the journey, not the destination. Have fun with those crazy loops!

How to install Hard bike - Dua Xe Dap APK at

You must control your unicycle - one wheel bike go safely forward.
This game have two play modes:
- Time Mode : Control the bike go safely to the finish line in the shortest time.
- Distance Mode : Control the bike go as far as possible.

How to play:
- Touch to left screen to start and go back
- Touch to right screen to go forward.
- Use practice mode to learn how to play.

How to download Kid Jump APK at

Tap to screen to jump and quick landing, try to get more scores as you can.
Challenge your friends and beat their score!

How to download MX Motocross Superbike - Dua Xe Vuot Nui APK at

A MX motocross Free racing game with realistic physics, fun, nice graphics, multiple scenes, select motorbike and upgrade each part of the motorbike.

Control your motorbike to avoid obstacles on the way and reach to the finish line in the shortest possible time,

You can earn gold when motorbike fly in the air, motobike flipped, ... and use gold to upgrade your bike.
Complete to be the best rider with online high score system.

This game have two control modes:
- Tilt Sensitivity : Keep balance by tilt your device.
- Buttons : Keep balance by press onscreen buttons.

TIPS to race:
+ Tilt your phone to controls your rider's position
+ Keep rear wheel on the ground to go fast
+ Timer start when you press "RUN" (gas)
+ Using Brake to brake your motor.

How to download Raceline® APK at

Three popular racing modes in one game for real racers.It doesn't matter which mode you are good at, with Raceline®, you can burn highways , blow dust with rally engines or jump over bumpy roads with 4X4 off-road vehicles.

You can join the races with the vehicle of your choice from 9 realistically made super vehicles. Moreover there will be upgrade and customization options waiting for you to express your style in many exciting races.

Raceline® catches the next-gen graphic and sound technologies. Thanks to the graphic and sound options left for the player, you will experience the game without compromising from performance.

*3 Different game modes: Asphalt, Rally and Off-Road.
*9 Super vehicles with customize and upgrade options.
*Highly optimized Next-Generation graphics and sounds.
*Realistic physics with consistent vehicle behaviours and easy to learn game-play.

How to download Rally Racer Unlocked APK at

This is ultimate version of the Rally Racer, game modes and tracks are unlocked!!
Phisycs system redefined for easy gameplay.

Key Features
*3 different game modes
*12 poweful rally cars
*6 race tracks
*Specially developed car physics and effective drift system
*Control system specialized for the touch screens
*Realistically recreated cars
*So many optimizations for low level devices

How to download RaceReady Vodafone APK at

Test your driving skills on the most spectacular road in the world! The rally game based on the real track of the Transfagarasan road and the real driving performance of Romania’s biggest rally champion. Learn how to smart drive and develop your defensive driving skills.

Are you ready?

How to install Hill Racing To Limbo APK at

We would like to present you one of the most addictive driving games of all time.
Play it for a while and you will definitely fall in love with the thrilling atmosphere.

Unlock lots of vehicles (cars, trucks, motorbikes etc.), upgrade them and try to drive as far as you can on different levels. Collect coins, stars and complete many challenging achievements.

Remember that driving through hills and mountains can be dangerous, try to not crash!
Also don't forget to pick up clocks, so you don't run out of time!
Maybe someday you will reach the limbo?

"Easy to play, hard to master" - they say!

Check rankings to compare your scores with your friends or with all the other players in the world.
Compete with them and try to be #1! Climb as high as you can!

There are lots of hill racing games out there, but this one is special and unique.

- many different vehicles and levels
- lots of upgrades (60 levels of upgrades for each vehicle)
- collect coins, clocks and stars
- achievements
- rankings
- fun and realistic physics
- easy controls
- amazing atmosphere (unique graphics and music)

Like us:

How to download Doomsday Drive APK at

Doomsday Drive is an addictive game for the fans of arcade and racing game. This game will bring speed to your gaming passion.This time, you are on wheels of a modified armed car in a much more detailed gaming experience. Doomsday Drive takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding hunt and survival flames to gameplay.
Invaders have attacked Earth to capture the energy source and survival of the world is upon you. Equip your ride and drive to save the world. Burn up the roads with the fastest and most visually stunning driving game.
This game has special features that will be available time to time. Special perks are pre-Unlocked. So just grab them and show your special moves. But stay alerted, this time, Aliens have some special drone spiders. In the game, you will be called for air defend mode so Play and unlock special surprising mods.
Smash your way to freedom: collect boosts to clear a destructive path through traffic!

Dooms Day Special Features

- Most hard nad addictive game.
- Dodges, Near Miss rewards.
- High-Speed Game.
- A challenge for gamers.
- Fully modified doomed cars.
- Explore Different Mods.
- Drive it your way.
- Special Bonuses.
- Stunning 3D graphics.
- Smooth driving.
- Detailed environment.
- High, Medium and Low Graphic options.
- Time limited Missions.
........and much more let's play to find them.

Please rate us and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

How to install Bike Race 2016 APK at

Bike Race 2016
In the era of racing Voltare Games introduces a new bike racing game for bike racing lovers. Now you can get an excellent experience of bike racing in the game. This game has advanced steering control and all bikes are designed to provide extra road grip. This game has special gift for the gamers and to find those gifts is a mystery. This game will give you a different experience of bike racing as compared to traditional racing game. Voltare Games is providing stable and interesting user interaction.
Here is your chance to step up and prove that you are the most intense and competitive biker!So, just strap on your helmet, mount your motorcycle and drive the fastest you can because you are now a part of Bike Race 2016. get Bike Race 2016 and enjoy the fun of racing.
New Features:
This game has these advanced features and many more.
-6 New Fully High Detailed Levels.
-10 Fully Special Ride Bikes.
-10 Riders-Multiple Race Modes.
-Optional Controls-Advanced Nitro Booster.
-Realistic bike physics at play to give you an actual adrenaline rush.
-High-end racing bikes out-speeding one another.
-Extremely responsive accelerometer.
-Crazy addictive game-play.
-Ultra smooth tilt controls.
Bike Racer 2016 is fully optimized and uses mobile resources efficiently. So you can enjoy your game experience smoothly.
We have made this game compatible , user-friendly and optimized for all mobile devices&tablets, if you have problem during installation, please email us at [email protected]

How to install Fast Legacy Racing APK at

The All New Fast Legacy Racing Game is here just in time
►►►Best Racing Game For "F&F Lover◄◄◄
►►►head-to-head challenges!◄◄◄

Fast Legacy Racing is a fun and exciting sports car racing simulator game. Become the driver of some of the fastest cars on the City streets in a collection of game modes like classic race, countdown, knockdown, and drift. This amazingly realistic racing car driving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast race cars and exciting, dynamic racing levels.
Beat the cars earn the credit, grab the bonus, and upgrade your cars to beat the other challengers that have more heavy steel than yours. Its upto you that
how you are trained to control this piece of metal. You should beat the current challenger to unlock the other. There are total 25 different cars, you can change their
colors and upgrade them using three level upgrading kits. But the most important thing is to earn the credit to buy these up-gradation kits. Color changing of your car
is free for every car.
Realistic Cars:
Drive 25 extremely Fast, beautiful cars on asphalt tracks. Start your career, win enough races and buy new cars to compete in more demanding races.
Start driving in unique cars - never seen before on the asphalt roads in reality and computer games.
Tune & Upgrade
Buy car parts (top speed, acceleration and durability) and upgrade your car. Customize your auto and adjust to your driving style. Doesn’t matter if you like high top speed or pure acceleration - you can modify your car and win races in your own style. Choose which car do do you prefer and buy the one from your dreams - respray the body, mount new engine, improve acceleration and nitro. Become the fastest driver in the city and earn respect from other teams. Show them who is the real car racer.
Realistic City
Universe of illegal races awaits for you. Race in different modes on dangerous asphalt tracks in City. Show your rivals that you are the best in real competition with amazing speed. Pass beautiful modern buildings in real Tokyo street, take unbelievable turns, achieve highest possible velocity among neon.
Fast Legacy Racing offers you a great, fun gaming experience that will help you to become the king of the streets and the best driver on them. So are you excited to get behind the wheel of some realistic super cars and race against other racers, then you'll be very excited to play Fast Legacy Racing!

• Race and drive over 25 cars including favorites from F&F
• Experience the speed of the blazing hot Shredder
• Add to your slick lineup of high-fidelity 3D rides with licensed imports, classics, and exotic vehicles

• Style out your cars with the hottest paint, vinyls, rims, and more
• Unlock new rides and upgrades to leave the competition in the dust
• Take your racing to the next level by upgrading your ride from engine to suspension and everything in between

Are you ready for the challenge? Show your friends what a speed demon looks like!
Fast Legacy Racing will be updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of the game.

How to install Moto Race Throttle Simulator APK at

Moto Race Throttle Simulator - is a game, a sound simulator of a motorcycle on the race; tilt your phone like it’s a throttle and listen to the racing bike engine! The motorcycle sound changes depending on which throttle you choose. Pick a bike, take your phone and tilt it as you were doing full throttle. The tilt sensor will define your acceleration and you’ll be listening to the engine roar! Race with your friends! Find out who’s the best motorcycle rider!
Download this game for free and play it everywhere without internet connection.

How to install Motorcycle handlebar simulator APK at

Motorcycle handlebar simulator - an exciting game with the phone. Use your phone as a motorcycle handlebar! Pretend that you ride your motorcycle, turning the phone as the throttle! Of course before you just wheel motorcycle simulator, not a real steering wheel. You will be able to run the game, pick up the phone in your hand and pretend that presses the throttle. depending on the position of the tilt sensor phone will emit different sounds riding a motorcycle. Do real parody of your riding on a motorcycle. Collect and reset the speed by simply turning the phone as the throttle. Play our simulation and write reviews, we will respond!

How to download Car Driving Simulator APK at

Car Driving Simulator - game where you use the phone as a steering wheel of the car you drive on a road. Always dreamed about your wheels? ‘Car Driving Simulator’ offers 3 cars to choose! Take your phone, choose your ride and drive on a free road! Tilt your phone like it’s a steering wheel! The game comes with the real car sound! Drive with your friends on different cars!

3 cars to choose
3 different car cabins
Endless and beautiful road
Real car sounds

How to install RC Airplane Flight Simulator APK at

RC Airplane Flight is a sound simulator of a radio control plane! Tilt your phone as a radio controller from the RC airplane during a flight, the sound changes if you fly up or down! The tilt sensor will define the direction of your flight! Choose from different radio control airplanes to steer, play with friends, fly up or down like steering an RC plane!

3 RC airplanes!
3 radio controllers for planes!
Fly up or Fly down with the tilt sensor!

How to install Pixel BMX Race APK at

This is side-scrolling BMX racing as you’ve never experienced it!

• Beautiful Pixel Art
• Insane jumps, stunts and flips
• Upgrade BMX parts include crank, suspension, tires and hop
• Customize characters
• 12+ terrains (Halloween, Xmas, Desert, Moon, Beach, Countryside) etc...
• Unlock 12+ BMX bikes and characters
• Play offline

How to install Hill Rally APK at

This is a rag-doll physics adventure game in which you control a cars on dangerous track with a variety of obstacles. Endless run mode.

- Endless run mode.
- Awesome Rag-doll physics
- 4+ characters/riders
- 9+ addictive worlds
- Many amazing vehicles
- Realistic physics
- Unlimited tracks
- Upgradeable vehicle parts
- Simple controls
- Cool stunts

Get it while it is free!

How to download Motorun 2 APK at

This is a rag-doll physics adventure game in which you control a motorbike on a dangerous track with a variety of obstacles. Overcome obstacles and collect coins on the way. Ride at the maximum speed, jump over pits and water, use ramps and loops. Brake in time on difficult parts of the route. Buy new motorbike and improve them. Endless run mode.

Please support me by RATING and SHARING

• Endless Run
• Awesome Rag-doll physics
• 4+ characters/riders
• 9+ addictive worlds
• Many amazing motorbikes
• Realistic physics
• Unlimited tracks
• Upgradeable motorbike parts
• Simple controls (Tilt or Controls)
• Cool stunts

Get it while it is free!

How to download ATV Rally APK at

This is a rag-doll, very addictive and realistic physics adventure game in which you control a ATV on a dangerous track with a variety of obstacles. Overcome obstacles and collect coins on the way. Ride at the maximum speed, jump over pits and water, use ramps and loops.

Use your skills to drive your ATV over 9 terrains and UNLIMITED challenging tracks, picking up Coins and Power Ups to customize your ride. Endless run mode.

- Endless Run
- Awesome Rag-doll physics
- 4+ characters/riders
- 9+ addictive worlds
- Realistic physics
- Simple controls (Tilt or Controls)
- Pick up coins to upgrade
- Unlimited tracks
- Cool stunts
- Awesome graphics

Get it while it is free!

How to download Motorun Lite: Hill Run APK at

One of the most addictive physics based game ever made! And it's free!

In this simple and fast-paced physics-based free motorbike game, tilt your device or use controls to lean your motorbike and touch the screen to accelerate/brake.

*****Please support me by RATING and SHARING*****

- Awesome Rag-doll physics
- Simple controls
- Unlimited tracks
- 4+ characters/riders
- Pick up coins to unlock bikes
- Many addictive worlds
- Many amazing bikes and ATV vehicles
- Cool stunts
- Hill Climb racing

Get it while it is free!

How to install VR Real Feel Motorcycle APK at

All Android devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat) and Bluetooth Smart/4 can

download this app, but we cannot guarantee that it will work on all Android

phones. To find out more, please visit our website:

This app is FREE to play.

With VR Real Feel Motocross, you'll be racing against other bike riders through

stunts and jumps and twists and turns! 8 different courses to race, including

indoor, outdoor, and even road courses! Level up and unlock new bikes with

different performance characteristics, new track levels as you move up in the

race campaign! Free app download from Google Play. VR headset also works

with hundreds of other free VR games available for download!

- VR Real Feel Motocross comes with everything you need to start racing -

VR headset, free Android app, and a Bluetooth handlebar for ultimate


- Use your Bluetooth handlebars to race and unlock 8 different motorcycles,

including an ATV each with different performance characteristics! Unlock

over 8 different tracks with 4 levels each as you level up!

-The Max Force Feedback in the handlebars lets you feel every bump and

jump or when you crash into other bikes or obstacles for even more


- Our VR headset has a comfortable foam face, adjustable straps, and an

adjustable phone cradle that will hold up larger phones. Additionally, you


can use our headset with your Android phone with hundreds of other free

VR apps available on Google Play.

- Easy setup - download the free app from Google Play. Minimum OS

requirement is Android 4.4. Put 3 AAA batteries (not included) into the

handlebar. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and place your smartphone

in the headset & race!


- Turn on your handlebars, launch the VR Real Feel Motocross App; press the

Scan button to connect.

For Best Performance:

• Turn off other active apps on your Android Phone.

• Ensure Bluetooth is turned on.

• Adjust the harness of the headset to fit your head

• Keep your handlebars upright and play through the tutorial level to learn how to


• After playing for 20 minutes, take a 5-minute break to avoid any feelings of


How to install Extreme Car Racing:Flying game APK at

Welcome to The Extreme Car Racing Flying games.

Do you love Flying car Racing games? Want to fly your racing car like an airplane games ?
This game is perfect for you! You can test your airplane pilot skills and motor driving ability at the same time.
This Real Car Flying 3d racing game is a game concerning the Sport car in the flying sky race and real action with Best flying car Driving simulator 2016. Being a best pilot with car driver !!!! it’s time for you to perform the futuristic car driving with one of the best car flying 3d games . In this Game stunt must be applied but here stunt in the sky .so we can flying in the sky.

This game is only for Fun.....

Enjoy a Real Physic flying car 3d simulator and be the best motorcar stunt race driver.
airborne motorcar Free: This game is made for all fans of free carriage driving games, 3d Simulation games and Airplane Flight game.
Futuristic airborne Real carriage Driving is best for you!

Download Extreme Car Racing Flying and experience realistic 3D graphics!


• Brilliant Flying Sports Cars
• Different Levels to Play
• HD 3D Graphics
• Amazing Sound Effects
• Knockout System in all Levels
• Stunning HD Graphics

How to install повышенная передача гонки 3D APK at

реальные гонки! реальный драйв и адреналин!
когда ты еще ходил пешком под стол, твой отец гоняй на машинах по двору, теперь и ты можешь это сделать! скачай игру и разъезжай на реальных машинах в реально времени!
Побеждай, проигрывай, это не важно, главное ощути все эмоции настоящих гонок на мобильном устройстве !
-Супер графика
-Нереальная физика!
-Мега музыка! Удачной игры!

How to download ВАЗ 2109 реальные гонки 3D APK at

Окунись с мир красочной графики, скорости и азарта, гоняй на ВАЗ 2109 драг. Ты думал, что получать адреналин от езды можно только в реальной жизни? Ты ошибался! скачивай нашу игру и ты окунешься в мир дрифта, драг рейсинга , адреналина и экстрима! побеждай, гоняй, соревнуйся!
-Самая лучшая графика на сегодняшний день
-Отличная оптимизация позволяющая играть на всех девайсах
-Музыка погружающая в атмосферу игры
-Нереально погружение в мир гонок
Играй, соревнуйся и побеждай!
Удачной игры!

How to download UAZ УАЗ вне дорожные гонки 3D APK at

Гоняй на шикарных Машинах по просторам городов, ночных трасс! выигрывай рез личные виды гонок, дрифт, драг, спринт! ты лучший гонщик помни это, постарайся добиться
высот и доказать всем, что ты король этих трасс и только ты им можешь быть и ни кто другой!
-Супер гонки
-Мега графика
-Супер супер физика
-Лучшая оптимизация!
Гоняй, выигрывай, доказывай!

How to install Russia Тачки: ГАЗ ЗАЗ ТАЗ ВАЗ APK at

Гоняй на скорой помощи во времена СССР на ГАЗ АА ! 50тые года, город охватывает эпидемия, ты играешь за водителя скорой помощи, спаси город, ты должен отвезти всех больных
людей в мед пункт, те кто уже сильно болен должен скидывать в обрыв , что бы остановить распространение заразы, помни, судьба города зависит только от тебя!
-Новая графика 2015 года
-Лучший искусственный интеллект
-Лучшая физика

How to download Russia тачки: ВАЗ ТАЗ 3D дрифт APK at

Катай на Вазе дедовском и наслаждайся гонкой! довольно простая игра на Вазе, почувствуй весь кайф на езде на этой шикарной машине,
рев мотора, запах жженой резины, адреналин, это все тебя ждет в нашей игре, красивая графика и лучшая физика
-Супер физика
-Хорошая графика
-Лучшее погружение в виртуальный мир
Удачной игры!

How to install ВАЗ-ТАЗ реальный гонки 3D 2106 APK at

ГОняй на ВАЗ-ТАЗ, скорости, драйв, адреналин! ты реальный гонщик?? реальный водила?? ДОКАЖИ ЭТО, скачивай нашу игру и покоряй просторы дорог!
-Супер графика
-Нереальная физика
-Лучшие спецэффекты
-Лучшая музыка
-супер оптимизация
ИГРАЙ! Удачной игры!

How to install ГАЗ 3110 Волга ночные гонки 3D APK at

Гоняй по просторам Ночного города на Газике , покажи реальную скорость , реальный адреналин, КАРОЧЕ супер игра!
-реальная графика
-лучшая детализация
-офигенная графика
-лучшая физика
Ктай, ИГРАЙ!!! ЙОУ!

How to install ТАЗ Приора Porsche Racing free APK at

- Большой выбор машин
- Большой выбор трасс
- Самая лучшая графика
- Нереальная физика
- Возможность тюнинга и стайлинга
- Нереальная скорость
- Получи большую дозу адреналина, гоняя на реальных крутых машинах!

How to download Лада ВАЗ Восьмерка Гоняй дрифт APK at

Гоняй на тюненой Восьмерке! покажи реальную скорость! Таз у тебя в крови! покажи и докажи! что ты реальный стрит рейсер.
Адреналин, Драйв!
-Супер графика
-Лучшая физика
-Самая лучшая оптимизация
-Наилучшие звуки
-Самое хорошее погружение в виртуальный мир

How to install Гонки за Запорах ЗАЗ по снегу APK at

Гоняй по снегу на Дедовской иномарке ЗАЗ , устрой реальные гонки на запорках, входи в дрифт и почувствую всю мощь этой супер машины
-Супер графика
-Супер физика
-Супер оптимизация
-Супер звуки
ЖДИ ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ! йоу! гоняй и возбуждай девушек!

How to install Реальный дрифт на Волге гонки APK at

ты думал, что играя нельзя почувствовать Адреналин? ТЫ ОШИБАЛСЯ! гоняй на тюненой дедоской волге, скорости, дрифт, адреналин!
-Супер графика
-Лучшая оптимизация
-Лучшие звуки
-Реальная атмосфера
ГОняй! ты реальный гонщик! Волга это жизнь!

How to install TAZ Lada Priora drift racing APK at

- 3D графика
- Реалистичная физика
- Музыкальное сопровождение
- Дикие скорости
- Без доната
- Минимум рекламы

How to install ВАЗ Копейка дрифт симулятор 3D APK at

Ты думал, что уже не сможешь погонять на дедовском тазике? ты ошибся! качай Игру и окунись с мир своего Деда, дрифтуй, гоняй, наслаждайся жизни пока можешь!
-Супер графика
-Супер физика
-Супер оптимизация
-Самые лучшие звуки
-Самые лучшие разработчики!

How to install City Street Bike Racing: Xtreme Motorcycle Rider APK at

it’s time to hit the roads in motorcycle stunt racing!

Buckle up for hot wheels stunts action as highway rider in extreme motocross bike racing. City Street Bike Racing is an xtreme motorcycle rider game for adrenaline filled moto cross adventure to race on super sports bike while smashing opponent motorbikes. Race at top speed and outsmart your rivals to win each street racing in trial bike stunt race madness.

Welcome to the tricky motorcycle racing experience! Real bike racing is a must have game for flying motor bike riders who break the rules on extreme asphalt tracks. This time, you are behind the wheels of a monster motorcycle in more detailed circuit racing experience. Get ready for adrenaline fueled stunt racing action and ride your way to victory in the fastest lane of all. Start the engine, hit the gas to ride fast and experience the thrill of handling a 200 HP beast in multiple heavy bikes. Go bumper to bumper with elite stunt riders and win the new york motorcycle championship. Ride your fast bike in the endless highway roads overtaking the other traffic riders. Hit the ramps and take xtreme motorbike race beyond the limits of physics as you break free from gravity with your flying motorcycle. So feed your passion for hot wheels with street bike or just go wild on supercharged roads as you take ride in extreme stunt bike race.

Explore the exotic locations and race head to head in action packed motorbike game. Launch yourself as a competitive biker and maneuver through the air while pulling off insane stunts. Take heavy bike racing challenge to smash, throw and kick out mad rivals to cross finish line first. Launch off an enormous jump, land on monster motorcycle hot wheels and crash into rivals in this trial xtreme bike racing game.

Ride on your speed bike in epic modes: Checkpoint Race, Circuit Racing, Knockout Round, Speed Trap. Raise the stakes, show your muscle and smash your way through high-speed bike races. From NY street racing tracks to the sharp turns of supercharged roads, you’ll find a world of challenge to the top speed. So wreck your opponents fast motorbike and show mad skills to be the ultimate motocross champion in trial xtreme bike assault.

City Street Bike Racing 3D Simulator Game Features:
Thrilling motor-bike race game with modern bike stunts
20 intriguing levels to complete in 4 street racing modes
Exciting modes: Checkpoint Race, Circuit Racing, Knockout Round, Speed Trap
Unlock unique hot bikes for utmost motorbike riding adventures
Detailed models with realistic atv quad bike physics
Immersive sounds and smooth controls for motocross madness
Nerve wrecking high speed race & trail bike stunts

Download City Street Bike Racing 3D Simulator Game NOW and have an xtreme motorcycle rider experience of all the times!

How to install Street Legal Speed Car Xtreme Racing APK at

Buckle up for extreme mayhem and adrenaline-filled muscle car racing over street legal asphalt rally tracks. Play Street Legal Speed Car Xtreme Racing game to drive super sports cars while smashing opponent muscle cars. Race in top speed car and outsmart your racing rivals to win each raceline in the most dangerous and furious driving game. Enhance your speed car stunt racing and street driving simulator skills to race in american muscle cars.

It’s the speed car racing game for those who break the rules and can’t be constrained by the limits of drift car race track. Featuring real xtreme sports cars, perfect drift racing, burnout tires on asphalt racing tracks and free-flying adventures. Hit the ramps and take asphalt rally racing beyond the limits of physics as you break free from gravity with your circuit racing car. Revved up engine and maneuver through the air while pulling off insane stunts in your speed car to maximize your sprint. The harder the highway race, the greater the triumph! So feed your passion for hot wheels with american muscle car or just go wild on supercharged roads as you drive in hottest gt racing.

Drive your street legal speed car in xtreme racing modes: Checkpoint Raceline, Circuit Racing, Knockout Round, Speed Racing Trap, Time Trial. Raise the stakes, show your muscle and smash your way through high-speed drag races. Each mode is versatile along with its xtreme car racing specifications. In exclusive Time Trial raceline mode, you can select a Ghost Car that will allow you to race along with your previous street racing trial to beat past speed and set fast muscle cars racing goals. From tokyo street racing tracks to the sharp turns of supercharged roads, you’ll find a world of challenge to the top speed.

Race in some of the hottest vehicles, from american muscle cars to super sports car, as you drive hot wheels on top speed car racing. We’ve unleashed the biggest brand cars: Porsche, Bentley, Dodge, Lamborghini, GT-R R35, Camaro, Corvette car and much more.

Become an ultimate car drift racing king as there are no limits! So forget everything you know about car stunt racing, because all you need here is street legal speed car skills and a fearless desire for xtreme racing. You’ll race over xtreme racing tracks and climb past your opponent muscle cars to reach the finish raceline in asphalt rally racing. Show drag racer rivals real style with burnout trials and maximize your street driving performance with turbo speed, motor superchargers, nitro and much more. One of the best street legal speed race across the world’s racing asphalt tracks behind the wheel of your top speed car.

Street Legal Speed Car Xtreme Racing Game Features:
Thrilling gameplay with xtreme racing & street car drift simulator
Exciting modes: Checkpoint Raceline, Circuit Racing, Knockout, Speed Racing Trap, Time Trial
Unlock speed muscle cars: Porsche, Bentley, GT-R R35, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Corvette
Detailed street car models with real time physics and smooth controls
High-fidelity motor sounds for realistic audio immersion

Embark on a journey for drift car racing in furious driving style. Download Street Legal Speed Car Xtreme Racing right now for FREE!

How to install Off-Road Jeep Parking Simulator: 4x4 SUV Driving APK at

This is gonna be stirring offroad parking adventure!

Start extreme offroad trucking and 4x4 parking challenge to reanimate your super suv driving test. Off-Road Jeep Parking Simulator is an ultimate 4x4 suv driving experience to drive safari truck and show your skills as an expert offroad driver. Climb the highest mountains, race through mud tracks and complete offroad truck parking challenges in this exciting racing simulator.

It’s ultimate offroad driving simulator experience! The offroad parking trials awaiting, inspired by the real competition rules and dirt track reminiscent of real forest driving locales. Start your career in 4x4 russian suv or pickup truck and progress through ever powerful vehicles on your way to victory. Power through mud, traverse rivers, avoid obstacles, climb ramps, cross narrow trench and pass over log bridges; all designed to test your extreme 4x4 russian suv driving and extreme truck parking skills in entirely new ways.

Experience the thrill of trials driving coz it’s time to get muddy! Make your ride through the rock mazes, bumpy terrain test tracks, through mud paths and rivers, over incredible log bridges, hill climbs and cross-country races. Control the power of your safari truck to make it around in one piece. Drive usa trucks upon log bridges and find parking place in 6x6 offroad truck driving simulator. You’ll have to summon the skills required if you want to be the ultimate off-road driver. Dynamite 4x4 truck on tricky terrain for offroad legends parking adventures. If you're a real trucker, then take out your super tornado russian truck and drive on extreme rock mazes and rugged terrains. Show flawless offroad suv truck dexterity while driving a gigantic 6x6 off-road vehicles. Park offroad jeeps and buggies with precision at challenging parking places to be an ultimate offroad driver.

Featuring fantastic off-road vehicles, 4x4 cars, pickups, monster trucks and specialist rally cars. Take a fleet of epic 4x4 trucks, buggies, offroad suv, centipede truck & pickups through their paces at the amazing forest dirt track driving school. Wiggle 4x4 dirt jeep and take to the max on a huge number of exciting offroad and precision trials driving courses. From powerful offroad suv jeep to the incredible supercar monster truck parking, every vehicle has its own challenges in order to navigate the obstacle courses. Balance your speed and control to master each of the intense parking missions. Revved up engine for hill climb forest driving in super monster russian truck destruction modes and become 4x4 truck driver.

Off-Road Jeep Parking Simulator Game Features:
Challenging 4x4 parking missions to master offroad driving skills
Varied offroad vehicles to choose for 6x6 offroad parking
Epic off-road 4x4 trucks, buggies, offroad SUVs & pickups
Uphill rock mazes and treacherous roads along steep hills
Real physics of revved up motor engine with wheel suspension
Immersive 4x4 driving controls on off road dirt tracks
Realistic 3D graphics and massive countryside area to explore

Download Off-Road Jeep Parking Simulator to drive through rocky grand canyons for unending 4x4 suv driving and 6x6 offroad parking trials.

How to download Smart Car Driving School 3D: Airport Parking Mania APK at

Are you looking for the most genuine car driving experience? You’ve surely come to the right place!

Get behind the steering wheel and start your luxury car engine in the most realistic city driving simulator game of 2017. Play Smart Car Driving School and experience the thrill to drive & park american car around metro city in multilevel plaza, airport, high school and parking lot. Drive muscle car with highest precision around corners, obstacles, and parking lot borders with speed and accuracy. Learn to drive sports car on big city roads and follow traffic rules to avoid collision. Hop on the driver seat of your favourite sports car, put the seat belt on and start the engine. Show your xtreme luxury car driving skills and stop at the red light, intersection lights, use blinkers when turning and turn on your wipers where necessary.

Get enrolled in driving school and master your car driver skills to be king of the road in this parking simulator game. Drive luxury prado car on big city roads and park at the right spot in multilevel plaza or parking lot. Wide range of super-fast luxury cars to drive like prado car, rover, vans, limos, suv, 4x4, GT cars and sports coupes. Jump into your favourite smart car and go for test drive around NY city. Find the vacant spot and park on airport parking area. Be careful on signal lights, obey city traffic rules and avoid over speed. Parking prado car at the fixed spots in multistorey plaza requires real driver skills and precision. Avoid crashing with barriers and other parked vehicles for a perfect carpark. Drive out of the smart car garage; move through the real city traffic and park backwards like pro driver. Ultra realistic super-fast luxury car driving physics with breathtaking graphics. Open world metropolis environment with multiple parking lots, multilevel plaza, city airport, shopping malls. Race around metro city on smart car, drift on sharp turns and park at the multistory plaza in this parking mania.

To become a real driver follow traffic rules and stop at red light to avoid car accidents in this driving school simulator. Unlike valet parking you have to drive vintage car and park it yourself. Hard parking challenges requires real driver skills. Simply one of the best driving school game of 2017.

Smart Car Driving School: Airport Parking Mania Key Features:

How to download Offroad Camper Van Truck Simulator: Camping Car 3D APK at

Feel the new endless offroad truck adventure starting!

Let’s start camper truck engine for endless 4x4 hill climb driving adventure. Play Offroad Camper Van Truck Simulator, a sequel of best hummer trailer truck driving game to start offroad camping car and go for weekend getaways. Choose your summer camper van and drive it through a rugged terrain on a secluded hilly island. It’s summer vacation! Pack your bags and go for camping on rv caravan. Drive cruiser car, attach with camper truck trailer car and complete offroad car parking missions on multiple dirt tracks.

It's the ultimate 6x6 offroad truck driving simulator experience! The offroad adventures awaiting, inspired by the weekend drive and camper trailer truck parking around big city campsites. Immerse yourself into the greatest summertime adventure and prepare your rv caravan for long term weekend drive, this time off the roads.

Longing is over! Camper Van Truck Simulator is here with the new version! Get ready for a renegade riding adventure off the roads. Remember smooth city roads? Well those don’t exist anymore! Experience the thrill of driving amazing camping cars along with american truck and offroad mountain jeeps in a wild, roadless environment. Select your favorite cruiser car, attach with camper truck trailer car and get lost in extreme offroading adventures. Show your 4x4 offroad pickup truck simulator skills while driving hover car trailer along with summer camper van. Drive minibuses, offroad jeeps & camper trailers through curvy roads and cross river bridge suspension. Climb highest mountains, race along the death defying narrow rocky ridge, overcome tricky mud and avoid getting stuck in a narrow trench. Explore hazardous hilly roads & dangerous mountains as american truck driver to complete long term parking missions.

Show your skills as an off-road driver and complete multiple challenges in a selection of summer house vehicles. Enjoy summer vacation adventure driving and camper trailer parking experience on crazy paths. Drive, park and cruise your summer camper truck through countryside roads, fantasy forests and hill climb areas. Drive USA truck or offroad mountain jeep and attach rv boat trailer to transport motorboats on river side. Take a fleet of 4x4 offroad camping cars, camper van and USA trucks through their paces at the amazing forest dirt tracks. Next-gen graphics of sunshine coast events with articulated trailer van rv physics makes it the best driving simulator.

Offroad Camper Van Truck Parking Simulator Game Features:
Spectacular gameplay in camping car trailer parking missions
Drive cruiser car jeep, rv caravan, 6x6 offroad truck
Detailed camper trailer models with real time physics
Realistic offroad terrain on hill top outskirts far from USA city
Advanced turbo engine designed for hummer trailer vehicles
Realistic 3D graphics with amazing sound effects
Drive ahead in huge open world environment

Download Offroad Camper Van Truck Parking Simulator game for unending fun of countryside driving rv caravan in summer vacation adventures.

How to download Camper Van Truck Simulator: Cruiser Car Trailer 3D APK at

It’s summer vacation time! Start greatest motorsport adventure while driving modern camper van of 2017. Play the latest simulation game: Camper Van Truck Simulator to drive cruiser car, attach with camper truck trailer and complete summer car parking missions.

In this summer season, get ready for an adventurous driving and multi level parking experience on crazy paths. Remember uphill dangerous offroads? Well those don’t exist anymore! Experience the thrill of driving summer camper truck on realistic smooth roads around sunny beach. Select your favorite cruiser car, attach with camper truck trailer, and drive around tropical beaches of USA. Caper the magnificent view of blue sea as you pass through vertigo-inducing oceanside routes. The game features beautiful sunny spots which make stunt driving and truck parking around big city a true pleasure. Drive minibuses, offroad jeep and camper trailer through caravans around crowded campsites and dense forests. Drive hover car trailer without crashing into city traffic cars, USA trucks and other obstacles. Realistic outdoor environments, detailed minibus vehicles and complex interiors will make you feel like driving a real rv caravan bus. Get on board and drive hover car along with summer camper van to complete all the routes with precision driving.

Immerse yourself into the greatest summertime adventure and prepare your rv caravan for long term weekend ride. Drive, park and cruise your summer camper truck through countryside farm houses, fantasy forests and tropical beach of grand city. Drive USA truck or offroad mountain jeep and attach boat trailer to transport motorboats on beach side. Drive at high speeds and don’t let curvy paths or treacherous turns slow you down. Next-gen graphics of sunshine coast events with articulated trailer van physics makes this simulator the best to become a tycoon.

Camper Van Truck Parking Simulator Game Features:
Drive multiple vehicles: cruiser car jeep, RV caravan, camper truck
Detailed camper trailer models with real time physics
Realistic multilevel and camping car parking lots
Spectacular gameplay in car trailer driving & parking missions
Dynamic traffic to drive ahead in outdoor environment
Advanced turbo engine designed for big trailer vehicles
Realistic 3D graphics with amazing sound effects

Download Camper Van Truck Parking Simulator game for unending fun of summer drive with speed, style and precision.

How to install Bumper Car Crash Racing Fever- Demolition Derby 3D APK at

Buckle up for adrenaline filled bumper car racing inside whirlpool demolition arena or underwater cage. Play Bumper Car Crash Racing Fever 3D simulator game for extreme gameplay while smashing opponents vehicle. Dodge cars in opposite directions and crash enemy vehicles to be the last racer standing in bumper car destruction zone.

Welcome to bumper crash course of cars, a multiplayer game where your goal is to smash opponent vehicles before getting destroyed. Roll into whirlpool demolition car culture and start adrenaline-filled xtreme racing. Bumper cars destruction is a game where you must eliminate rivals by striking them with your dodge car. Built in a breathtaking environment, the amazing sport auto tracks are laid down between tall buildings and over water. Overtake enemies while burning asphalt but don't crash your sports car. Outrun opponent cars and outsmart your rivals in the most furious racing game. Leave gravity in air and evade relentless force to crash cars & smash in xtreme motorsport game ever. Launch yourself among whirlpool rivals, hit the racing pedal and take an extreme ride in bumper crash course. Bang in opponent bumpy cars and full track speedway racers that will offer you the thrill of a lifetime. Destroy other players in runner race and climb the leaderboards.

Embark on a journey to crash cars in furious driving style. Rules of whirlpool dodging cars consists of bumper racing drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. Hit, thrash and knockout the rivalry to become last dodge car driver in epic multiplayer auto battle. With the blend of derby car games and dodging cars simulator, this is treat for 2017 sport game lovers. Created with amazing physics and aerodynamics, the vehicle controls are incredible. Be careful to avoid the opponent cars coming from opposite direction. Avoid crashing in other bumper cars because being the best crash car destruction is your motto.

Bumper Car Demolition Derby Racing Game Features:
Thrilling bumper racing game with epic crash mania
20 intriguing missions to complete in whirlpool arena & underwater cage
Crash racing modes upon tall buildings and over the water
Detailed dodge car models with real time physics
Immersive sounds and smooth controls for banger racing

Download Bumper Car Crash Racing Fever, latest action packed simulator game for enthralling gameplay to be an ultimate car rash driver.

How to install Xtreme Demolition Derby Racing- Muscle Cars Crash APK at

Buckle up for extreme mayhem and adrenaline-filled muscle car racing inside traditional demolition derbies arena. Play Xtreme Demolition Derby Racing 3D simulator game for extreme gameplay while smashing opponents derby cars. Drive monster jack in opposite directions and crash enemy vehicles to be the last racer standing in car war zone.

Dare to be an ultimate derby driver in extreme demolition death racing. Roll into whirlpool demolition car culture and start adrenaline-filled xtreme racing. Leave gravity in dust and evade relentless force to crash & smash in xtreme motorsport game ever. Launch yourself between chaos among destruction rivals, hit the gas pedal to increase auto speed and hold on tight, you’re in for the ride of your life. Destroy opponents in demolition derbies and full track speedway racers that will offer you the thrill of a lifetime.

Outrun opponent cars and outsmart your rivals in the most dangerous & furious driving game. Rules of demolition derby consists of muscle car drivers competing by deliberately ramming their monster vehicles into one another. Hit, thrash and knockout the rivalry to become last derby driver in epic multiplayer battle arena. Choose from range of derby cars or monster trucks and drive to smash and thrash in knockout racing war. In european countries derby race is known as banger racing and more likely enduro racing in the United States. Ride bumper cars on dirt tracks and win through strengthen your endurance race. Hit through crazy car wreckage mode to crash opponents and survive to be the last car standing after racing carnage. Smash into other autocars and limit derby car damage for victory. Smell petrol fumes in survival arena and enjoy vehicular combat crash racing. Hop on your sturdy bumper car collision and enter destruction derby arena. Choose among 3 thrilling death race modes along with real flying car combat. Ride on spectacular frozen tracks and sand arenas across the countryside for endless destruction driving mania.

For survival mode, don’t let the rival cars destroy your derby vehicle. Overtake and hit hard for collision and opponent car damage in xtreme truck destruction modes. Execute reckless collisions and don’t get hit from rivals to prevent your crazy car from extreme damages. Build and upgrade extreme rides with an unbelievable range of bumper cars and gigantic truck for epic destruction simulator. Play in breathtaking environments that you’ll need to tame with craziest stunts you can pull off in combat racing arena. Fire up nitro, smash opponent vehicles and survive in wrecking coliseum.

Xtreme Demolition Derby Racing 3D Simulator Game Features:
Thrilling demolition derby game with extreme racing & epic car destruction
20 intriguing missions to complete in battle arenas, race tracks & speedways
Unlock derby cars and monster trucks for utmost banger racing
Crash racing modes: Sand Storm Arena, Frozen Peak Arena & Survival Pit
Detailed car models and collision damages with real time physics
Immersive sound effects and smooth controls for realistic car driving
Nerve wrecking high speed race & realtime car death racing

Embark on a journey for total car wreckage in furious driving style. Download Xtreme Demolition Derby Racing, latest action-simulator game for enthralling gameplay in extreme car collision modes.

How to install Thug Life Gangster Car Driver APK at

Join the most dangerous criminal underworld gang in the newest crime city game. In modern sniper shooter game; you are the most cunning thief of this mafia empire. So buckle up for the thrilling sniper shooting and extreme car driving. Do some real action racing & shooting to get rich. Grab car, shoot other gangsters and get away with cash. Take out your pistol and take down law enforcement. Rush through crazy traffic to escape the chasing police cars. Experience the notorious thug life; exhibit extraordinary skills in some insane crime missions and become the chief of criminal empire.

Modern city has now become the notorious burglar’s turf. Sneaky gangsters syndicate is the real challenge. Be a stealth thief, break into bank and loot other criminals. Grab auto car after stealing cash to runaway from police vehicles. Drive fast to get away from urban police chase. Extreme driving sports car in city traffic to getaway from chasing cops is challenging. Be an expert sniper shooter in this action packed furious racing. Get inside exotic cars and drive recklessly to escape chasing cars in spectacular city. Aim precise and shoot hostile enemies otherwise police officer will arrest you. Complete the thrilling escape missions and park the stolen vehicles at safe parking destination. Enjoy other exciting theft missions in sniper shooter mode with this newest gangster car driver game.

Experience the best robbery escape game with latest street crime missions. Enjoy extreme car driving in heavy traffic to escape police chase. Join underworld mafia to plan a grand heist and snatch money from thugs wandering in streets. Use your extreme driving & precise shooting skills to escape from aggressive cops. Become the most cunning and sneaky robber in huge crime empire.

10 action-based gangsters missions
Escape driver missions with multiple cars to drive
Amazing city environment with realistic lifestyle
Smooth controller for driving and gun shooting
Action packed gameplay with amazing sounds

How to download School Bus Parking Simulation APK at

***Let's start up boys and girls! here's our new simulator game school bus parking 3d. This parking game is going to drive u crazy because here comes the responsibility on your shoulders to drop the kids safely and timely. So you have to drive and park the school bus safely at the parking place. It will be the real time challenge to drive the bus into lots of different parking and 3D driving situations, learn the ropes of being a real school bus driver.

***You love to drive something bigger? Driving a car is easy or parking one? But bus parking and driving needs real skills. The game has super smooth controls on the screen, realistic vehicle physics and challenging parking and driving missions. Parking bus is fun but not so much fun as a real new cool free bus simulator in a 3D city!

***school bus parking features***

* You can choose the bus of your choice from the bus selection.
* Earn the credit n unlock the buses.
* 20 super cool missions to unlock and play with mind blowing buses.
* Amazing graphics with 3d city environment.
* You need to watch traffic on the streets to drop the kids safely.
* Smooth game play with realistic controls.

****tested on the devices****

samsung S2
samsung S3
samsung S4
note 2
note 3
Experia s

***We hope you will enjoy this Schoolbus parking 3D simulator a new parking and free driving game and drive safely. Please give use some support by rating our game or by liking our Facebook page or you can follow us on twitter!

How to download Bike Striker APK at

It is a funny and easy racing game. The player can drive a super bike against competitors around the beautiful cities of Taiwan. You can launch the special items to destroy other drivers, just as banana, brick, ink & bomb...and so on. Also, you can change your bike in the store when you won prize money in the game. You know, all's fair in game!

==What's new?
1. Add a new control mode to turn around your device to drive the bike. Please change "CONTROLS" in the "OPTION".

How to install Tuk Tuk City Auto Rikshaw APK at

Tuk Tuk City Auto Rikshaw game represents real Pakistani rickshaw culture it is based on real life’s of Pakistani Tuk Tuk rikshaw drivers, who drive their Tuk Tuk in different beautiful long routes of Pakistan with a local cultural Music and songs. The background music resembles the real culture of Pakistan, which is an additional attraction in this Tuk Tuk game. This background folk music will enhance your driving craze.
TUK TUK AUTO RICKSHAW DRIVER is the most excellent Rickshaw driving games where you can enjoy the feeling of pick and drop job just like a crazy taxi. I you have not travelled ever with a Tuk Tuk rickshaw when you went on a leave? No then it will be the best experience to drive a Tuk Tuk rickshaw. The task is about to go out and taxi the passengers and cargo to their destination. So park on the exact point and make the passengers happy.
In this incredible rickshaw parking game you can get the feeling like you are on a holiday. Here you can show your driving skills.
Just like local Pakistani passenger transport bus or taxi you can drive rickshaw and can drop passengers at their desired destination or you have to do cargo transporting duty like cargo rickshaws. It’s fun to drive the rickshaw at the cultural environment. 3D real environment makes this game closer to the real local rickshaw driving. Transporting passengers on this Pakistani rickshaw in traffic at their destination is very quick and rapid duty as compared to the car, bus, taxi or any other auto vehicle. Pakistani peoples really like this auto rickshaw riding while travelling locally.
In racing and parking Tuk Tuk Auto rickshaw game 2017 there are beautiful environments in the Moto taxi rickshaw parking game and very attractive scenes in the real tuk tuk rush drive game.
Now you can learn driving Pakistani rickshaw here
Game is very easy and realistic. Your job is to transport passengers between the bus stops, more you transport passengers more you can earn. You can purchase more dominant buses from your earning. At very first start your engine then shift the gear, force down the race pedal to drive your passenger pick and drop Rikshaw from one destination to next. Park your public transport bus within available time because you have a limited time. So you have to do your pick & drop duty with in the given time. You need to hurry up and perform your duty as soon as possible. Tuk Tuk Driver needs to be attentive because the traffic cop is inspecting the traffic. Be kind and obey traffic rules! Load your passengers or cargo into your Tuk Tuk Rikshaw and drop them safely to the desired destination.
You have to focus on your driving. Your small mistake will appear in the form of level failure. Handle your rickshaw cautiously on the dangerous and risky off road. You will become an skilled and great driver by playing this transporting rickshaw game.
Real Tuk Tuk passenger Driving transportation and modern rickshaw parking mission can be fail on any spot by your small mistake. Get to the far off locations by riding the tuk tuk racing auto rickshaw.
Game play includes different attractive Rikshaws. Enjoy the real feelings of Pakistani Rikshaw culture.
If you want to enjoy this game then download and play this Amazing transport game. It will be a great experience for you.
This game will test your skills of driving. If you can manage what this duty takes then you will become an expert tuk tuk taxi driver.
Everyone can enjoy amazing tuk tuk rickshaw. It’s an amazing tuk tuk rickshaw driving game.
Game Features:
- A real tuk tuk rickshaw
- Pick and drop passengers service
- 3D real environment
- High Definition attractive graphics
- Multiple traffic challenging levels.
- Simple and easy to play
- Smooth and realistic controls
- Interesting game for peoples with any age level.

How to install PK Bus Simulator 2017 APK at

PK Bus Simulator 2017 is most addictive BUS driving simulator game with amusing songs and music’s.
PK Bus Simulator 2017 game is based on real life’s of Pakistani BUS Drivers, who drive their BUS in different long routes of Pakistan like Karachi to khyber, Gilgit Baltistan, Gwadar to Khunjerab, G.T Road, and Motor Ways, etc.
The Bus décor and the background music resemble the ambiance of real-life Pakistan, which is an additional attraction of this Bus racing game.
Long route BUS driving is no specialty on highways; in Pakistan it is an integral part of logistics system of the country. The game is meant for global audience but its ambiance is made of Pakistani Bus tradition! Check and download the app for offering your racing frenzy a grand boost as a Pakistani BUS Driver.
Best 3D driver and simulation game 2016 for youngster, teens and mature people who love to play time race games in their smart phone devices. As a Bus Driver your duty is to transport passengers between the bus stops around the city more you transport passenger more you can earn. You can buy more powerful buses from your earning. This huge commercial bus has been named as the Pk Bus Simulator 2016 You’re a bus driver and drive this passenger pick up big city bus. This is a super cool funky parking 3d simulation game. Start your big city bus engine, shift the gear, press race pedal to drive your passenger pick up bus from one destination to next checkpoint. Park your public transport bus within given time. Being a duty driver you need to drop the city passengers well on time. You need to hurry up and perform your duty as perfect as possible. Duty Bus Driver needs to be vigilant because the traffic cop is watching the traffic. Be gentle and obey city traffic rules! Load your passengers or cargo into your bus and transport them uphill safely to the desired destination. This Pk Bus Simulator 2016 game brings you the most amazing mountain roads and environment you have ever seen in a mobile device game. Gameplay includes 4 beautiful Buses in this mountain climbing game. Enjoy the real feelings of nature by driving on these mountainous roads. For all extreme bus driving game lovers and bus simulator game daredevils: the ultimate hill speed driving test has just arrived on your mobile device. Get to drive a different passenger bus or other buses while driving around in the beautiful off road hills. Each level has its own off road simulator challenging objectives. Drive bus and pick and drop passenger and tourists from one hill side area bus stop to next. Tourist from around all over the world is waiting to visit the beautiful hills. Maximize your fares with tourist transport duty on hill stations. Tourist like to travel and explore beautiful locations so give them the ride they need. Drive a bus along the off-road terrain and carry passengers! Amazing hill climb game! Be a bus driver conquering a hill, but avoid crashes! Try this Hill Climber New Bus Simulator. Driving in the beautiful nature will bring thrill to your driver duty. Play as the extreme hill bus driver to fulfill the duty of passenger transportation. The gameplay revolves inside the mountains, hill tops, water, rocks and beautiful nature scenes. Relive the thrill of off road driving with hill climbing adventures with our brand new bus hill climb driver. Experience extreme Thrill of Hill climbing. Most realistic extreme off road bus driving game with tourist transport. This time it’s not only the simple bus, but a tourist bus at hills and off-road.
Finally not yet another boring parking game, but a high impact racing game that is simple to learn. Get your free download and enjoy the best way to heat-up your winter. Be the best derby driver and show of your driving skills before you smash your bus of the cliff. Unlike other racing online games, this Commercial Bus Simulator shall require you to be a pro and drop passengers in time

How to install Bike Race 100 Impossible Road APK at

Complete all of the unreasonably hard courses!

This is the definitive edition of a game you get addicted to, that you will challenge it numerous times since its so mortifying.

Number of levels is a surprising 100.

It depends on your techniques if you can beat the course or not!

Working the accelerator and how you tilt bikes, riding a motorcycle is a profound thing.

Do back flips and front flips if you want high scores!
You should definitely collect coins as well.

Give it a try right now.

Also, let’s tweet when you fail miserably.

How to install Crazy City Car Driver APK at

Check out real driving physics and Crazy City Car Driver ! Tired of car parking game , hill climb racing games and driving all kinds of vehicles? Get back to true race driving in highway city and mountains ! City car driver game,Crazy City Car Driver free game ! Awesome Crazy City Car Driver game ! The game is waiting Crazy Car Driver.

How to play traffic racer game :
*Collect bonus coins
*Avoid the cop car
*Find the finish point !

* Racers vs cops
* Racer traffic
* Free Game For kids and all ages
* Traffic car racing Game provided in unity
* Very dangerous hill, environments,mountains and city dirty tracks to beat!
* Smooth controller
* Powerfull turbo engine in your car!
* Coin collect system
* Traffic System highway
* Excellent sound effects and engine sounds!
* Realistic car physics engine to control your car!
* Realistic city environment and mountain 3d models
* Lots of fun and excitement!
* Bonus coin collect

Game is compatible with all the Android 2.1+ systems.
If you have any problems with installation - please report them to us. We'll try to fix it as soon as possible.
The game is suitable for kids and everyone .

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Enjoy !

How to install Poppy Kart APK at

Poppy kart is a funny racing video game in a pixelated world ! The first 7 races are free !

1st price Appli-Awards-2013

• The challenge : find Froggy, the runaway girl.
• Travel, fight and drive as fast as you can thru 29 hand-crafted crazy races !
• Try the PoppyStick and use your smartphone as a joystick by playing on a tablet or another device with a wifi connection. Enjoy !

- Driving options : Screen, PoppyStick,OTG, accelerometer.

How to download Fire Death Race : Road Killer APK at

Welcome to the game of Death Race. The only rule of this game is to stay alive. Would you present all your respect to the death?

Select your fastest vehicle and most powerful weapon to clear all the barriers on the street, fight with the most fierce and cruel wanted man. Race like lights and fight for survive.

the most exciting battle on your mobile devices and to feel like a real game on the street to defeat enemies. Challenge your friends and to prove your ability of racing skill. From zero to a most wanted man.

*racing on street, aim and destroy all the enemies.

Four special vehicles with 15 levels of primary weapons, secondary weapons, armor and gun turrets.

Use items to upgrade your vehicles to take a lead in the race and destroy enemy

More the 100 game tasks to get diamonds and bonus. Sweep enemy and defeat the boss to win the world.

How to download Drift Life : Speed No Limits - Legends Racing APK at

32 levels, increasing difficulties. Hone your driving skills, and get better cars

1 Vs 1 game, are you ready to chanllenge the most skilled competitors? The more skilled your competitors are, the higher rewards you will gain

Prove yourself through the chanllenges, play superior tournament

Chanllenge yourself to get higher ranking and rewards, play with people across the world

Vehicles with unique characteristics and handling
Earn upgrades for top speed, acceleration and grip
Advanced vehicle handling with detailed arcade physics
Myriad of challenging achievements

How to install Crazy Grandpa 3 APK at

We release the crazy grandpa new version!The host is a pursuit of optimism, stimulation, speed and greedy grandpa! As long as you enter into his rapid skater world, higher turnover, super speed jumping, eliminate obstacles, more equipment and more scene of the choice, the pursuit of hurricane rapidly all in master's skateboard empire!
better than all speed game,you will like the old man!

How to download Mini Crazy Traffic Highway Race APK at

Crazy Traffic Racer is a 3D car game.
In game, you can select more than one vehicle to drive on the highway!
Also, our game have four scenes for you!
There are many way to win cash for you to update you vehicle and unlock other game scene, the way include: overtake cars close, drive on opposite-way and on.

Highway is a dangerous place! Be careful!

Enjoy the game!

How to download Traffic Moto HD APK at

Crazy Motor bike game!Speed Racing in night!

Traffic Moto is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing, 3d motor racing game with simple control and nice graphic effect.Racing in night! Drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards. Endless racing is now redefined!
★Stunning 3D graphics
★Smooth and realistic car handling
★Just swap your phone to control motor direction
★In this game you can ride the motorcycle shuttle in outskirts, forest, snow mountain,bridge. More and More maps and motor will coming soon
★Tap the screen to accelerate the motor

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How to install Racing Saga APK at

You can racing many super car in this game!
★DIY your car! You can make many different car!
★Every car has different sound!
★The best graphic show for you!
★You have many opponent in this city!
★You can login facebook and see your friend's best score and car information
In your spare time to play a super competition.Beyond your friends win the global top!
Complete level-4 events, defeated the team, you will be able to rule the city.Beat all the team captains , let them shut up with achievement, as the legend of the city.
Upgrade your engine, replace the better car accessories, let you sprint out higher speeds.
You can customize your car, a variety of colors and decals for your DIY the character of the super sports car.

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How to download RE-VOLT 2 : MULTIPLAYER APK at

★★ ¡El videojuego de carreras con coches de RC definitivo! ★★
¡El juego de carreras de coches de RC más aclamado del mundo ha dado el salto al multijugador de dispositivos móviles!
¡Un montón de fases y modos de juego! ¡Gran Premio y competiciones en tiempo real!
¡Prueba el modo multijugador del juego de coches de RC definitivo: ReVolt2!

▶¡Compite contra jugador de todo el mundo!
- ¡Consigue récords mundiales en el Gran Premio!
- ¡Multijugador en tiempo real de hasta 4 jugadores!

▶¡Conduce el coche de RC de tus sueños!
- ¡Coches de F1, deportivos y hasta monster trucks! ¡El mejor juego de carreras de RC!
- ¡Un montón de apariencias, mejoras, objetos, tuning y mucho más!

▶¡Te espera un sinfín de recompensas!
- ¡Destaca en el Gran Premio! ¡Consigue monedas, objetos y mucho más!
- ¡Prueba el bingo y las misiones diarias! ¡Participa en los desafíos multijugador y Gran Premio!

▶¡Colecciones de coches de RC, muchas pistas y modos de juego! ¡Disfruta de todo!
- ¡264 fases y 4 modos de juego! ¡Consigue el mejor récord!
- ¡Compárate y compite contra tus amigos de Facebook y Twitter!

☆★☆ Disfruta de varios juegos de Wego ☆★☆
- Re-Volt 2
- Re-Volt Classic
- Bricks Breaker : Friends
- Tile Breaker

☆★☆ Re-Volt Official Facebook Page: ☆★☆
☆★☆ WeGo Interactive Home Page : ☆★☆
☆★☆ Customer Center: [email protected] ☆★☆

How to install RE-VOLT 2 : Best RC 3D Racing APK at

★★RE-VOLT2 – el mejor JUEGO de carreras de coches RC★★
¡La nueva y mejorada versión del juego de carreras interesantes!
¡Muchas etapas divertidas! ¡Emocionantes misiones de carreras!
La carrera de Gran Premio para los jagadores del mundo.
Te invitamos a RE-VOLT2, el mejor juego de carreras de coches RC nunca.

▶Una experiencia reveladora para todos los maniacos de RC (radiocontrol).
¡Varios modelos de coches RC de aspecto real!
- Coches de Fórmula, coches deportivos, coches monstruos, y camiones.
Disfruta del toque realista de controlar un coche RC de aspecto real.

▶Construye tu propio coche RC. Actualización y sistema de la piel.
- Tú puedes actualizar la velocidad máxima, la fuerza de aceleración, el manejo del volante y la estabilidad de cada coche.
- Tú puedes elegir la piel única para su coche para expresar tu personalidad.

▶¿Qué hay de nuevo? – ¡Modo de desafío!
- Una amplia selección de divertidos juegos de carreras individuales.
- Eliminar diversas etapas de la misión para ganar la copa.

▶Compite con tus amigos y otros jugadores del mundo – ¡Modo de Gran Premio!
- Disfruta de carreras impresionantes con 50 jugadores en tu grupo en 5 nuevas pistas cada semana.
- Tú también puedes ver los coches únicos construidos por tus amigos y otros jugadores para la carrera más realista.

▶Los artículos para ayudar tu carrera
- ¿Es difícil carrera para ti? Utiliza los artículos consumibles para hacerla más fácil.
- Utiliza “Power up (el aumento de potencia)” para actualizar las armas en tu coche.

▶¡Las actividades sociales con tus amigos!
- Varias conectividades de SRS para chatear con tus amigos de Facebook e intercambiar regalos.

▶Sistema de ruedas de la fortuna – ¡la diversión extra sólo está disponible en RE-VOLT2!
- Utiliza el billete de ruedas de la fortuna repartido de forma gratuita todos los días para ganar varios artículos y para tocar el premio gordo.

▶Optimizados para tabletas y varias opciones de idioma
- Tú puedes difrutar de carrera más realista en la tableta.

★Consejos útiles para jugadores de RE-VOLT2★
- Cada coche RC tiene diferentes características. Elige el vehículo adecuado para cada pista y el modo de carrera con el fin de ganar.
- Gana 3 estrellas en la etapa de la Copa de Desafío para ganar un montón de premios.
- Tú tienes que obtener una clasificación alta en las cinco pistas de Gran Premio para ser puesto alto. Los rangos más altos obtienen enormes beneficios, por lo que debes desafiar a esto.

☆★☆ Disfruta de varios juegos de Wego ☆★☆
- Re-Volt 2 : Multiplayer
- Re-Volt Classic
- Bricks Breaker : Friends
- Tile Breaker
- Cliffy Jump

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How to download Space Race 3D APK at

Fascinating races in the outer space, four star systems, meteor showers, asteroids, and simple controls. Who will make it and will be the first one to reach the planet?

You will be competing with experienced star wolfs in the outer space. To turn your spaceship, touch the left or the right part of the screen. To accelerate to a faster-than-light speed, fly through a photonic accelerator ring. The closer you fly to the center of the ring, the more energy you will gain for fast travel. If you pass through all rings at the level, you will finish the race in the minimum time by constantly traveling at the maximum speed.

Beware of asteroids and meteor showers, as well as of collisions with competitor's spaceships! If you get into a meteor shower, you may lose control of your spaceship. If you collide with something, you will both lose speed and control of your spaceship. To regain speed, look for the nearest ring.

Four spaceships compete in each race. Only the winner will be admitted to the next racing!

When was the last time you were in the outer space?

How to download wDrive: Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK at

Big city is open for your cars! Furious car racing on megapolis streets!

- 30 cars (muscle cars, sport, police SUV and sedan, super cars, luxury cars);
- Big city;
- Drift;
- Realistic graphics;
- Accurate control.

How to install Commercial Bus Public Driving APK at

Commercial bus driving simulation is most recent and creative public transport bus game that gives you a chance to be a real bus transport driver to pick and drop passengers. Start your bus drive through astounding and realistic commercial city on a beautiful public transport bus to experience the astonishing traffic bustle. The passengers may be in a rush due to unavailability of train and prove your driving expertise as a real bus driver. Incredible commercial buses, magnificent city environment and realistic maps will all add up to your public transportation passion. Drive a real commercial bus through city routes and finish up all routes to drop off passengers to their destinations. Be prepared to enjoy commercial bus driving with diverse climate conditions to give you additional delight in city bus drive.

Commercial bus driving simulator is an innovative and creative public transport simulation game which offers you the best experience with 3D city environment. This commercial city surroundings will let you feel and experience the activities from the seat of your bus as a real bus driver. Driving through streets of city with a huge bus may not be as simple as roads but we have developed and simplified systems for traffic that will make it easy for you to drive through roads and streets like a professional bus driver.

★★★Game Features ★★★
♦ Awesome 3D city graphics
♦ Different camera angles of bus
♦ Efficient engine, brakes and wheel upgrades
♦ Four city buses to drive and control
♦ Extreme bus driving simulation
♦ Innovative controls with option of Steering, Buttons and Tilt control

Start engine of your commercial bus, pull the gear handle, press the accelerate pedal and drive with your passengers to bring them to the their right destination. Drive your commercial bus from one location to pick passengers and drive to other bus stop to park your public transport bus within the set time. Be a professional bus driver and be careful in hurry to get the public job done. We wish you good luck in your public transport duty and have fun today by downloading this game!

✍ Give us your valuable ratings, comments and feedback to encourage us to make cool games for your family and friends! ☺

How to install Camper Van Trailer Truck Driving Simulator APK at

Are you bored of your same everyday routine? If yes, then let’s get on an amazing driving adventure of camper van trailer truck with your family and friends. What possibly could be better to spent adventure fun of long ride in summer to the beach, forest view and long highway. Get in the van and roam around in the beach to park and to attach the camper trailer with the camper truck. The camper truck RV takes power from its turbo engine and requires precise control. The camper truck RV because of heavy size can cause difficulty in parking, driving, drift and controlling the camper van. The impossible tracks add to its extreme adventure and make it difficult to drive, park and handle. You must have played a lot of truck, caravan RV, camping car and van games but this camper van truck adventure is one of its kind in games. You will have a rush of extreme adventure in this camper truck van game.

The traffic will be a distraction in the cam trail for you. The traffic will come all of a sudden and you have to dodge traffic. The traffic rush will be driving and parking their camper truck rv cars in the parking area. Everyone has arrived at the beach to enjoy the summer holidays. The impossible tracks are cam trail for the camper truck RV driver in this game. Show your extra ordinary van driving skills in this game. Experience the adventure of driving camper truck on smooth roads around the sunny beach. Drive your favorite camper van rv attached with camper truck trailer, and drive around tropical beaches. Our van simulation game has very easy game controls and is easy to drive and park. Drive the caravan rv around campsites, avoiding tents and leftover equipment. Behold the magnificent view of the beach while driving the caravan rv truck. No doubt this is one of best van simulation game.

The game features multiple different caravan rv cars, each of them suited for a weekend getaway as well as long-term camping. Race, drive or park, get to know them in realistic racing environments! Can you drive them around with speed, style and precision required? If yes, then press the download button right way. Many camper van rv simulation games don’t have a good gameplay but this game features easy controls. You know you have rv caravan campervan which is the self-propelled vehicle that provides both truck transport and sleeping accommodation. It is future of camper van rv that have been fitted out, often with a coach built a body for use as accommodation. So get inside your camper truck rv van and go for the camping right now!

• Realistic camper van truck trailer
• Futuristic RV caravan truck
• Amazing city and beach sightseeing
• Showcasing caravan stunts to refrain from obstacles
• Levels progressing with different challenges
• Easy to use controllers to speed up and gear RV caravan.
• Multiple cameras with real sound effects

How to download Bike Racing Futuristic Demolition Derby APK at

In the futuristic city, derby bike crash racing tournament has just begin. Who are big fan of destruction derby bike wars in the arena. All big robot tycoons from the futuristic city to enjoy the future bike destruction derby fight. The speedway derby bike are selected in this missile mania machine fire battle. The futuristic city has its own way of car war battle style. Robots of this futuristic city arena are thrilled by this epic destruction derby missile mania bike war. Future robot bike are more powerful than before having the ultimate machine fire power for real destruction, demolition and bike crash. Be the real destruction driver in this real bike wars fighting game that races to the death. The missile mania fight is going to be intense, with destruction derby bike shooting each other. Be the warrior in this crash derby bike racing clash game and wipe out the rival monster death racer future bike and future cars. In this Bike Racing Futuristic Demolition Derby, we introduce for the first time, monster cars, rocket launcher, and robot bike as rival.

You got in you to race to the death. Show the crowd that what you are capable to clash with future robot bikes. This game has future bike, monster car, rocket launcher in a futuristic arena that is in the center of futuristic city. Drive to chase your derby bike opponents, smash and crash them by hitting hard and using the power of ultimate machine fire. Crash into the rival future bike, destruction derby bike opponents. Get ready for extreme future bike racing demolition war where your robot bike racing and driving skills are tested to the limits. Go against extreme hurdles, moto racing, crash stunt, high jumps and speed racing with reckless destruction derby bike stunt like a real death rider and demolish your ultimate machine fire motorbike opponents. The real bike stunt rider war has begun where ultimate machine fire power will decide your fate.

Bring maximum destruction and demolition to the monster derby bike robots in an amazing bike racing and driving simulator. Get ready for an impossible derby motorbike battle challenge in the futuristic city arena and let no other win this ultimate machine fire moto fighting game of 2017! Bike Racing Futuristic Demolition Derby has extreme weather condition and canons raining out of sky as well. Now go and go extreme in crazy missile mania Bike Racing Futuristic Demolition Derby.


• Real destruction in Bike Racing Futuristic Demolition Derby!
• Demolish moto rivals in thrilling driving & racing adventure!
• Rush to crush future rivals in demolition derby arena!
Crash, hits, fire missile, real stunts and hurdles!
• Control the future derby robot bike to attack motorbike rivals!
• High Quality 3D graphics and best sound effects!

How to install Off Road 4x4 Jeep hill Driving APK at

Push Start your favorite mountain 4x4 Jeep and drive on off road adventure tracks. Drive like a skilled driver on hilly land and avoid damaging your vehicle by racing, jumping & drifting through adventures uphill turns. Great mountain tracks climbing experience and racing over High Mountain roads, try to avoid hitting rocky edges & felling down in deep valleys. Nonstop fun because every level requires very challenging skills!

Speed up with no limitations into stunning visuals, realistic physics, and adventurous riding excitements. Experience the real off Road Mountain driving simulator game with smooth steering controls of heavy 4x4 heavy Jeep! It’s not just about simple driving. Controlling your Jeeps over the hills, slopes & rocks. All hurdles are fear factors against victory. Complete all difficult challenges with different vehicles in realistic environments, with stunning water and lighting effects! Can you cross every jump perfectly, drift accurately, and complete the tasks within time limits without damaging your 4x4 Jeep? Smart jeep driving will give you the perfect control over the crucial point competitions. Increase your driving skills and consider yourself as 2017 pro off road driver.

Off Road 4x4 Jeep hill Driving is an open world 4x4 driving simulator where you can drive offroad in a hilly environment doing awesome stunts, crashing into objects and exploring the amazing forest scenery. Enjoy world craft exploration with Grand extreme hill stunt driving. Rush back for a total destruction. The hills are full of obstacles, drive and steer the 4x4 off road hill jeep with safety. Do not crush the jeep while racing to the top. There are no traffic regulation. 4x4 off road Jeep uphill Driver has the best hill jeep driving simulator experience to fulfill your extreme driving fever with a beautiful desert environment. Get ready for a 4x4 extreme driving adventure of jeep craft driving simulation. Be a super jeep driver in this 4x4 jeep simulator. It’s a real entertainment for all the driving simulator fans with amazing concepts jeep physics behind for a smoother game play in this 4x4 games.

Off Road 4x4 Jeep hill Driving 3d has great physics based motion principles. A big daring ride for racers to drive at track covered by mountains, slopes, rocks, sharp angles and turns. Avoid collision with fences, wooden racks, boxes and other obstacles and make your race challenge for your friends. Use powerful front and back gears to climb over mountain. Use either tilt, steering or arrow navigation control at the frightened twists, turns and rounds during the whole jeep mountain climb. In offroad jeep mountain climb 3d, five different camera angles exist to gain more jeep racing control and enjoy complete 3d detailed environment with trees, grassland, hills and mountains.

Off Road 4x4 Jeep hill Driving Game Features:

• Play offroad driving & racing Simulator Game
• Realistic 4x4 Vehicles Drive
• Realistic heavy jeep Driving Experience
• Drive Heavy 4x4 Jeep on offroad tracks
• Safari 4x4 Jeep Smooth Physics
• Smooth and Easy vehicle Controls
• Advanced Engine, Brakes and Acceleration
• Sound Effects with Cool Visual
• Amazing & Realistic Weather Effect

So what are you waiting for? Download the “Off Road 4x4 Jeep hill Driving” 3D Game and enjoy the experience of real mountain driving & racing adventures in this 4x4 jeep driving simulator game.

How to install Car Parking Game 2016 Pro APK at

Let’s become professional driver! fasten your seat belt and take your car to vehicles parking & driving learner’s area. Before ignition to your customized & reloaded sports car! Check your car engine torque, brake paddles, mirror angles and keep one foot on the race pedal and the other on the brake. Avoid scratching, crash and destroy to hitting other cars or side walls. You are the pro master driver of car parking adventure missions. You have to check the clearance, press gas paddle to move forward press brake to stop the vehicles. Avoid drift, hitting, crashes, body paint scratches and smashes. This is one of the best driving simulator and ultimate car parking madness game. In this game you check your ability and show your talent.

Car Parking Game 2016 Pro is an amazingly well designed game created for those who love drift sports car driving, amazing graphics and challenging game play. Car Parking Game 2016 Pro will have you leveling up for great upgrades and maximum scoring. Your job is to drive the different sports cars and accurately park them on the rooftop of a multi-story car parking plaza in 12 exciting levels. Each level has a different multi storey car parking challenges, reverse car parking and the challenging multilevel mission is to park your car before the other car driver who is trying to park his car in congestion. Follow the highlighted checkpoints as car parking spot locator. Avoid the barriers and other obstacles for accurate car parking in multistory shopping mall. Don’t collide with any other vehicle or stuff in your track and follow the checkpoints signs. In this game you are given a task to parking the car to their place. So you have given you a chance to show your skills and experience. Avoiding from obstacles and barrier try to reach the perfect place and unlock the new mission.

As a pro car driver use the vehicle driving & parking rules to steering the car on the parking lot in this car parking games. Every level has different car parking requirements so be an expert as an expert car driver. Balance your speed and control to master in each of the 55 interesting missions! Explore the detailed training center, with tons of features to find and drive on, realistic lighting and beautiful graphics animation effects!

Extreme Car Parking 2016 Pro is an amazing car parking simulator game that requires highest level of expertise! The parking situation in Car Parking Simulator 3d will require you to show top skills in steering, acceleration, and obstacle avoidance to get those vehicles parked in parking places. As the parking lot driver, you will drive the awesome cars around corners, obstacles, and parking lot borders with speed and accuracy. Avoid cones along the roadside that are within your view and position the cars inside the checkpoints.

Car Parking Game 2016 Pro Game Features:

• Real Driving and Parking Adventure
• Challenging Levels to Test Driving Skills
• Enjoy Luxury Sports Racing Cars Driving Experience
• Realistic Car Driving Stunts Game Play & Animations
• Different Camera View to Drive Sports Racing Cars
• Training & School Parking Test Drive
• Real Car Driving Physics and Smooth Controls
• Challenging 12 Different Parking Missions
• Cars Driving & Parking Simulator Game
• Amazing Graphics and Parking Environment to Drive

So what are you waiting for? Download the “Car Parking Game 2016 Pro Game” and enjoy professional car driving in 3D parking simulator game.

How to download Real Jet Car Racing Stunts APK at

Are you ready to enjoy extreme sports racing car stunts? Fasten your seat belt and accelerate the engine. It’s not only car racing fun game but complete package of real extreme car driving, stunts and many more adventures! Staying on tracks, pulling out jumps on time, complete challenge is what makes you a perfect driver of the stunts arena.

The sports & vintage classic car Stunts game will give you the thrilling adventure of fast gt racing, driving, drifting and extreme breathtaking stunts. The classic car driving on the real asphalt racing tracks is nothing less than awesome experience. You will master the simulation and furious driving skills. Be a fearless stuntman to perform incredible jet flying car stunts in various challenging levels. Drag your vehicle all the tricky way to the buildings and let’s experience the crazy driving in this vintage cars simulator game. Get exposure to several game-play levels with mini car driving and 4x4 jet vehicle stunts. Bring out your extreme driving skills in this passionate nitro flying car stunts challenge. Those who love performing high level stunts, furious driving, dangerous turns and multiple hurdles. Extreme stunts arena challenge begins with an extra dose of amazing multiple vehicles and stunt cars. Go against hurdles, car smashing ramps, high jumps and real high speed gt racing. There are many twist and turns on all tracks so be careful with your drive. It’s an ultimate driving test against all balances with your extreme car driving skills.

A game for fans of real asphalt racing car stunts, with modern car models and breath-taking 3D graphics environments that will also delight fast racing simulation supporters. Do a curved top speed stunts and don’t miss all check points while you avoid the jumping across the buildings! Accept the challenge to be the ultimate turbo car driver! Are you skilled enough to master your jet car in the most original ways?! Let's see if you can survive the most modern stunt & demolition arena! In this arcade asphalt racing game you accelerate your way through terrifying loops tracks and crazy high jumps. Furious drive at your high speed and you will complete the missions on time. Move with the skills of a pro stunt driver! There is no need to brake due to traffic accident, or worry about the police chasing behind you!

Prove yourself as the real stuntman and perform massive jumps and survive the immense task. Amazing 3D environment presents the most challenging stunts! The real challenging gameplay missions will make your drive with extreme top speed drifts and perform air car stunts.

Real Jet Car Racing Stunts Game Features:

• Variety of Amazing Sport and Stunt Cars
• Amazingly Beautiful 3D Environments
• Extremely Precise Driving Simulation
• Responsive and Intuitive Driving Experience
• Smooth Controls, Engine, Brake and Boost Updates
• Cool visual and sound effects
• Amazing Environments
• Realistic Driving Experience

We hope you will enjoy this adventures asphalt racing stunts & sports car racing simulation game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.

How to download Police Bus Offroad Driver APK at

Duty Cops are ready to fight against crime. Transport them from off road dangerous route to their destination. Drive carefully on the off road mountain hills and transport police officers safely to the destination. Drive as the off road police bus driver, it’s a pick and drop transporter game with off road bus driving in hilly mountains environments. You have experience of driving tour bus and of transporting tourists in city n snowy environments. Now is your chance to work as a Off road transport bus driver. Police offroad transport bus drive is filled with challenging drive, drifting on slippery dangerous roads and passenger transport driving. Control your bus race through the difficult paths and play as hill driver who can do some extreme mountain bus hill climbing. Cops are waiting at the hill top bus station so be quick to give them the transport service they need in time. Be safe avoid hitting the mountains & save the bus from falling rocks. Bring your best driving skills in this challenging game of off road tourist bus driving.

Are you ready for a riveting and amazing uphill & downhill transportation simulation experience. Offer the police men a free ride on difficult & dangerous mountain tracks & trails. Climb hills to rescue and provide pick n drop facility to cops. You will get to drive the police transport bus and test out your bus parking skills in this dangerous hill transport simulator. Drive carefully on mountain trails and avoid the deep trenches so that the cops are safe in the transport bus. Park the bus at the parking spot and apply the hydraulic brakes in time to make sure the bus stops at the right spot. The mountain tracks are ragged and not safe for driving at high speeds. Be safe and be the stand out transport guy providing transport facility to police department. The department is depending upon you for timely transport so that they can catch the robbers and perform their duties. Jump behind the wheel and drive away

Police Bus Off Road Driver features:
- Smooth acceleration & driving controls
- Experience of driving a big bus uphill
- 3D environment and realistic hilly environment
- Multiple transport missions
- Amazing sounds

We hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.

How to install Mega Ramp Moto Racing: Impossible Stunts Game APK at

Get ready for amazing Mega Ramp Moto Racing: Impossible Stunts Game adventure, featuring moto bike extreme stunts on beautifully designed mega ramp. In this mega ramp stunt game, you will get a chance to expose off your bike stunts or stunt racing skills on beautifully designed impossible tracks using driving simulator and real physics based action simulator of flying bike. Mega Ramp Moto Racing: Impossible Stunts Game lets you play as stunt rider or professional bike racer along with traffic racer & provides you unlimited fun of stunt racing or ultimate 3d bike drifts along with impossible stunt on beautifully designed ruthless environment.

In Mega Ramp Moto Racing: Impossible Stunts Game engages you in astonishing venture, where you will feel the excitement with bike stunts and thrill of moto bike extreme stunts on deadly mega ramp with high class motorcycle bike and realistic flying bike utilizing real physics based driving simulator for bike crash or engaging bike attack. Do you like playing chained bike games or highly engaging chained cars games then this game will fulfill your requirements. Be a professional bike racer or traffic racer along with trained stunt rider having exceptional moto racing & professional bike racing skills to ride on big ramp based on impossible tracks displaying impossible stunts and fulfill your internal bike racing desires. In this mega ramp stunt game, you have to carefully drive your heavy bike or exceptional robot bike from motocross adventures, to make large leap form the big ramp, so that you can easily reach your destination successfully. This stunt bike game is specifically designed for bike racing games lovers, providing users high level bikes including sports heavy bikes or cruiser bikes along with chopper bikes and more bike for enjoying endless stunt racing with lot of excitement.

Prepare yourself for thrilling Mega Ramp Moto Racing: Impossible Stunts Game adventure, which engages users in amazing extreme stunts based bike racing or engaging stunt racing adventure with impossible tracks, where you have to clear multiple levels designed with mega ramp utilizing amazing driving simulator or real physics based racing simulator along with action simulator of flying bike. In this mega ramp stunt game, play as stunt rider or pro bike racer along with trained traffic racer and show-off ultimate 3d bike drifts or impossible stunt learned from motocross with moto bike or colorful heavy bike on beautiful big ramp and fulfill your internal desires.


- Colorful & stunning colorful bike stunts based HD graphics.
- Highly thrilling levels based on chained bike games.
- Top notch Sounds & effects from Xtreme driving games for deadly bike crash.
- Intuitive controls for long mega ramp jumping from impossible tracks game .
- Highly addictive bike drifting game based play mode.

How to download Dinosaur Park Car Safari 3D APK at

Ever dreamed to see the dinosaurs with your own eyes? Now you have this wonderful opportunity! What’s more - become the safari car driver, transport different tourists and employees through the wonderful Jurassic Zoo and have fun with Dinosaur Park Car Safari 3D game!

Welcome to the largest prehistorical safari-park in the world made especially for dinosaurs! Here you can meet such long-extinct beasts like Spinosaurus, Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and, maybe, even T-REX himself! Your passengers are always in hurry – they want to feed Baryonyx, watch the flight of Rhamphorhynchus flocks and swim with Pliosaurus (famous ‘Predator X’)! So deliver them from main gate to the oceanarium or observation decks and back, earn money and have fun!

Drive a speedy and colorful car going of Jurassic Zoo! Maintain high speed, but avoid crashes – try to not crash into the dino enclosures! Face challenges, don't miss any stop and deliver passengers right to their destination point! Earn points to unlock new cars or power up your current one and become the most skillful Jurassic car driver ever!

Explore safari-park of Prehistoric World with this driving simulator and reach your destination! Try Dinosaur Park Car Safari 3D now and you’ll not be dissapointed!

Dinosaur Park Car Safari 3D features:
• Realistic safari car driving dino park simulator
• Chance to dip into the prehistorical atmosphere filled with various dinos
• Earn points to power up your car
• Deliver tourists and employees between different parts of park
• Enjoy outstanding 3D graphics

Ride fast, avoid attack of hungry dinosaurs and enjoy our Jurassic safari-park simulation game with Dinosaur Park Car Safari 3D!

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How to download Tricky Bike Stickman Mountain Hill Racing Stunt APK at

Tricky Bike Stickman Mountain Hill Racing Stunt.
Real Mountain bike racing hill jumper stunt is an original speed drifting bicycling over the hills stunts. Go for downhill biking and real bike jumper stunts with free rider HD game. Xtreme mountain hill is a crazy rider free style racing 2018 to show hyper stunts in the mountainous zone. Face the unseen dangers of treacly roads and threatening turns and mountain roadway monster. The hill bike rider is on the disastrous bike drift racing which is going to become his victory sign and entertaining channel.

Mountain Bike Hill Racing Stickman Stunt
Be a real travelling lover and have a free lane riding down the mountain and over the hyper stunt road. Real Mountain biking is first class downhill biking contest for all crazy riders jumper who want to do something new and surprising. Composition of the free rider HD scheme is offering you the most renovated free style racing with smooth 2D animation in absolutely new, undiscovered racing station. Challenge the horrible racing track to attest your driving skills and racing power. Start your bicycling career as master hill bike rider and mountain bike stunt maker for xtreme mountain hill racing and extra fun.

Stickman Bike hill stickman Stunt
The cycle drift racing is an offroad, crazy subway mountain tricky biking, over the hill and down the mountain free style racing 2018. Join the adventurous tricky bike stunts school to have a long, fast cycle driving course in an amusing environment. Mountain bike hill stunt racing is full of thrill and scary drive among the all biker games. Let's begin the mountain bike action and enjoy the drive of more untouched, new bikes which are locked and question your passion of winning. Come and hold your bike to move on, collect the coins from the racing track for the attainment of score and getting chance to unlock rest of the hill bikes. Boost up the running speed time by time. Mountain bike hill stunt racing has ultimately twenty stimulating and charming views in each new level. Victory at each level opens the door for the new racing stage.

Focal Points of Tricky Bike Stickman Mountain Hill Racing Stunt.

• Over hill bike drift action and Mountain bike hill stunt racing
• Horrible running track and treacly roads
• Outstanding vision and colored animation
• Real downhill bicycling for crazy rider
• Stunning mountain racing 2018
• Offroad monstrous cycle drifting zone
• Smooth 2D graphics and free hd rider game
• Musical hyper stunts and xtreme mountain hill racing
• Twenty well charming and pleasant environments
• Assembling of coins and doubling of score
• Incentives to unlock new bikes and levels

How To Play

Internet makes utilization and installing of game possible

- start to run bike by push the race icon
- Make the running stop or let down the speed by break
- Move the bike up and down by screen bike controlling icon
- Gather the coins from the way continuously

How to download Uphill US Transport Sim 3D APK at

It’s time to start multiple transport duty as US Uphill driver where you will get the chance to serve US army heroes, army officers and city people. Become the legend transporter hero of deadly uphill offroad paths in an amazing adventure and let no other take your position. Your Armed force war Truck 2017 is genuine war based, carrying equipment and army jeeps perform obligation of prepared armed force trooper. up close and personal armed force war in combat zone, Show your skills of driving to finish war zones stunning missions. Keep ahead your nation, transport jeeps, tanks and war heads safe on your armed force base rapidly with Uphill US Transport Sim.

Uphill US Transport Simulator, you have to be an offroad transport hero of US army by driving and transport army cargo and vehicles on offroad paths and through mountains in hill city. Army commando Heroes have given you contract to deliver super army jeeps and cargo on heavy trailer truck to army base. So buckle up and become a real US transport legend of uphill mountains. You have opportunity in US helicopter flying missions where US army cargo is loaded and you have to take US army cargo on helicopter to army base. Drive carefully your huge heavy trailer truck and army helicopter. As this is the real test of your driving and flying duty on rugged uphill tracks.

Buckle up! Start your duty for offroad army transport and be a transport legend hero. Keep balance of army truck and on uphill offroad mountain driving and become armed force load transporter driver. Keep distance from any collides with your ride. Start your engine as transport driver of US military truck and play the most wanted army transportation simulator of 2017. You will have the taste of fly army helicopter; drive army jeeps will uphill transportation simulation skills.

Features in Uphill US Transport Sim 3D 2017:

- Realistic driving and offroad transport sim of 2017.
- Play as army pilot and feel the thrill of helicopter flying.
- Challenging Army cargo transport levels.
- High quality 3D graphics in hill climb offroad transporter.
- Transport wide range of jeeps and military relief cargo on offroad steep paths.

Army transport truck 2017 simulator has multiple thrill mountain drive missions of army transport sim, truck driving and flying helicopter. So start your adventure ride now with Uphill US Transport Sim 3D 2017.

How to install Water Surfer Floating Car APK at

Ever wanted to drive car underwater? Yes! Now you can swim with your water surfer car like a submarine floating car. Unique idea of water surfer floating car driving simulator game and enjoy the thrill ride inside the huge oceans and sea spaces. Transform your car into water vehicle and drive your submarine water surfer floating car and try the taste of water surfer car. In this modern era! Everybody wants to have a car which could swim underwater like a submarine car. Based on realistic 3D water car surfer game is superb combination for water boat lovers, Make your water car a real floating water car boat for Ultimate Ocean driving adventures.

This sea car game gives you an opportunity to ride your underwater or floating Jet Ski speed car and perform ultimate water stunts. This water car surfing floating simulator combines with water racing in one of the best stunning water riding games. Try this Water Surfer Underwater Car Driving Simulator and become a water car champ. This submarine floating car is based on futuristic power car boat ride technology. Drive your water surfer car in endless sea and fulfill your underwater car driving dream.

Loads of floating cars boat fleet is available to unlock. So who wants to be fortifying with underwater submarine floating car? Here is chance to drive under the deep water with extreme challenge. Drive your Water car boat and feel the ultimate taste of sea boat riding just like a real boat drive. This car boat driving is a challenge and enjoyment at the same time in water riding games. Pick up your water car and take an ocean ride with your Jet Ski boat car. Turn on ignition of your beach car and take a step into water car driving adventure for ultimate water surfer swim driving.


✓ Beautiful futuristic floating cars to drive in underwater.
✓ Realistic underwater swimming car physics.
✓ Extreme water surfer driving animations.
✓ Detailed gameplay with immense sea beach for water driving.
✓ Realistic 3D graphics with high speed water surfer car.
✓ Perform beach stunts with your water boat car.

It’s time to enjoy the extreme water car racing with your floating water car in depth of the ocean and on the surface of sea. This extreme water boat simulator is free from city roads and old fashioned traffic driving in town where you have to follow the rules. Enjoy the underwater car boat ride with your water surfer vehicle. Download your favorite WATER SURFER FLOATING CAR SIMULATOR and enjoy the boat riding in water.

How to download Offroad Motorbike Rider 3D APK at

Real offroad motorbike simulator is the latest exciting massive extreme open world bike game! Ride your motocross motor bike with motorbike games 2017. Race offroad and climb uphill and giant mountains, weave through valleys, dodge other racing rivals with your offroad bike rider 3d game. This offroad motor bike adventure game is all about the journey on hill climbing vast valleys. We bring you an exciting, adrenaline filled motorbike game with the twist of motorbike racing games for speed race 3d. Go on an offroad ride through the most thrilling hills while experiencing dangers that will have you on the edge of your bike driver’s seat! Ride your favorite off-road motor bike through mountains, thrill valley and amazing dirt paths in realistic simulator bike adventure with offroad motorcycle games. Enjoy rush offroad drive and enjoy like a kids motorbike rider in OFFROAD MOTORBIKE RIDER 3D. Superb in motorcycle games for kids.

Become a hill bike rider with fast motorbike hill driving because no traffic rules will force you. Offroad bike simulator with hill speed driving games is all about precision driving and hill speed motorbike driving with your motocross. Offroad bike racing games were never been so amazing. Motorbike racing on huge offroad terrain will surely amuse you. There are many different levels in hill climb motocross Bike Ride. Race to earn maximum points by your own effort and unlock amazing sports motocross motorbikes in offroad motorcycle games.

Hill climbing furious off-road environment provided for extreme hill climb bike riding. Offroad Bike Rider is most amazing and adventurous game among all other motorbike racing games. Offroad kids motor Bike provides you realistic control system. You while playing Offroad Motor Bike on the hilly roads surrounded by green lands will let you feel something real and natural.

*** Features of Motorcycle games for kids***

- Variety of luxury sports motorcycles and motocross motorbikes for offroad ride.
- Smooth, easy and hours of gameplay on huge hill climb offroad environment.
- Unique jumping stunts with motorbike racing games for speed race 3d.
- Hill speed bike driving for offroad bike driving and motorcycle riders.
- An absolute treat for the lovers of motorbike games 2017 and offroad bike racing games.

Download rite now OFFROAD MOTORBIKE RIDER 3D and enjoy the thrill of hill climb motocross motorcycle driving with stunts and jumps.

How to install Bike Transport Cargo Truck APK at

Do you like bike transport games or cargo truck games? Well then you will surely love this bike transport on cargo truck game which is specially designed for the lovers of heavy bikes. Play one of the best bike transport games simulator in transporter games and get a chance to ride your favorite modern sports bikes in 3d city adventure paths and become transporter truck driver. Drive your cargo bike transporter truck and fulfill bike transport duty as trucker. Ride super bike in extreme city traffic and cargo or transport them from show room to the customer through big 4x4 transport truck with bike transport games. Play as bike transporter and complete multiple cargo missions in limited time. Unique transport game is bringing you a brand new concept of bike cargo and transport simulation. This BIKE TRANSPORT CARGO TRUCK 3D will surely amuse you.

It’s a chance for bike lovers to ride real brand new motor bikes. In this latest bike transport game you will test your multiple skills like, motorbike loading, unloading, truck driving, and bike parking in truck. This game allows you to a chance of transporting and driving high value heavy bikes. You are a transporter trucker and your job is transport bikes on your big truck. Once you reached to the destination, unload your bike from truck and deliver it to the required spot in bike driving games


✓ Complete truck driving and bike riding simulation.
✓ Bike transport and cargo truck driving experience.
✓ Amazing environment designed for bike transport challenge.
✓ Loading bikes on big transporter truck and reach them to the right destination.

Get ready for this thrilling adventure of bike transportation with bike driving games. Drive your transporter truck through hilly offroad area and perform multiple cargo jobs like drive heavy bikes, load them in the transporter truck, drive your cargo truck and unload all motor bikes on required destinations. Check your bike driving skills and enjoy your bike transport journey with this bike cargo game. Download best bike transport and cargo truck driving game with our brand new BIKE TRANSPORT CARGO TRUCK 2017.

How to download Moto Pizza Delivery Boy 3D APK at

Wanna play pizza delivery boy game? We bring pizza delivery games 2017 with the latest addition of pizza delivery boy on moto bike. Now you can be a pizzeria boy and deliver pizza on bike with pizza delivery games 3d. This pizza delivery moto bike game is designed for people who love to play the role of pizza delivery boy. Your basic mission is to deliver pizzas to the different clients as fast and as hot as you can in quick time and letting them fall from the bike. Now drive the superb pizza bike and show real driving skills to make deliveries in time. 3D pizza delivery games were never such before. Become a pizza delivery boy and ride awesome pizzeria moto with pizza delivery games 3d. The new 3D pizza boy game 2017 edition has great features that leave far behind other pizza bike delivery boy games or pizza delivery van games. Our bike pizza delivery is an ultimate delivery simulator with MOTO PIZZA DELIVERY BOY 3D!

The objective of bike pizza delivery is very interesting. Your mission is to ride your pizzeria cargo bike and deliver pizzas to the client as fast as you can without getting late. Park your moto in the areas that's highlighted on the road. After parking your pizza delivery bike you need to move the pizza delivery boy on the ground to deliver the pizza at customer’s door in pizza delivery games 2017. Collect money and some tip from customers. Become a fast pizza boy and deliver hot pizzas before they get cold. Remember! Pizza boy duty is very tough and challenging job. So it’s time to experience this amazing bike pizza delivery boy which gives you the excitement of delivering pizza’s to different locations of the 3d city.

✩ Features of Pizza Bike Delivery Boy: ✩

➽ Drive specially designed pizza delivery bike.
➽ Complete pizza delivery games 3d missions in time.
➽ Realistic HD 3D graphic effects of pizza delivery driving simulator game.
➽ Easy and smooth gameplay of pizza delivery boy game.
➽ Deliver pizza in quick time period to accomplish the level.

So the paramount of pizza delivery games 3d is here for you. All you need is drive fast and hold accelerator with perfect timing and deliver it in time with your pizza delivery bike. Forget other pizza delivery games with the amazing moto pizza delivery simulator which gives you the excitement of pizza boy blended with the fun of pizza delivery games for girls also. Enjoy the drive or ride of MOTO PIZZA DELIVERY BOY 3D the vertex of pizza delivery games 2017 and pizza delivery apps.

How to install Tricky Bike Stunts: Park Like a Boss APK at

Its time to turn on your super bike’s ignition!!! Check out the latest motorbike parking and motorcycle parking fun with scary bike stunts. Park your heavy bike just like a boss in multiple difficult situations. This obstacle course bike parking game is the ultimate test of your precision parking Skills & bike control. Bike parking games 3d 2018 were never been so entertaining and awesome. Play the most wanted speed bike parking like a boss the extraordinaire motorcycle parking adventure. Steer and park lavish super bikes and heavy bikes in most fascinating environments from shopping malls, jam-packed city roads, yacht clubs, and restaurants to huge multi-storey buildings in the paramount of bike driving games with real gear! Turn on your luxury super bike around the 3d town in your flashy wheels with BIKE PARK LIKE A BOSS super-hot among all Bike parking games new 2018!

The most exciting and realistic super bike ride and parking missions are waiting for you in motorcycle parking games. Complete exciting obstacle course parking missions using the realistic controls and challenge yourself for this adventure in bike parking games 3d 2018 new. Select your very own sports bike from the luxury garage in motor bike parking challenge. You have to follow and keep an eye on screen parking hints for accurate bike parking. You just imagine park your big bike in a rush shopping mall, or big multi storey building, show off your motorcycle parking skills and prove you are the parking boss in this obstacle course mission. In this real bike parking and motor bike driving game you would definitely enjoy the lengthy game play by riding and parking different motor bikes like quad bike, police bike, quad and high speed motorcycle in different critical situations.

✩ Bike Parking Games Features ✩

• Awesome 3D city and HD graphics with realistic bike or motorcycle parking environments.
• Lots of parking adventure quests for hours of entertainment and ultimate parking.
• Realistic obstacle course bike parking quest with bike parking 2018 motorcycle racing adventure 3D.
• Multiple heavy bikes to unlock with obstacle course games.
• Smooth controls for smooth and realistic and vibrant gameplay.
• Unique and epic motor bike parking missions for learning and fun.

To sum up! take a bike parking challenge and feel the thrill of most vibrant obstacle course games. You proved to be a champ of bike riding, parking and need to drive & park accurately with bike parking games 2018. Ride in the 3d New York city and don’t hesitate because the rules of the road don’t apply to the bike parker boss who is also a driving boss! Download BIKE PARK LIKE A BOSS the ultimate bike ride & park game with motorcycle racing adventure 3d.

How to install Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts APK at

Sit behind the driving wheel of an amazing car with Leo Catomy the crazy cat and begin an incredible racing adventure in a frozen environment. Choose one of the amazing car models and storm into the stunt arenas. Drive around and learn how to handle the vehicles physics that causes it to bounce, drift, and tire slip realistically. Rush through fire rings, loops, jump over ramps or canyons and avoid a lot of obstacles to show your exceptional driving skills to everybody.
Collect all the Christmas presents that Santa Claus has left behind for him and use them to unlock new amazing levels or buy new powerful cars.

If you like car racing games, winter games, freestyle games, car games, drifting games, driving games, ice racing games, stunt games or race car games in general, then you will love Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts! If you like Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts then please rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!

Features of Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts:
- Wonderful 3D cartoon graphics
- Amazing stunt arenas
- Breathtaking landscapes
- Simple controls
- Turbo boosts
- Extra time chronograph
- Choose crawler vehicles like buggy, jeep and racing car
- A lot of trucks - choose your monstertruck - super monster truck
- Nice background music

How to Play Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts:
- Use the tilt control to move the car in the direction you want or choose the steering wheel from the menu.
- Press on the accelerator to give power to the engine and move forward
- Use the brake to curb, slow down or to move backwards
Rush through the stunt arena, collect as much gifts as you can to establish a new record (best score).

What are you waiting for? Speed through terrifying loops and jump over thrilling obstacles with Leo Catomy!

If you search for funny cat games for girls, crazy cat games for boys or best cat games for kids then Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts is the right game for you!

Download Cat Race Car Snow Drift Stunts now and have big fun with Leo Catomy!

How to download Cat Race Car Extreme Driving APK at

Seat behind the driving wheel with Leo Catomy the crazy cat and begin a wild racing adventure. Choose one of the amazing car models and storm into the stunt arenas. Drive around and learn how to handle the vehicles physics that causes it to bounce, drift, and tire slip realistically. Rush through fire rings, loops, jump over ramps or canyons and avoid a lot of obstacles to show your driving skills to everybody.
Collect the required coins to accomplish the different missions and to unlock new amazing levels.

If you like cat games, car racing games, freestyle games, car games, drifting games, driving games, 4x4 games, stunt games or race car games in general, then you will love Cat Race Car Extreme Driving! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Cat Race Car Extreme Driving! If you like Cat Race Car Extreme Driving then please rate Leo Catomy with 5 stars. Thank you!

Features of Cat Race Car Extreme Driving:
- Wonderful 3D cartoon graphics
- Amazing stunt arenas
- Volcano, ice, grass and earth terrain
- Simple controls
- Turbo boosts
- Extra time chronograph
- Choose vehicles like buggy, jeep and racing car
- Nice background music

How to Play Cat Race Car Extreme Driving:
- Use the tilt control to move the car in the direction you want or choose the steering wheel from the menu.
- Press on the accelerator to give power to the engine and move forward
- Use the brake to curb, slow down or to move backwards
Rush through the stunt arena, collect as much golden coins as you can to establish a new record (best score).

What are you waiting for? Speed through terrifying loops and Jump over thrilling obstacles!

If you search for funny cat games for girls, crazy cat games for boys or best cat games for kids then Cat Race Car Extreme Driving is the right game for you!

Try it out and play Cat Race Car Extreme Driving now!

How to download Monster Truck Stunt Simulator 3D APK at

Jump in the driver’s seat, and stunt into action !
There’s no time to take it easy, because the real 3D monster truck show starts now, with you BEHIND the wheel of this stunt simulator! Monster Truck Stunt Simulator 3D is a FREE game that takes you all the way to the desert. Not only that, but it also brings you the best 3D graphics, some really fast speed driving with crazy obstacles, and amazing car stunts. To win the race you need to collect all the coins, and be careful not to crash while stunting and jumping. Enjoy some cool extra free options, such as 24 unique levels and upgradable cars. Keep your eyes on the prize and away from police, even in the looping, and don’t forget to buckle up for mayhem, rampage and destruction!

★ The best 3D monstertruck scenery
★ Realistic driving physics
★ Reduced advertising
★ Upgradable cars
★ Singe player, third person game
★ Easy finger controls for smartphone and tablet
★ Explore 24 unique tracks
★ Challenging obstacles and dazzling stunts
★ Crazy desert-highway racing environment
★ Full freestyle racing madness
★ Unlock new levels by collecting all the coins
★ Choose from an impressive collection of 4x4 cars
★ Out of the race? Get back on track by watching a short video
★ Wicked Bigfoot Cars!


Monster Truck Stunt Simulator 3D is developed by World 3D Games, from the Netherlands.

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How to install Stunt Car Racing 3D APK at

Stunt Car Racing 3D is a free race game that is perfect for reckless stunt car enthusiasts, taking you and your appetite for crazy car stunts to challenging courses in a colorful 3D environment. The game features a variety of fast vehicles, 24 unique race tracks, and incredible action to challenge yourself. Hit the gas, collect all the coins, be careful not to fall off the track, and get to the finish line in time. Do you have the driving skills to master a high speed stunt kart and challenging tracks? Get in your car, try these colorful racing courses, and enhance your stuntman career!

★ Free to play
★ No speeding tickets
★ Single player simulator game
★ Realistic 3D graphics and colorful cartoon tracks
★ Accelerate to jump over ramps and perform extreme car stunts
★ Avoid crashing and falling off the tracks
★ 24 unique auto race tracks
★ Collect coins to buy new racing karts
★ Smooth, easy drive controls and incredible gameplay
★ Arrows to change direction, and buttons to hit the gas or the brakes
★ Game over? Continue by watching a video or retry
★ For mobile and tablet

Perform stunts and get to the finish line in time to earn coins for each level you complete. Keep winning and spend your coins in the game store to unlock and buy 4 cool new cars. Expand your collection of cars even faster by picking up all of the coins on each racing circuit.

How to download Xtreme Nitro Bike Racing 3D APK at

Experience Xtreme Bike Racing Now! Best Motorbike Driving Game on the Market!
Are you ready for bike racing mania?

How to download Dune Buggy Dirt Rally APK at

Ever wanted to drive a dune buggy? Download this race simulator game now and win the championship! Start your engine and put on your race helmet, the big sand race adventure will start. Dune Buggy Dirt Rally is a 4x4 racing game with cool circuits that are all have a different difficulty to ride. Finish up in the top 3 of the drivers field and unlock the next level. If you lose you have to re play the level until you become the number one winner of the track! Can you handle the speed of this fast racing car? Show the other drivers you dominate and are the best racer in town, city and the whole world! Enjoy the speed thrills in this game and make sure you do not crash because then you lose the speed of the Sand Rail. No license needed for this game so jump in and hit that gas pedal. So one last thing for you hit the beaches for a good thrill: Ready, Set, GO!

How to install ATV Racer - Toys Trial World APK at

Welcome to ATV Racer 3D Toys World! Join the crazy MX world of Toys and do awesome stunts while hitting the gas pedal. Challenge friends and see who is the best trial racer in the entire world. 10 extreme ATV levels filled with cool obstacles, loops and amazing ramps to do the coolest jumps. Do front flips and back flips while collecting the toy bricks for extra points. Go Off-road in this race simulator and climb the hills while going uphill and doing stoppies and wheelies with your quad bike. Don't fall of your bike or crash because then you have to start over again with the whole circuit. So put on your helmet and go to the MAX with the best MMX simulator 3D there in on Android! Reach the finish to unlock new levels and collect all items in the game to get all the stars. Good luck in this offroad racing simulator while playing this free racing game on your android device.

How to download Snowmobile Race Speedy Forest APK at

Start your engine and be that stunt rider you always wanted to be in this crazy speed simulator! Cross down hill and collect all the water drops for a perfect high score at the end of each track. Can you handle the madness and extreme winter conditions around this forest with cool snowxross circuits? Put on your helmet and conquer the trial challenge while riding your isnowmobile around the dark woods. Go off road and drive your sled to the finish without crashing against trees or other obstacles on the road while stunting around while snow is falling on the ground! So join Snowmobile Race Speedy Forest now for the perfect extreme racing thrill on android. You can even do wheelies or stoppies with your snow scooter and don't forget to take the loops that gives you extra speed. Go freestyle or follow the track to gain all stars and water drops on the tracks. So make your self ready for winter 2016 because it will get crazy in the woods with your fast racing machine that can handle every weather condition! The machine is so heavy that it asks real good driving skills to conquer it. Enjoy the cold weather sports from World 3D Games!

We hope you like our latest winter simulation game and we you give us a vote and review so we can see what you like and what we should do better next time for our driving simulator games.

How to install MX Nitro Dirt Bike Trial 2016 APK at

Join City MX Nitro Dirt Bike 2016 and do awesome stunts, tricks, wheelies and even a stoppie! Race around in this realistic city and conquer the fast motocross bike while collecting coins to earn stars at the end of each level. This madness MX Nitro simulator game is for kids and also older people because the controls are easy to handle and the levels start easy but are getting harder the further you achieve in this freestyle motocross bike game. Do you choose for speed or the Trial bike handling and easy going over the track? While driving through the city you can evolve yourself like a real Dare Devil and do awesome tricks on the big ramps and cool loopings! So start the engine of your moto and join the FREE world of this Stunt Bike game with awesome psychics and simulations.

- Realistic motor simulator.
- Earn points and stars.
- Stunning realistic 3D graphics.
- This game is totally FREE.
- The best simulator game of 2016.

How to download Rush Kart Racing 3D APK at

Try the newest thrill-seeking Rush Kart Racing 3D update! 20 new levels in 4 new worlds have been added, with improved graphics that will guarantee you keep your eyes on the wheel, and your surroundings. There are new racers, new animations, new karts, and more! And while we were at it, we also added new music, and realistic sound effects like the sound of crashing. Improved controls make it easier to navigate through the menus, and the steering of carts has become even more smooth. We wish you a lot of fun in
the new and improved Rush Kart Racing 3D!

Start the fiercest of all racing games Do you like super cars, cartoon 3D graphics, and speedy action? Then you’re in the right place! Drift your car on challenging tracks and try not to crash, while racing to the finish. Rush Kart Racing 3D is a racing simulator that features several fantastic worlds, and great on-road and off-road competition. You’ll have to steer like a boss and tackle the terrain while competing with 5 rivals. Try to become 3rd place in each level to unlock the next. Or take the lead in the rally, because a real speed king is never okay with 3rd place!


How to install Racing Bus Simulator 3D APK at

Are you a racing fan? Are you looking for an extreme 3d racing adventure game for your Android device? Well search no more. Because you are already at the right place! Welcome to this realistic crazy bus driving game. Download “Racing Bus Simulator 3D” right now and start your extreme 3d racing action adventure. Hit the highway tracks and speed up in “Racing Bus” 3D! Drift around the city corners like you are driving a fast speed rally car. But the fun part is it’s not a rally game but a 3D bus simulator game. Start your engine and cruise around the city while competing your rivals in this subhighway adventure fun. Remember these subhighway races are illegal, so try and not get caught by the cops when beating your rivals. Do not pick up any residents with the city bus because the passengers will get sick when you drive this fast over the subway tracks. So take down the public transportation and beat all the rivals in this 2 laps crazy driving test. Try and not crash with your rivals or city buildings and stay on route, because you’ll have to start over again a couple hundred meters back.

How to Play:
Your aim is to finish in top 3 in a level in order to clear it and unlock next. Accelerate and speed up your vehicle as much as possible, stay on your route and try not to crash with other vehicles or city buildings while completing the laps.

Use and press your right thumb to accelerate and left to move right or left in this crazy driving fun.

★ Universal app, play Free in HD on any Android device
★ Extreme action, exciting laps and levels to play
★ Tight and fast paced action game-play
★ Amazing 3D graphics and backgrounds
★ Awesome movie quality sound effects and music tracks
★ Realistic vehicles physics

Racing is considered an extreme and crazy sport and we are talking about normal car rally. But bus-racing is a whole new fun idea and adventure. It will test your driving skills as well as your nerves when facing your rivals. It also gives you a chance to compete your friends and practice if you want to clear a vehicle test. It is not easy to play at first so be sure to have some good practice before challenging your friends. Now you are ready to rock and roll with us.

It’s a must have game for your Android device if you love driving or rally games.Enjoy!
Leave us a review and rating to let us know what you think about the game. We at World 3D Games want to continue to deliver the best and most fun Android games and your feed back plays a big part in us being able to achieve this.

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How to download Bike Racing Army Adventure 3D APK at

Welcome at the Airport. Bring away your luggage and jump on your trail bike to race the airstrip while doing stunts around the runway and avoid the planes! This cool trail simulator game has 10 missions and is packed with racing action around all kinds of aircraft's included Helicopters, Jets, Tanks and other airport cars and vehicles. Race among the terminals and avoid obstacles, passengers and even the airport staff and pilots! Become no.1 and unlock new levels and gain money to buy upgrades in the motor store for even faster driving. You can upgrade your tires and engines but you can also buy new motorcycles with different paints and specialties. Can you handle this trail extreme motocross simulation and become a real dare devil? Conquer the 3D physics and drive as fast you can to the finish line, collect all coins on the circuit for a higher score that you can use in the shop. So hop on your motor and use your steering skills while driving around the airport and taking control of it by doing awesome thrill tricks! So save money to buy expensive rides and conquer the road while doing a crazy ride full of adrenaline competition. Avoid collisions and enjoy this free sports game challenge with cool and realistic 3D graphics that will win your hart and give you hours of gaming fun.

One last detail: This airport city is also used by the military so you might see soldiers or other army vehicles around the airfield.

So achieve all bikes and upgrades so you become no.1! Even if you are done with scoring you can do just freestyle and do some cool frond and back flips by using the loops. If you crash you have to start all over again so keep it save and don't make accidents! Play the game unlimited and it will always be free for android users so no hidden costs. Boys and even girls will like this trail bike game because the controls are very easy the use and the graphics are beautiful! So claim your prizes by winning and win those trophies!

Bike Racing Adventure: Airport features:
- A bike store for upgrades and new motors.
- Easy controls that can be used by everyone.
- Cool 3D graphics for even more fun.

How to install Army Dirt Bike Trial APK at

Ready for the best dirt bike game on android? Race on a military base and do cool stunts while collecting coins! In Army Dirt Bike you can upgrade your bike and make it even faster or buy a new motor for even more racing speed. Can you handle the extreme motor trial action? Drive around and collect all the coins for a perfect score and more money to spend on upgrades in the store. Do back flips and front flips for even more investment money and try to finish all 10 levels with a 3 star score!

Kick start your fast crosser and watch out for the army people around the track and the military vehicles that are racing around the circuit because one crash and you have to start all over again. Use the ramps to do cool tricks and loops for cool dirt action on the military base! Every level has a different difficulty with all new obstacles on the road that you have to conquer while sitting on your motor and find the perfect balance on this extreme trial tracks!

Army Dirt Bike simulator features:
- High quality 3D graphics.
- 100% FREE for Android users.
- Great race simulations!
- Backstage view to tune your race vehicle.
- Dangerous motor driving!

How to install Diamond Cup Max Speed APK at

It is time for the yearly Diamond Cup! In this max speed edition you have to win 2 different cups before you can crown yourself as Diamond Cup winner. Win the Minnesota cup and the Colorado Desert cup and call your self the best race driver of the world! Compete with 5 others and conquer the extreme circuits specially built for this car simulation game!

Can you finish the race without taking a pit stop? Make your own strategy and win all the races to unlock new tracks and different worlds for more driving action! Drive with your speed car and try to avoid the obstacles on the road and finish the track without any crashes. Drift through the curves like a rally car to take corners even faster. We hope you enjoy this Formula Max Speed game and have hours of gaming fun! So put on your helmet and we see you on the circuit.

Diamond Cup Max Speed features:
- Awesome 3D graphics.
- Looks like a real 3D racing simulator.
- 6 different race tracks.
- Fast cars to drive with.

How to install Super Bionic Space Racers APK at

Ready spaceman? Race with your space shuttle against 8 others i n 2 different bionic worlds with different tracks! Conquer space and become the racing champion of the universe and unlock new levels when you finish at the first 3 racers. Race across 2 planets and win them all to become the champion!

Fully packed with flying space ships and cool racing action! We build 6 new circuits for your with all a different difficulty. We hope you can win the planet races and unlock them all by winning! Join the space squad now and show them your driving and flying skills!

TIP: Use the ramps to pass the other drivers in the tournament.

Super Bionic Racers features:
- High quality 3D graphics.
- Awesome spaceships for racing.
- Easy controls for better gaming experience.
- A fun and beautiful space simulation.

How to install 4x4 Jeep Racing Adventure APK at

Ready for 4x4 Jeep Adventure? A cool off road rally racing game fully packed with 3D tracks and cool jeeps to drive with. Jump in your car and show the driving skills you got! Steer over the cool circuits and try to finish first! 12 different levels with a different difficulty and 2 worlds to race in. So drive your 4WD to the first spot and unlock a new level every time you finish and reach the podium. Drift extremely like a real rally car and show the driving skills you have!

4x4 Jeep Simulator is a four wheel drive car game with 6 different tracks and high quality graphic animations. Jump in your 4x4 jeep and race across the valley and finish with a clean sheet without crashing the car. We hope you enjoy this car racing simulator game that is totally free to play. Conquer the world!

4x4 Jeep Adventure features:
- Easy controls.
- Realistic 3D graphics.
- Cool simulations.
- Real race action.

How to download Farmer Dirt Bike Trial 3D APK at

Do you like the Dirt Bike series? This version is based on a farm with all kinds of animals around the track. Of course you can not reach the animals or harm them! Race and do cool stunts around the farm while collecting coins on the road. Can you collect all the coins and finish on time so you get a perfect 3 star score? Use your motocross skills and use the loops for cool stunts around this cartoon trail track. Drive 10 tracks and try not to crash because then you need to start all over or at the nearest re-spawn point.

If you love dirt bike games then this farmer episode is really fun for you! Jump over barrels and many more obstacles on the road and do not forget to make a perfect loop. We wish you all the luck and race your motor via the sand roads to the finish!

Game features:
- Totally FREE game.
- Cartoon 3D graphics.
- Easy controls to race.
- Fun animals around the track.

How to download Desert Dirt Bike Trial APK at

Finally someone who wants to help us out here in the desert! We need a professional driver for this 10 crazy stunt and racing tracks. Lucky we found you! Are you ready to clean all the skulls from the tracks and let the ghosts out of our wild west town? Jump on your bike and drive over the sand roads and collect all skulls and try to keep under the minute and you have a perfect score with 3 stars! If you like motocross games you are in the right place. . Use loops, ramps and other cool stunt obstacles on the road. Show your skills now and become number 1 in Desert Dirt Bike Trial!

TIP: Use enough pressure on your back wheel when you drive into a loop.

This free game has some cool features:
- 3D wild west racing world.
- Collectible objects on the road.
- Cool motor to race with.
- High score system.

How to download Quad Bike: Dino Woods Trial APK at

Welcome into the Dino woods! Are you not scarred and can you handle this crazy racing game with a fast quad? Jump on your ATV and drive among cool and big dinosaurs to help them! Collect all the mini Dino's on the road and bring them back to their parents. Can you finish every level with a perfect 3 heart score? Try to complete a track in 1 minute and you get a heart. Try to collect all the dinosaurs on the road and you get another heart! Collect them all and you become a real off road quad driver! Check out some amazing giant dino's and collect objects along the road. Win and unlock nice stuff. Use the ATV store for upgrades for your Quad!

Race now in the middle of a dinosaur park with cool jumps and loops! Handle all 10 levels and try to finish this game with a perfect score! Every level becomes harder and also longer to race will be in this Jurassic landscape!

Game features:
- This Quad Simulation game is FREE.
- Race with a cool Trial ATV!
- High 3D graphics.
- 10 cool levels.
- Allot Dino's.

How to install Dirt Bike - Cartoon Trial APK at

Jump in the world of Cartoon Dirt Bike! Race and stunt over all kinds of objects in this cool 3D cartoon graphic game. Can you handle the fast motorbike you are driving and make a perfect score? Do not crash in front of the crowd around the track and try to finish every level before 1 min and get extra stars for that. Jump over barrels and use loops to get a higher platform so you can do the coolest stunts! You even jump over big gas tanks and containers! Look very careful at the track because some levels has more then 1 way to go.

If you like Motocross or Trail Bike sports this game is special for you! Also if you do not like those sports but still love stunt games you can give it a try because the game is 100% free! Try to become better every racing track and maybe you can finish all levels with a 3 star score. Collect all the golden coins on the road by using your driving skills. What are you waiting for? Jump on your motor and race through the cartoon streets!

Game details:
- Totally free to play.
- Cartoon 3D scene.
- Easy controls.
- Based on trail bike sports.

How to download Forest Dirt Bike Trial APK at

Ready for a real Dirt Bike experience? In this cartoon 3D game you take the wheel of a motocross bike and you need to survive the woods in 10 crazy racing levels. Jump over logs, ramps and do cool back and front flips! We even put loops in Forest Dirt Bike so you have a awesome stunt and race experience with your crosser.

Earn stars for a perfect ride! You earn stars for a fast time and even for collecting skulls on the road. Can you finish all the 10 levels with a perfect score? Try it now and become the Dirt Bike master of the world!

TIP: When you reach a loop with your trial motocross, get more pressure on your back wheel to make a good loop!

Some cool features:
- Totally FREE for everyone!
- 3D Graphics with a cartoon theme.
- Loops, Ramps and big hills to jump.
- Perfect physic for good steering of the motor.

How to install ATV Max Racer - Speed Racing Game APK at

ATV Max Speed is a quad bike racing game with high quality graphics and smooth controls that everyone can use! Can you handle the speed of this vehicle? Race over great rally tracks and do not crash. Every level you need to reach the top 3 so you unlock the next level. 6 different 3D tracks and 2 different worlds to race, Summer style and Snow! Try to drive your ATV to the number one spot when you compete against 5 other quad drivers on the circuit.

Get your maximum speed and become a ATV race winner! Be aware of the snow because it gets more slippery and you need to use your driving skills more. In the sun you can go as fast you can and just watch your steering in the game to become a success. Become the best extreme motor driver on the circuit and make some fun!

Game specials:
- Totally free to play!
- High 3D graphics.
- 6 racing tracks.
- Easy controls.
- 2 weather types.

How to install درفت وتفحيط يامهجول APK at

درفت وتفحيط يامهجول بآفضل الوزنيات واجمل السيارات والشيلات الحماسية

How to download تفحيط وتطعيس درفت دبي drift APK at

تطعيس وتفحيط ودرفت دبي بأجمل السيارات يحتوي على جيب ووزنيات للسيارات drift

How to install هجولة وتفحيط درباوية APK at

هجول وفحط بالهايلوكس والداتسن وغيره من اجمل السيارات

How to download كسر الحديد APK at

كسر الحديد خلك طارة والعب بسيارتك المفضلة كابريس هايلوكس اكورد مرسيديس لاندكروزر

يحتوي على سيارات متعددة تستطيع شراء سيارتك المفضلة

يحتوي على
هايلوكس ٩٣
هايلوكس ٢٠١١
لاندكروز شاص
لاندكروزر ربع
جمس بهبهاني
جمس دينالي
هايوندا اكورد
هجولة تفحيط تطعيس سباق سيارات هز الحديد كسر الحديد
قيم اللعبة وشاركها مع اصدقائك

How to install Mountain Offroad Racing APK at

Monster truck game with excellent off-road physics.

Mountain Offroad Racing is one of the most exciting off-road games. Enjoy some four wheel fun in this side scrolling race game. You control a monster jeep with large tires for extra grip, your car has great suspension so try some jumps!

In Mountain Offroad Racing, you're challenged to be fast and collect points.

Tap the right side of screen to speed up your neon car and tap the left side of screen to brake.

Real physics
Particle Effects
Randomly generated track

How to download Real Car Racing Fever APK at

Real Car Racing Fever is the best Android arcade racing game available in the Play Store Market. Feel the real experience of car racing with best asphalt racing tracks. Top Free Car Racing is best in rivalry car racing. You will compete against 3 rival cars in the racing track. Top Free Car Racing gives you the best asphalt racing tracks in real and thrilling environments. It will give you the adventurous experience of racing track battle. Enjoy your car racing skills with perfectly tuned car control physics. Select your desired car to start your real racing experience. Top Free Car Racing provides your four different cars to play with. Each car is different in car controlling physics. Get the experience of racing with all available cars. Beat your rival with Turbo Car Racing experience on real asphalt racing tracks in best racing environment.

Game Modes:

Real Car Racing Fever has three thrilling gaming modes.
1. Time Attack
2. Sprint
3. Circuit

Time Attack:
In this mode you need to reach the check point in 20 seconds limit. Soon you reach the check point your time will be increased by 20 seconds. In time attack mode you need to stay focus with time parameter to win. Use your driving controls and racing experience precisely . If you fail to reach check point in time you will lose as game will over.

In this mode you will compete with 3 rival cars. They challenge you for one lap battle on your favorite asphalt track. You need to show your speed and control on your car to win this challenge. Be a speed racer and enjoy turbo speed racing challenges.

You have challenge of three laps in this mode. Feel the heat of car racing and show your thrilling skills of speed driver to beat your rivals with your control and turbo speed. Show your controls with best use of asphalt track to win this mode.

Game Environment:
Real Car Racing Fever provides you real and best racing environment with asphalt tracks. These environments give you real feel of exciting speed racing.

1.Winterfell Highway: Feel the real experience of turbo speed pursuit driving in thrilling environment of winterfell highway.
2.Sandy Highway: Sandy Highway will give you the best experience of asphalt track car racing in adventurous environment of desert.
3.Breeze Valley: Enjoy the exciting experience of racing in Breeze Valley environment with eye catching scenes.

Game Control:

Real Car Racing Fever is loaded with perfect car controls to give you real feelings of speed racing. Control your car like a speed racer. Steering is controlled by accelerometer. Use your device like a steering to get the real feel of car driving. Below mentioned features will help you to control and drive with speed like real speed racer.
1.Acceleration Button
2.Reverse Button
3.Hand-Brake Button
4.NOS Button

So, let’s ride to feel the real heat and excitement of speed racing with Real Car Racing Fever
Note: For better understanding, there is a help menu in Game. You can refer it from there.

For any suggestion/feedback about "Real Car Racing Fever" feel free to contact us at [email protected]
Join us on facebook :
Visit "Xertz Game Studio" official blog :
Visit "Xertz Game Studio" official website :

How to install Extreme Buggy Beach: Monsters Kart Stunt Racing APK at

Adore the atmosphere of off-road karting race with Buggy Beach Monster! Crazy Races through the dirt and sand, avoid obstacles and perform different stunts! Challenge other drivers and do your best to win the ride! Prove yourself as a real off-road karting champion with Kart Buggy Racing Stunt Rider!
Ride as fast as you can to pass the trek faster than others, collect all time collection before the time limit ends! Earn points to collect coins for upgrade your buggy or to buy a new one – it would help you to become the fastest extreme stunts rider at this racing!

This stunt mania Buggy Beach Monster simulator is the most amazing powered racing game with the duel links against your arch enemies. This stunt mania beach buggy rider stunting dome simulator is way better than any other extreme racing game simulator out there and maybe you will be the arena war champion! Stay ahead of your opponents and crush them on your way to the finish line in the Kart Buggy Racing Stunt Rider battle like no Monster Truck game ever!
The Buggy Beach Monster race rider game, fight against fierceness of extreme racing rivals with ultimate goal to become world champion. Drive armored buggy loaded with gating gun with only mission to crash and burn racers cars ashes in air. Destroy rival cars with missile launcher, gun and weapon experience bounty missions in furious death race like never before. Take a deep breath, jump into driver seat and enter into biggest death beach buggy racing rally of 2017.This buggy combat flat-out simulator features most thrilling and dangerous weapons to witness destruction and high speed competition in amazing death race.

Beach Buggy racing is explosive sequel! Drive into an action-packed, surprise-filled world of off-road kart racing mayhem. Race against a field of rival drivers, each with unique personalities and special abilities. Build a collection of crazy powerups, like timer up, Fire gun, and weapons. Unlock and upgrade a variety of cars, from dune buggies to monster trucks. Test your skills in 10 different game levels on different 3D beach race tracks, against a pack of tropical-loving rivals with a serious case of road rage!

Prepare yourself for everlasting destruction of ultimate Kart Buggy Racing cars on beach asphalt track. Beware of ruthless obstacles and AI hidden cars firing at competitors beat and kill one of the boss monster truck who has making impossible to win buggy rally. This is not just school bus simulator or ordinary police car game, this is real road killer simulator for addictive combat racing. Race to unlock more destructive vehicles and more dynamic weapons possibly available in Kart Buggy Racing Stunt Rider.Off-Road beach buggy racing track is full of twists and turns as well as speedy straights, so it will really test your handling skills.

If you are a fan of Extreme Sports Racing Games, drifting, stunt, crushing and off-road then you have to try it. Challenging level circuits are designed to test your skills to the time limit.

Game features:-
1) Realistic and smooth racing controls.
2) Modern graphics and physics
3) Shoot the opponents to blow them out of the track
4) Attractive and stunning graphics and eye catching sceneries.
5) Perform awesome swag stunts with different cool styles for bonus points
6) Unlock new powerful buggies
7) Realistic environment

How to download ATV Madness APK at

Make tricks to earn extra-credits to unlock vehicles and tracks! Feel the realism of the full 3d outdoor environments with 5 long tracks and 12 ATV models coming with different power,grip and brake settings. Enter the game right from the beginning with the stunning 3d menu replicating the real scene of a race backstage!

How to install Kids race APK at

Do you like to be the first? Do you want to know - what are real races and take part in speed and reaction competitions? This will help you in this our new game from the series of developing games for children - "Kids race 2".
Your goal is to reach the finish line first, bypassing various obstacles, overtaking other racing cars, avoiding an accident and earning as many points as possible in the form of pearls and colorful crystals.
About this form of transport, as racing cars - many guys dream, regardless of age and gender. When the kids are reminded of beautiful cars that can still travel very fast - girls and boys show curiosity and great interest. Any of them, including almost all adults, once imagined themselves as a brave and brave racer. Now you do not need to dream anymore, because the race for kids is not an impossible dream - but a real reality.
Just imagine: you sit in a racing car and rush to meet the sunset, avoiding various obstacles. And you hear only the wind and the noise of the motor.
Our game - the race for children is sure to please you and your kids, and will also help in the development of fine motor skills, reactions, educate the children for attention on the road, contribute to the development of leadership qualities and will enable them to better understand the world around them.
To play cars and find out what a real cool race is, you just need to download and install this game on your tablet or smartphone. And if your kid loves technology - this game for him will be a real godsend.
Funny and cute little cars are ready for the start and are waiting for you! Ready to become a winner? Do you want to get the grand prize?
If yes, then - 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Let's go !!!

Do not forget to visit our website at

How to download Railroad signals, Crossing. APK at

In the game "Railroad crossing " the child will feel like a real traffic controller. The game will please both boys and girls. The game has a railroad on which trains travel a lot, and across a railway crossing moves a lot of different cars. The young traffic controller needs time to raise and lower barriers to cars quickly, on time and safely passed across the railway intersection. But we must be careful, because with each level the game becomes more complicated, and therefore need to be careful and cautious! Ensure that the vehicle can safely move to the railroad, and only then open the barrier. It all depends on the traffic controller, when you need to open the crossing. Opens the railroad crossing by clicking on the desired barrier. The game develops care, fine motor skills, responsibility, perseverance. Cheerful music, colorful pictures, great graphics and a variety of cars and trains will love your baby and carry away your child permanently. Railroad signals.
Railroad crossing, kids race - this funny.
children's train - for small baby.

Visit us at: Site:

How to download Kids Race - Racing for Kids APK at

Kids developing game "Kids race" will give children the opportunity to participate in these competitions. You task - to get to the finish, overtaking other cars, because the kids love to be the first. Before the race, children can choose a car that will participate in the race. Kids will love these machines, because they are very good, lovely and colorful. Also during the race on the way will meet the fruit that must be collected.
Kids game "Kids race" - really will be liked by kids and also help in the development and knowledge of the world.
Cheerful children's game - Baby cars.

Visit us at: Site:

How to download Bike Riders : Bike Racing Game APK at

Enter a fast-paced motorcycle race in Y8 Presents Bike Riders, a new 3D racing game that aims for a realistic biking challenge. Select your bike and the track to race on, and you’re all set for a high-speed challenge. Hop onto your bike and race down the highway, grabbing speed boosts and other power-ups as you fight to win the race and earn the best possible time.

But watch out! You aren’t the only ones on the road. Put your skills to the test and weave between other vehicles to avoid a disastrous collision. Don’t lose track of the other racers! You’ll need speed and precision to make the most of each moment and earn your victory.

Will you claim victory as the motorcycle racing champion?

6 exciting roads to race on with their own feature and challenges
6 motorcycles to unlock as you win each race
Fast-paced, high-speed racing action
Realistic 3D graphics
7 achievements to unlock

Are you ready to challenge yourself and win the race?

How to install Traffic Road Car Driving Game APK at

Hit the road in the all-new racing game, Traffic Road. Pick your car and put your driving skills to the test. Speed down the traffic-filled streets, but make sure you don’t hit the other cars, or you’ll crash and burn!

Complete a variety of fast-paced challenges in Career mode, drive as far as you can in an intense Time Trial mode, or see how long you can stay alive in the deadly Survival mode. Finally, relax and enjoy the game in the low-pressure Free Race mode to practice your skills.

Will you play it safe and avoid the traffic? Or will you race as fast as you can and weave between cars for bonus points and combos?

Earn as high a score as possible and see how you stack up against other players with the online leaderboards.

• Four different exciting modes
• Multiple vehicles to unlock with increasingly higher speeds
• Special challenges and risky combos
• Online leaderboards
• 12 challenging achievements to earn

Are you ready to face the world and dodge the traffic in Traffic Road?

How to download Contract Racer Car Racing Game APK at

Get behind the wheel and take to the road in Contract Racer, the latest addition to the lineup of exciting car games. Weave your way between vehicles to escape the crush of traffic and finish each contract in the fastest time possible—but stay vigilant, or you’ll crash and burn before you ever reach your goal. This isn’t just racing, it’s contract racing!


Unlike other racing games, Contract Racer has multiple types of challenges to complete. You’re a contractor with contracts to fulfill, and that means your driving talents will be needed in a variety of situations. Drive a taxi, a sedan, an ambulance, and more—whatever the situation calls for.

Sometimes you’ll be in a fast-paced race against the clock, fighting to reach your goal before time expires. Other times the police will be hot on your heels, and you’ll need to escape. Still other times, you’ll find yourself in a competitive race against other cars. No matter what your objective is, you must rise to the challenge.


Race through 16 different courses, each with its own goals and requirements, and unlock the next course with each one you complete. Your contracts will take you from the desert to snowy fields and beyond. Can you complete all 16 races?


View your car from behind in third-person view or watch the action up close with first-person view. Whichever camera you prefer for driving games is up to you, and you can switch easily between the two perspectives during any race.


Once you’ve mastered a course, check out the Contract Racer leaderboards to see you how your racing skills compare with the best of the best. If the leaderboards aren’t for you, your times are saved, so you can always work to beat your own high score.

How to install Car Games Free - 20in1 APK at

- What is 50in1 Car Games?

Every day we know that you download a lot of Car Games (Racing Game) but you do not like it and you delete it and fill your phone with unnecessary files. To save you from this trouble, we fit a single packet of 20 beautiful games. Moreover, the size of this app is less than 25 MB

Discover new games and enjoy the fun by playing a different car game each day.

- Updated Games

I'm done with this much :) No it did not end. There is a wide range of people who constantly update the background games and add new chapters. Every week we add at least one new game and remove the least popular games from the system. So we update the system in line with your requests.

- What's in the car games 20in1?

What we do not share, we share general information about the most popular car games and games. You can make your favorite games stay in the system by adding a favorite, and at the same time you can easily access from the quick access menu.

- Car Games What games are in 20in1?

We wanted to write the list here, but it's a pretty long list, so we've got 20 games together :) Certainly you'll like a few of them. Download now and discover car games (racing games).

- I have suggestions

It made us very happy to have read this section. Because we really need new suggestions and ideas :) You can send us an e-mail at [email protected]

How to download Moto Race: Loko Traffic APK at

Ride your super moto and race through through the crazy traffic! The city is going loco, so avoid the obstacles to survive! There is no limit to your speed!

-Choose from many bikes, including sports, “classic” and sci-fi- also an “invisible” bike :)
-Cool physics - the traffic (cars and trucks ) will crash and also try to collect your cash and fuel, so be fast!
-Amazing Locations with beautiful 3D high poly graphics : Countryside, the dangerous city, and war-torn desert!

How to play:
- Tilt the phone/tablet to move left or right
- Push the accelerate button to go even faster!

Music : MarkySpark-Unbreakable
nenadsimic picked-coin-echo-2

How to install Extreme Car Driving 3D APK at

Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D Simulator is the best car simulator of 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine
Ever wanted to try a buggy car simulator? Now you can drive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free!
Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. Explore the mini world and drift a lot. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you!
Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city!

Drive with traffic
Full real HUD including revs, gear and speed.
You can also turn them off!
Control your car with a steering wheel, accelerometer or arrows
Explore a detailed open world environment.
Realistic car damage. Crash your car!
Accurate physics.

How to install Real Car Racing Simulator APK at

Real City extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best car simulator , thanks to its advanced real physics engine. Ever wanted to try a car simulator? Now you can drive in a real 3D city. Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. No need to brake because of traffic or racing other rival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and run full speed without the police chasing you!Drifting fast and doing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this open world city! You can control car in 3 ways.


drive with traffic
simple and intuitive control
amazing 3D graphics
cool soundtrack
easy to play

How to install Great Drive Auto 5 Vice City APK at

Great Drive Auto brings you to New Haven a metropolis crime city that was once the pearl of the east coast of the United States.
Great Drive Auto is the best grab , crime and drive game
Let's go to drive amazing cars and boats and don’t get shaking off.
Now you can experience all the excitement of the competition and the dynamics of the race circuit in 3D.
3D graphics make the race even more spectacular and the pursuit more realistic. The driving is super realistic, cars have a great sense of weight and momentum on them make do drifts in this 3d game!Great Drive Auto features:
• City Maps
• Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control.
• Easy to play.
• Handy interface.
• Third Person control
• Build up your garage as you can expand the space you have to store different type of cars.
• Steal all kind of different vehicles in this epic crime city thief game.Thank You for download !!!This game needs improvement. Please let us know if you want more features or even help us by reporting bugs.

How to download Monster Truck Go for kids Free APK at

VVRROOOM! Time for the big monster truck rally! Racing over obstacles through beautiful landscapes, all headed to the finish line. Your children will love this game! Choose from 12 different monster trucks, all colorful with flashy paint jobs!

Designed for children 2-8 years old, control of the monster trucks is very simple and super fun! Travel up, down, under and through in this cross country monster truck race to the finish line!

From the western United States to Egypt, from the desert to the forest, even from volcanos to Mars, enjoy these interesting maps just waiting for the children to explore!

10 game scenes and 12 monster trucks. Loads of fun!

• Play 10 game scene
• Play 12 monster trucks
• Recommended for young children, 2-8 years old
• No third-party ads

Children love it and parents trust this Yateland designer's awesome vision!

How to download Dr. Parker : Parking Simulator APK at

Discover Dr.Parker the new generation parking puzzle game designed parking but like puzzle.
Parking in the drive, spectacular cars from the corner, and parking in the border barrier crawl quickly and correctly.
Drive retro hatchback car have many customizeable styles such as colors,decals, car parts (spoiler,antenna etc.) with an unique behavior and master over 100+ missions in detailed and completely simulated 3D environments.
Dr.Parker is a car simulator like truck simulator and like bus simulator with realistic controls and great dynamic gameplay and realistic 3d environment objects.
You can experience most extreme car parking experience with used retro car.When driving car so we think you'll like.This car contains very fun drivers to car drivers.

How to Play :
• Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel.
• Touch the gear button select car roation back or front way.
• Touch the gas button boost and speed even faster.
• Touch the brake button slowdown speed car.

• More than 100+ levels .Easy to hard design all levels (designed with attention to detail).
• Addictive ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ gameplay.
• Skip level feature.
• High quality physical environment.
• 4 different game camera mode.
• Physically calculated retro car.
• 50+ environment object designed with attention to detail.
• Two steering types (left or right side on the screen).
• Detailed sound environment.
• Localized in 8 languages: Turkish , French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Brazilian, Russian and English.

Dr. parker parking is back in the new updates and features to the biggest mobile parking simulation game market on the play store !
Dr. parker have realistic parking environments and it move up the quality standards all other realistic parking games.

How to install Bike Rider 2018 APK at

Bike Rider 2018 is the new bike riding game which features some of the most challenging race tracks which will test your ability and skills. This is the best top motorcycle riding game which will deliver lots of fun and entertainment to its players.

Accelerate and charge at full speed to jump over steep ramps and perform amazing and crazy stunts. Choose from a wide variety of crazy stunt bikes and get on the tracks to prove yourself.

How to install Vertical Ramp - Monster Truck Extreme Stunts APK at

Vertical Ramp Monster Truck Extreme Stunts is a monster truck driving game in which you become the driver of a extremely big monster truck that is very fast and has all the upgrades of the best monster trucks in the world.

Test your skills in some of the toughest tracks in the world which will test your abilities to the maximum and will make you the best monster truck driver in the world. More than 20+ challenges for you to complete and also enjoy the fun. Your opponents will try to defeat you but be ready for some action as there will be strong competition among the players.

Game Features :

*Play for Free
*Amazing 3D Graphics
*Challenging Levels

How to download Motorbike Mega Ramp Stunts APK at

Motorbike Mega Ramp Stunts is the ultimate bike stunts game. Become the moto bike stunt racer and race on some of the most electrifying tracks ever made. Each level will test your riding ability and you will experience thrill and excitement like never before. Drive as fast as you can down the ramp and make the highest jump and break the records and highest scores Performing dangerous stunts requires a lot of practice and so keep on playing and increasing your skills to become the best bike rider in the world.

Game Features:
1) 3D Graphics
2) Smooth and Easy Controls
3) Challenging Levels

How to install Mega Ramp Impossible Jump APK at

Mega Ramp Impossible Jump is the new car stunts racing game with newly designed sensational and electrifying tracks for fearless and gutsy racers who are willing to risk everything and attempt these impossible jumps to become the best racing games players. If you are thrill seeking individual with a love for extreme sports cars then this game is for you because it is a action packed high thrill car game which will keep you wanting more and more. So complete the exciting levels and challenges and make your way to the top of ranking brag about it to your friends.

Game Features :

1) 3-D Graphics
2) Easy Controls
3) Amazing Game-play

How to install Zombie Smash : Road Kill APK at

Love Drifting? Now drift your car and kill the zombies that are coming to attack you.

The goal is to kill and survive. Drive your way through zombie apocalyptic arena by killing zombies with your car. Upgrade your car with advance weapons and armor.

How long can you survive the zombie arena?

Please feel free to email us any improvements that could help us make the game better. Thank You!

How to download Train Racing Simulator: Free Train Games APK at

Start your engines and get ready to race, Indian Train Racing Games 3D is here.

Drive trains through vast areas across the beautiful landscape of India. Explore the terrains of the Indian sub-continent with all kinds of locomotives varying from steam-based, coal based and modern trains of today. Race other train drivers to the finish line. Halt at various railways stations to pick up and drop passengers traveling on their daily commute.

Driving trains in India is a challenging task and it gets even more exciting and thrilling when you are racing trains. This racing game is designed to give you pure and realistic train racing action. Cover various railroads of the states and cities through levels and make travel a fun task for the people. Apart from that this game is also multiplayer online so now you can even race your friends and beat their high scores and defeat them. One of the best train racing games, it gives you the adrenaline rush of being a train driver in this country in Asia which has some of longest railway routes in the world. Driving games have never been this fun due to this realistic simulator.

Indian Railways are quite different from the American Railways hence new and interesting challenges will come across your way. The trains in India have different controls compared to Europe and United States of America so get ready for a different train driving experience.

1) HD Graphics: Aesthetic looking graphics have been designed so that players enjoy the scenic landscapes of India.

2) Camera Angles: A wide variety of camera angles are provided to the player so that he can ensure that the train and the passengers are safe while the train is moving.

3)Excellent in-game Sounds: Realistic and high-quality sounds were used in these games so that players experience the best and optimum simulation.

4) Responsive Controls: The game has really good controls for driving the train. They have been designed specifically keeping in mind that the user can control the train easily.

5) Level Design: Exciting and challenging levels have been created so that the player is always enjoying the game.

6) Pause Option: User can even pause the game and then start it from the same position whenever he wants to.

7) Exclusive Trains: Select your train from a wide variety of options.

8)In-Apps: Low priced and discounted in-apps are provided so that the user can enjoy the premium features of the game.

9)Special Offers: Lookout for special offer pop-ups in the game, avail them to enjoy extra items.

Please feel free to suggest us any improvements that could help us make the game better. Thank You!

How to download Pets & Planes APK at

Jump in and race to be best!
Control cute farm animals as you pilot planes on 60 challenging courses. Pets & Planes offers hours arcade racing of fun with colorful 3D graphics. In Pets & Planes you take control of pet pilots as you race your way through race tracks filled with obstacles over various landscapes. Buy and modify 4 different racing planes customizing with performance upgrades and different paint options. Enhance your racing pefromance by unlocking more pilot pets with various piloting bonuses.

How to download Horse Racing 2016 APK at

Horse Racing 2016 is most Fabulous and Entertaining Game for Everyone. If you want to feel real horse racing championship, show your desire and courage to play this game. This Game Uniqueness makes you play this game for hours, you will love to play this game again and again.

- 6 Horses with 6 Jockeys to race with.
- Each Horse has its unique abilities.
- 6 Different tracks.
- 10 Seasons + Season Finale. (Upgrade to Full Version to Unlock all the Seasons and Horses)
- 55 Events to Play.
- Different climatic conditions and Day & Night Races.
- 5 Different race types : Time Trial, Normal, Straight, Hurdles, Free Rider
- Intuitive controls and Easy UI.
- Multi-Language support in the Game.

Get Ready for Real Action, Real Adventure, Real Horse Racing Championship.........

How to download Horse Racing 3D (Kids Edition) APK at

Horse Racing 3D (Kids Edition) is Amazing 3D Pony Horse Racing game for everyone. You will love to Face Different Challenges during game play.

-Amazing 3D Pony Horse Racing Game for everyone.
-Different Challenges in Different Stages.
-Hurdle Racing.
-Normal Racing.
-Time Trial.
-Training Stage.
-Suitable for all age group.
-Realistic Effects in the Game.
-Ranking system in the Game.
-Tested on All Android Phones & Tablets.

How to install RunAway - Can You Escape? APK at

You are a dangerous criminal of the universe and are subjected to the pursuit of missile troops.
Move fast and cleverly to escape from them before you are destroyed by the missile.

★ Easy to move and change the direction
★ Beautiful 2D graphics
★ Harder than you think
★ Leaderboards

Are you ready to run away? Join now!

How to install Extreme Bike Hill Climb APK at

A lot of fun while playing. You can spend a good time with friend , Control your car or bike to climb hills , start the engine and drive these awesome cars in the shortest time possible and get best score!.

If you’re bored of the similar bitumen racing games, you should download this Extreme Bike Hill Climb now .
Control your car or bike to climb hills .

start the engine and drive these awesome cars in the shortest time possible and get best score!,

Extreme Bike Hill Climb Free Racing Game is the best motorcycle games and it is easy kids games because it's a fast motorcycle driver .

You can climb even the highest hills. Jump over thrilling obstacles and speed through terrifying loops! it's not a motorcycle simulator games but you can driving motorcycle hill climb and flying car and motorbike ...

Super charged Pick Up Truck that generates great speeds or an invincible Hummer that can climb even the highest hills. Jump over thrilling obstacles and speed through terrifying loops! it's not a motorcycle simulator games but you can driving motorcycle and flying car and motorcycle games ...

This racing game can be controlled as easily as possible so that any kid could play and win without any problems.

Features :
► Easy controls, good quality graphics.
► Multiplayer! You can challenge your friends .
► Compatible with ALL devices.
► Simple and easy control
► The game is set in a great climb
► 8 challenging levels
► physics based bike racing

Download This Best Extreme Bike Hill Climb FREE GAME now!

this Game does not contain violence nor any other mature content. it's just a simple and straightforward racing game. feel free to play it with your boys and children. we bet it will be fun and they're gonna love it!

How to install Pro Highway Racers APK at

Do you want to push the limits and overtake well? Then this game suits you! Show your talents with luxury sports car, suv, pick-up cars on the highway. Upgrade torque, maneuver, speed and nos qualities your car. Customize your car with different paints options.
Incredible overtake with the new driving controls.

Get the highest score and take your place among your friends and all over the world.

It's easier overtake with new vehicle physics and controls, overtake cars in high speed. Choose steering wheel , right-left button or acceleration sensor control made for highway traffic professional racers.

How to install Airplane Game (Kids) APK at

Welcome to Airplane Game for kids.

★ This game “Airplane Game” is based on moving the phone left and right and then try to collect the largest number of points in the stars and avoid the bombs and the towers.

Do you dare to do stunts with an airplane? if you like airplane games this is your game, you will have a lot of fun with your plane.

Just tilt your device to move the plane and catch as many stars as you can.

The Airplane game goes on, as long as you can handle the thrill and keeping away from the incoming danger.

Test your skill in piloting your airplane to catch the points, but stay away from the obstacles such as towers and bombs.

★★★Airplane Game is very friendly game for kids as well as adults★★★

Thanks for trying our plane game and don’t forget to rate the app.

How to download Subway Surf Runner 2 APK at

Most good games are the games subway surf, super subway game is a game run from the pursuit of security is very challenging. Run away to avoid pursuit.

Subway surf provides a very enjoyable game and also very challenging, while you run will be many obstacles that make there be caught by the security guard rail. Therefore, you should be careful.

Subway surf new 2017 is a running game, which you will be pursued by the railway guard, because you have soiled the train carriage, so the officers are very angry at you, and when the subway surfing is a challenge will come to you.

In this game, a lot of items in the game run surfers who desperately need, not only that, you are required to collect as many gold coins as possible, the usefulness of these gold coins can be to purchase a variety of items and also buy new in-game characters new subway in 2017.

Before discussing the items and characters in the game surfers, here are the advantages of the new game's new subway surf.
- HD Graphics
- 3D Game
- Having many items and in-game characters
- Games are fun
- Game challenging
- And others

Those are some of the advantages of this latest subway run game.
In-game items:
- Rocket, handy for you to fly and collect as many gold coins without a hitch.
- Shoes jump, useful to run faster and jump over many trains that block you.
- Adhesives Coins, useful to collect as many coins quickly.
- Skateboard, surfing belt of railroad tracks safely and quickly.
- Gold Star, useful to double gold coins that you get from the rush surfers
- The key, useful to buy in-game items subway surf 3D 2017

That item in the game very much, this game does have a lot of challenges but also very comforting.

How to play new subway surf of runner 2017:
1. When you are pursued by a security guard / ranger, you must run and stay away from the security guard, when you run, you will find many challenges that can make you fail to succeed in playing the 2017 subway surf game.
2. In the game there will be many useful items for you, such as: rocket to fly, skateboard, jumping boots, and others.
3. When you run, you must collect gold coins, the coin is useful to buy characters and items in the subway game 2017.

If you love runner games and want to try a new one,Subway Surf is the best choice.

Hopefully, this 2017 subway surf new games can make you entertained every day. Have a nice play.

New Subway Surf Runner 2 is a subway themed endless run game.
Slide the screen to surf in subway, escape from inspectors.
Super crazy & fast running game, New Subway Surf Runner 2, surfers run as fast as you can! Subway Surf Runner 2 is an amazing running game for runner. Run along the chaos complex traffic subway and escape from the monster.
Super Swipe to turn, and jump and slide to avoid hitting obstacles, barrier and subway trains. Have exciting run surfers on Bus,collect coins and buy power up. Unlock new characters, and see how far you can run! Underground city adventure travel along the subway tracks start now,surf with your friends. Run like hell and challenge your limit. Download it now and start your Subway surfing and forest surfers, join the most thrilling dash.
Rush Subway Surf Runner 2 Features:
- New subway scene,amazing underground city and forest.
- Thrilling moment, fast speed
- A variety of role selection, a variety of unique skills
- Easy and smooth operation


How to install Monster Trucks Nitro APK at

Play havoc the city with most beautiful monster trucks you can ever seen. 5 different cities and hard tens of levels are calling you. Drive over school busses, barrels, wheel hills and car crowds by your monster truck. Use ramps to fly over big pits and reach the finish point fastest with less damage. Use your nitro smartly and carefully to jump heavier over the ramps. Improve your vehicle by earning more money.

- The game can be controlled by two different ways. You can either accelerate, break, tilt right / left and nitro on button mode or can play on tilt mode only on your mobile phone or tablet.
- To keep your vehicle balanced or tumble, when on button mode, use left side balance buttons; on tilt mode tilt your phone or tablets to right or left position.
- Use right side buttons for accelerate / brake when on button mode. When you are on tilt mode, use right side of the screen for accelerate and left side for brake. Use nitro button for giving nitro.

- 2D real physical base race game
- Tens of difficult and getting harder levels
- Two different controlling. (Button or Tilt)
- A very nice game experience with perfect interface and voice effects
- Monster trucks which can be improved and tens of wheels, motors, suspensions.
- Nitro for more jumps on ramps
- A chance you can ever imagine to drive from your childhood

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How to download AMG Drift APK at

Can you accomplish all the sections making drift without crashing the container and other barriers before the time is up?

- Great sound effects
- Realistic physical reaction
- Simple controls
- Two different camera view options
- Perfect 3D appearance
- Regularly updated levels

How to play: At the first levels, you will not need to improve the car but at up coming levels, you will need to. To make a drift, you must put on the brake.

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How to install Moto Fever HD APK at

Welcome to the world of violent motorcycles!
Here the ultimate speed is the dream of everyone!
To pursue the challenge and feel this crazy competitive mode, just driveon the road where the car is coming and going and speed up in the night!
Seek breakthroughs in madness and rush to the zenith of the motorcycle world!

Game features:
Feel the real pleasure of avoiding all kinds of vehicles
The passionate BGM burns the blood of your heart
Enjoy the ultimate speed experience brought by the violent motorcycles!

 Rich game levels:
Hundreds of game levels, unprecedented track challenges… the track is full of surprises!
 A wide range of motorcycles:
Cool styling, unique configuration, and different performances give you a wealth of choices!
 Unique upgrade mode:
Is there a gap in racing performance? Is your favorite vehicle not strong enough? It doesn't matter, the unique modification system will make your favorite vehicles more powerful!
 Exquisite picture:
Next-generation image rendering technology, smooth operation, attractive scenes, as well as challenging special tracks… you’ll experience unprecedented driving challenges! Travel in a brand new motorcycle world!

Choose your favorite motorcycle and operate it from the first person perspective. Drive your motorcycle and reach the target point within a limited time!

Note: There will be a variety of vehicles on the track that will hinder your progress. Make sure you’re safe in pursuing the fastest speed. Just reach the finish line in the shortest time!

How to download Real Road Racing-Highway Speed Car Chasing Game APK at

Real Road Racing is #1 highway speed car chasing game on store.
Drive a luxury car and start the drifting chasing!
Compete in the real road championships and win glory!
Grasp the steering wheel, ignite the nitrogen, and prepare for the extreme speed.
Be the first one to cross the finish line!

Game features:
◆ Unique real scenes- from desert to city, from the Middle East to Europe, each scene has been carefully modeled and designed to bring you a global experience;
◆Funny gameplay: Activate the nitrogen acceleration,use your elegant skills to surpass your opponentsand enjoy the amazing driving experience.
◆ Unparalleled realistic settings: the latest models, advanced engines, 2 different perspectives. Choose the in-car control mode to experience the most realistic racing experience.
◆ 2 game modes: World Tour mode & single player mode;
◆Competition reward system: winning the game can continue to get cash & EXP rewards
◆ Choose your nickname and avatar;
◆ Choose your playing car;
◆Select the competition you want to participate in;
◆ Enter the game, choose the mode that suits you, and start the game.

Your dull life really needs a little passion to adjust!
Do you love the passion of dust and free driving?
Are you also a fanatic who loves racing games?
Come and download Real Road Racing-Highway Speed Car Chasing Game!
Explore the world in it and explore the possibilities of the unknown.

How to download Warrior Rush - Infinity Running Game APK at

Take your treasure out of the enemy's base and don't be caught up by the guards!

Avoid obstacles on changing roads and measure your reaction speed!

If you are a big fan of endless running, then Warrior Rush - Infinity Running Game must be your best choice!

Game Features:
◆ More soldiers waiting for you to choose:
16 different warriors are waiting for you to control, each fighter has its own skills. What are you waiting for? Collecting gold coins in the game to unlock more Character.
◆ Easy to control:
Tilt the left and right phones to control the left and right offset of the character, slide the screen left and right to control the character to turn left and right, and slide the screen up and down to control the character to jump and slide. Easy to operate, suitable for boys and girls of all ages;
◆ Smooth and exquisite game screen:
With a perfect 3D image that transcends all the same kind of running games, the realistic character model brings you a different visual feast. Suitable for all Android 4.0 and above devices;
◆ Multiple skills:
Unlock more characters to get the different skills, you can earn gems, upgrade skills, and get more powerful effects during the game. In addition, each character can carry sub-skills. Different characters can carry different sub skills;

Warrior Rush - Infinity Running Game is such a fun 3D running game, are you not heart-warming!

Collect gold coins and rush towards higher scores!

How to download Traffic Driving APK at

Traffic Driving sonsuz yarış oyun türüdür, motorunuzu çeşitli mekanlarda sürmenizi sağlar.
Yoldaki engelleri aşarak yeni motorlar almanızı sağlar, bunun yanında tabi ki de keyif alarak
makas atma ve sollamada cabası.

Hadi ne duruyorsun şimdi yollara kendi motorunla çıkma zamanı!

-Çeşitli motorlar
-Farklı mekanlar, haritalar
-Dil desteği
-Süre yok
-Benzin yok

-Arabalara yakın makas atarak para kazanabilirsin
-Ne kadar yol gidersen o kadar çok para kazanırsın
-Tek teker üzerinde istediğin kadar gidebilrsin

Bizi takip etmek istersen

Vereceğiniz oylar ve geri bildirimler sayesinde oyunun
gelişiminde katkıda bulunabilrsiniz.

How to install AR Car Drive : Camera Version APK at

Car Driving AR is one of the first car racing / driving game made in AR i.e. Augmented Reality.

When you open the game, you see the driving track while the background is the camera preview! Turn your phone around and you can look at your surrounding.
You can drive your car in any view in any angle.
The AR augmented reality feel makes the game super entertaining! You actually feel like you are playing in your own room or your own surrounding.

AR Car Racing demonstrates an ATV car that you have to drive through challenging tracks. It's an endless ATV Race game. The tracks are placed at breathtaking heights.
The tracks demonstrate different puzzles, you will fall in love with the circular trap. It takes the AR Car Driving to another level.

Download AR Car Driving today and have endless fun.

How to download Moto Racer VR APK at

This is an exclusive moto racing game for Google Cardboard.

You want to get the feel of motorbike ride? Here we present VR version of Moto Rider.
Enjoy the bike racing in Virtual Reality using Google Cardboard glasses.
Free your hands now, just wear the Google glasses and play game.

This is a fast paced bike racing game in 3D. Be careful with your driving skills, crashing into cars will hurt you!

How to Play
- Hit the play, follow the instructions
- Set your phone in Google Cardboard
- Tilt head to Steer your Motorcycle left or right

We are working on more cardboard VR apps & VR Bike Racer apps, stay tuned for more.

How to install ATV Race 3D APK at

Drive through 35 challenging tracks in this classy ATV Race game.

** Introduced ENDLESS MODE **

Perform mind freaking ATV stunts in this game.

Features -
- Level & Endless mode
- Classy home scene (The ATV car circles around the track right on the home scene).
- Minute animations of the atv driver.
- Tracks optimized for amazing stunts.
- Attention to details (E.g. When you jump high, the camera zooms out. When you land, camera zooms in. Subtle changes. But improves quality of the game a lot).
- Perfect physics.
- Well polished.
- 35 levels for level mode.
- Beautiful & serene graphics.

In Endless mode, the mode starts with different kinds of tracks each time which make it more fun. You start atv biking on any one random track and more challenging tracks keep on coming until you lose it & the game gets over.

Bringing lot of interesting stuff for you in next levels. New ATV Race cars, tracks, ATV bikes. That means more stunts for you.

Download this Best ATV Race game and have endless fun driving it.

How to install Snowboard Legends APK at

Let’s redefine the meaning of fun of snowboarding game. Make your winter holidays more rocking with this winter skating game. Do skate from highest summit of the snowy mountain to conquer your fears.
We believe in evolution so we always thrive to come up with the best fitting android games. In this regard, we present you an ice skating game featuring the best ice surfing and realistic skate simulator. There are fascinating snow tracks for your snowboarding. Ride your favorite snowboard 3d summand enjoys thrilling ski-ramps. You will have to gear up for best action sports on skateboard in snow covered mountain ranges. Crush snow under your feet and feel like that you are skating among glittering snow covered hills. Execute some flip tricks like grind, jump and crouch with some impossible ice stunts. Be a skater of 2018 and achieve a better score by collecting coins. Just get rid of ordinary skating games. Skate like a pro in this snowboard game.
Enjoy the winter sports with snowboard games. Unlike ski games this snowboarder game is based on exclusive snow boards. Pick up your skateboard in snow game to enjoy the snow skating championship. Flip, turn and jump in this snow board game. Take the snowboards fun to next level with these skateboarding gamers. Have you ever witnessed skateboarding free? Not yet. Just delve into skateboard game for invincible snowboarding stunts. This is new skating game which takes you to impossible skii tracks. Be doctor of skating games now.There are electrifying time trail mode and endless snow race mode. The time trail mode defines a specific time limit to reach to finish line. The endless mode offers longest snowy track which is filled with impossible hurdles.
The roller skater 3d game encompasses exhilarating ski grace game that proves to be a great escape from boredom. Here comes your best chance to witness realistic snow mountainous. Play this snowboard game with skating 3d freestyle.You will be thrilled by the ski ramps and skating racing trials. There are amazing skate park locations and skating styles for your pleasure.Feel the real skate board stunts of skating games.
Among the best skateboard games, this 3d game is about the freestyle ride on snowboard. Besides skating race, you will enjoy the impossible stunts. The 3d freestyle snow skater is best trending skating game.As ranked among the top ice games for girls, the new skating race snow game and now skated includes the best animations. Carve and grind; make your mark.
How to Play:
This skating racing game as ranked among the free skateboarded apps is provided with responsive interface. Select skated boarded from amazing collection. There are multiple skateboards for your new skating race. You can choose the mode of your choice.There are challenging levels comprising of snow skated stunts. In each level there are different types of flip tricks like double jumps plus grind. You will not be successfully move to next level unless you perform the required skateboard stunts like back flip or front flip. Collect as many coins as you can to unlock more levels.
Keep riding and put in your best skating skills to celebrate 3d snowboarder skated. So install now this snowboard surfer game.

1. This skateboarding game has addictive gameplay
2. Realistic ice skateboard sim free
3. Remarkable visual and sound effects in the snow boarding game
4. Exclusive snow board race and skate stunts

How to install Water Games Mania 3D Water Slide Games APK at

Are you feeling bored?
If yes! then try epic water slide ride 2017 and enjoy the best waterslide simulator ever to give you burst of excitement. Now play the new slide game and have the whale of time with this water slide fun
The real water slide adventure is water racing games which is based on new water slide taking you the peak of thrill and action in this free 3d game. Just play best water park games to have the amazing time in the water park. Get on the water park slide on the simulated water to experience the unseen fun as water slide ride 3d is full of fun and happiness all you want. The free water park slide 2017 is among free water fun games where you witness real water slide race all at one place.
The water park 3d slide is fun packed free 3d game, which has all the flavors of best simulation games. Don’t miss the chance of becoming the water park stuntman by winning this water slide ride in pool. Unlike other water action games this new waterslide has featured the real spiral slides and thrilling water stunts with simulated water. So, what are you waiting for! Try the free 3d slide adventure & be ultimate king of water game.
The waterslide simulator is designed to give the real fun you have seen ever before! Because of the monotonous racing games, theme water park game is on finger tips.
Wait is over!
The extreme sliding simulator ride 3d is embellished with all the exciting features of slider games. You love the slides with 3d games that based on the fun, water stunt and action. The 3d free has come to kick off your adventurous slider journey in water.
The theme water simulator 2018 is free racing game. You need just a ride and take the maximum coins as you can which will appear along the water. Uniquely created the provides you with the exciting game environment that make it best game. Try the free slide uphill in the rain and adventure. You can experience sunny sky the choice is yours! The water racing is now begun.
Your journey is accompanied not only with the real and fantastic weather but also the awesome musical tracks. There are giant water slides that make you excited with their oculus rift. Be a real stuntman of sliding game and don’t lose your courage. Get the tingling fun on the spiral slides of water action.
Download this water slide fun now!
1. Try to ride 3d free game
2. Witness adventurous and fastest slides
3. Most exciting weather simulations like snow, rain etc
4. Challenging levels with extraordinary spiral slides
5. New slide is here to make you happy
6. Screen tilting to control the directions

How to download Off Road Jeep Adventure 2019 : Free Games APK at

Off Road Jeep Racing 3D 2017 is a very unique mountain driving game with double fun.. Enjoy Jeeps hill climb challenge and racing as well.
You are awarded lots of 4x4 Jeeps which not only run fast on difficult curvy tracks but also run off-road on mountain rocks. An amazing offroad track is made on very beautiful green mountains & snow covered mountains for you to feel like real speed driving on mountains.
If you are looking for best racing games in world then here is what you are looking for. Get racing games free download without any in-apps.

How to install Drive To Modern Town APK at

Once you were a threatful big gangster involved in auto theft and many more merciless crimes. Now you are on an urge to save your life in critical survival mission in this crazy gangster’s Vegas action fight and crime city. With the unique car selection and a wonderful fighting skill you can win the war, use your super drifting & driving skills to consume the combat in this stealth challenging gangster mafia mission. The amazing time treasure fascinating gameplay with various modern heavy vehicles will let you enjoy the real stealing and fighting thrill with adventure of killing. Enjoy this real action packed crime based 3D action driving challenging game and show your power to all people of San adreas that you are a real skillful master in driving with several challenging vehicles. Experience the luxury of stealing any car enjoying driving it. Be like a real skillful protagonist of the great theft crime and auto cars game and win the victory with your stealth combat action based crucial attack. This game is going to be the mighty crime quest with different challenging mission based stages. Prove that you are true city hero & brave man to win all the levels of this final racing and fighting action filed combat. You are acquiring with modern auto vehicle, drive street cars and win the mission. So, show your great driving expertise a long with fighting and gangster qualities. Show your amazing and ultimate driving skills in this amazing 2018 simulator.
So in this Drive To Modern Town 3D action packed driving and fight simulator we welcome you to the new adventures of being the only winner here. You enjoy the power to steal any car you want, kill any person who comes your way and destroy the clash of real crazy enemies coming your way with the aim to kill. It is up to you, run, fight or surrender. The war is now in your hands, win it and own it like a super bravo gangster leader. Show the world your wrath; prove that you are a great gangster army on your own. Crush the coming waves of enemies and kill them with your rage. Make them regret this fight, ace the driving. Run away from police and reach safe destinations in fix time.
Get the dark and intriguing world of crimes on your own mobiles with power to destroy the evil with evil. Use your monster gangster powers on your enemies and fight the mafia to become the only leader they will ever have. Be the fighting and driving champion with this dangerous fight game. Drive To Modern Town and win the fight, be the super gangster of the modern town. Don’t let the tiny gangster stand your way. Kill them all.
*Key Features*
1. Amazing gangster vs gangster super fight
2. Steal cars and drive to destinations
3. Win the fight or kill any person you want
4. Get rewards, visit places like gym and playgrounds
5. Be the real gangster and hero all in one
6. Get all the fun for free

How to install Real Demolition Limo Derby APK at

The real crazy adventure starts now. Your crazy love for limo demolition is now going to be at its peak. With all the real thrill of limo demolition this Limo Derby game is here to satisfy your demolition game requirements of all times. We have the new and ultimate Limo derby in town. It has extreme crazy high speed limos and real demolition tricks and game play. This Limo derby is realistic challenge. Drive your crazy action realistic limo to bash and thrash the extreme gunner tanks in your derby opposition. This real and extreme demolition Limo derby is an extreme realistic racing mania just to demolish the Limo car squad by an extreme virtual stunt race. - Real Demolition Limo Derby is a realistic high speed race Limo derby which is on the top of all the real demolition derby games and demolition derby games. The Real Demolition Limo Derby is a kind of high speed demolition race where you have to show your extreme and realistic driving skills. Do realistic crash racing and extreme smash racing with your derby for demolition Limo derby game. This limo derby demolition extreme race is a crash test for your real limo driving skills.
So Just hit hard & real reckless the opponents limo derby cars, crash them and show them demolition of rivals derby drivers, crash them while demolition of your own Limo derby, hit them hard again and again until you win alone at limo derby demolition realistic racing track. Drag other derby limo in this derby demolition addition push your rivals off the track to win the car crash derby death race. The real Demolition limo derby extreme high speed racing game is a real adventure and extreme action packed vehicle demolition game, where your limo driving skills are tested to the extreme level of demolition with furious driving to recklessness. The real limo demolition car driving on the limo racing tracks is nothing less than awesome. You will master the simulation of real luxurious limo cars and driving skills. Be a fearless stuntman to perform breathtaking limo demolition stunts on extreme challenging levels. Drive your Limo all the way to in the environment and let’s bash! Have fun demolishing and destruction your crazy opponents. The real extreme challenging Gameplay and crazy missions will make your drive an extreme real demolition limo derby mania. Get ready to race the limo derby and destruct your crazy opponents in this extreme demolition derbies and full track massive speedway racers that will offer you the real thrill of a lifetime.
The quest for crazy limo demolition continues in the real demolition derby game that includes great 3SD environment designed especially for Limo demolition games. Try to master all real tracks with different vehicles and test your limo driving skills to the max as you aim to complete all tracks in challenging time. The real engines are roaring, the dust is seeping in through the limo windows, and you don’t even have time to put on your seat belt before it’s time to go on the challenging demolition of Limo! Your objective is to wreak as much extreme realistic enemies as possible.
The real demolition limo derby is adrenaline-filled muscle limo racing game with damage, realistic physics and beautiful graphics, innovative game play mechanics and good fun!

Key Features of The real demolition limo derby :

1- Realistic car destruction, crash and damage
2- Realistic Driving Experience real limo
3- Smooth Controls
4- Massive Collisions!
5- A powerful artificial intelligence of opponents.
6- Realistic, detailed model of limo cars
7- Collision and body deformations based upon actual physics!

How to install Racing Car Race Game 2017 APK at

Racing in Car is the best mobile racing game you have been looking for. You drive your car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment.
Enjoy the fun of fast and furious real speed racing adventures in fast-paced 3D racing action. High speed car racing with extremely high quality of graphics and graphical environments. This best racing game lets you steer your car at unimaginable speed, giving you the heart pumping and enthralling experience that you’ve always dreamed of. Test your determination, reflex and driving skills and have extreme fun on high speed in car race simulator. Try to complete it successful with best time and you will be king of the road.
Improve your car racing and drifting skills and keep customizing your cars as you get new ones as we update the game. Upgrade your engine, make your tires stickier and set up your ride with nitrous and suspension.
If you like full and free racing games, challenges and the smell of the real racers than this car race simulator is perfect for you!
This is the game getting rapid downloads.
Let’s start this game.
Key Features for Endless Car Racing Game:
1. Easy and fun to play
2. Interesting Game Play
3. Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
4. High Tech speedy cars
5. High quality 3d environments

How to install TM Turbo Racing Tab APK at

You are a lone racer looking to come up in the world of street racing. Take the Wheel as Man and Machine race through the city streets in your Mean Machine and wipe out the competition on one of 45 tracks. Climb up the ladder to earn the respect of your fellow racers and ultimately Challenge difficult bosses to become the next king of the streets.

The Roar of the Engine, the screech of rubber on tarmac, the smell of fuel & the thrill of the race. Do you have What it takes to Rule the Road?

Features :
1. Countless hours of adrenaline filled racing.
2. Many Challenging Tracks.
3. Available for Free
4. Easy to use controls
5. Many Cars to choose from
6. Challenging Boss Battles.
7. Take to the track, beat your own lap times and be the fastest there is.

Instruction :
Use the Left and right keys to steer, press and hold the the middle button to activate nitrous boost, once your boost is depleted pickup one of the many nitrous capsules on the track. Drift around sharp turns and pass your opponents to lead the pack across the finish line.

Once you've conquered the tracks and earned the respect buy a better car and take down the challenging bosses, Get ready to Rule the streets.

* *Permissions:
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress.
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress

How to install Krazy Kart Riders Racing Game APK at

Get Ready for some krazy kart action where you drive against other incoming racers! The Krazy Kart Riders are here and they want you to be a part of the action! Get into the cockpit of the fastest cars with anyone of our three awesome racers and get set to own the tracks. Race though various locations while dodging the opponent karts. Your quick reflexes and limited shots will keep you from becoming road kill! Download now!

Game Features:
1. 2 different game modes: Championship mode and Endurance mode
2. Play as three unique racers
3. 3 different environments
4. One-on-one battles with some badass racers
5. Simple Control scheme

Left/4, Right/6 - Steer left-right
Ok/5 - Shoot

Copyright Zapak Mobile Games.
All rights reserved.
Developed & Distributed by: Zapak Mobile Games Pvt. Ltd.

Simtronix devices not supported
Amazon Kindle Fire 1 supported, Kindle Fire HD not supported

* *Permissions:
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress.
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress

How to install Twisted Machines Game APK at

The times have changed, the game has changed, the tracks have changed; and the cars have been replaced by Twisted Machines. The mission is simple: beat all the other cars to the finish line. Make sure you do not bang into other cars, avoid the speed breakers and barricades. Remember, only the best one wins! So buckle up and get ready to hit the pedal to the metal!

This game will not support Android Tablet.

1. Out of this world racing tracks
2. 3 different types of AI opponents
3. Multiple car selection
4. Easy to use controls

Use Keys 4 and 6 to steer the vehicle left and right respectively and use Key 2 to accelerate. Key 5 to use Nitro. Key 8 to use brake.

* *Permissions:
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress.
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data & progress