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How to install Contus MComm(Mobile eCommerce) APK at

Go mobile instantly using Contus M-Comm, a readymade framework that lets you create and manage mobile app for your ecommerce store. It enables you to build mobile commerce applications in Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, OpenCart and all other major eCommerce platforms. Further, Contus M-Comm is a native solution and it lets you deliver an uncompromising user experience.

Displayed above is the demo version, which illustrates the working methodology of a mobile commerce app created using Contus M-Comm.



Customizations, be it tweaks, integrations, technology deployment or development of a new feature, can be done with absolute ease as Contus M-Comm is 100% customizable.

Sync between web and mobile channels:

A real-time sync is established between your web and mobile app so that product updates, orders, languages, currencies, and all other data gets immediately reflected into your mobile commerce app as an when it happens.


We realize that for both web and mobile apps, secured payment integration and simplified checkout are crucial factors. Contus M-Comm can get the most secured payment gateway integration done (PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc) and offers a single-page checkout for a zippy paying experience.

Push notifications:

Push notifications on offers, discounts, seasonal sale and other lucrative offerings to woo customers and make them buy. Remind them of their pending orders and turn cart abandonment into eCommerce dollars. By knowing customer’s shopping preferences, you can also send personalized notifications.


Award reward points through your mobile commerce apps for regular customers and keep them coming back. You can also run affiliate programs based on reward points and bring in more new customers.

Multiple promotional mechanisms:

Offer discount coupons, daily deals, free shipping for regular purchases, special prices and other promotional aspects to earn new visitors and improve customer retention.

Multilingual and Multiple currency support:

If your market is wide, never worry. We have all the major currencies and languages covered with Contus M-Comm.

How to install Hdmi Mhl Connector Checker APK at

Hdmi Mhl connector allows you to connect smartphone to TV to be a second screen for your phone by HDMI cable and MHL cable or VGA to HDMI as well as card readers from your phone or tablets. all you have to do is connect the TV with an HDMI cable to read the phone information or connect the TV with the same HDMI cable as your smart phone then open this android software hdimi you will see all the files in your phone and you can enjoy watching TV or playing games on tv or watching movies on tv, please consider hdmi USB connector to TV connector with usb cable.

• Characteristics :

- Universal app (works on Android, smartphone, tablet).
- Playback control on TV from your phone / tablet.
- Browse your phone / tablet multimedia TV.
- Automatically discover supported devices nearby.
- usb connector phone for tv sam, sung.
- Create multiple albums to organize the media.
- Automatic update of default albums from phone and tablet.
- Usb connector phone to tv.
- Support various video and image formats.
- Free tv connector usb.
- Smart TV.

• To mirror your mobile phone screen to smart TV.

How to download Free mhl hdmi wifi connect APK at

free HDMI mhl wifi connect phone to tv app its a hdmi for android phone to tv software , lets connect phone to tv .
free HDMI mhl wifi connect phone to tv MHL (HDMI) is a tool to check the MHL (HDMI) capability of this mobile.
you can too display your tablet screen on tv using cable hdmi if it has hdmi output .if your tablet has no hdmi output you have connect tv and your android tablet with usb to hdmi or hdmi to mhl , hdmi to vga ,vga to hdmi and clics on connect button to connect to tv 4k.
Before deciding to buy a MHL cable / adapter, you can first check your mobile!
free HDMI mhl wifi connect phone to tvapp connector to tv to be a second screen for your phone by an mhl adapter , usb contact , usb cleaver , and an hdmi ouput usb hdmi cable and lets you enjoy your android smartphone screen connext hdmi on HD TV 4k. usb suporter
automatically download usb plug in device drivers.
hdmi for android phone to tv lets connect phone to tv screen using hdmi cable , hdmi splatter , mhl adapter ,usb cable ,vga cable ,mhl adapter , hdmi switcher or usb otg , usb suporter.
To mirror your mobile phone screen to smart TV.

As well as connect android tablet with hdmi adapter. if your android tablet has no hdmi output you can connect mhl adapter to hdtv to tv mhl adapter , hdmi for android phone to tv and usb suporter .

if your tablet has no hdmi output you can connect hdmi cable to usb cable ,usb to hdmi , hdmi to vga , hdmi to mhl , vga to hdmi cord ,android hdmi and this android connector software for android devices. usb cleaver , usb contact well as card readers from your phone or tablets- All you have to do is connect the flash drive to an mhl connector and hdmi cable then plug in the micro usb connector of your tablet that has hdmi output ,calibrate touch screen or smart tv or hdmi cord( hdmi adapter) adapter , then calibrate touch screen, open this application you will see your phone screen on tv 4k and you can connect mobile screen ,automatically download usb plug in device drivers, on a bigg screen and watch your favorite movies ,playng games or your favorit sport games on your home tv, please consider hdmi Connector to TV Explorer Pro! ,usb contact

Also allows you to toggle the power on your switcher:
- Notification when drives mounted!!
- Load modules required automatically!
- automatically download usb plug in device drivers
- Automatically start application on device connect!
- Automatic mount at TV and watching Movie and Football match!
- automatically download usb plug in device drivers
- usb suporter
- hdmi software for android
- usb contact
- calibrate touch screen
- usb cleaver